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Updated on Mar 31, 2010
beige vintage from Yoshi Now bag - black july wedge Jeffrey Campbell shoes
Beige-vintage-from-yoshi-now-purse-beige-vintage-from-yoshi-now-blouse-black Beige-vintage-from-yoshi-now-purse-beige-vintage-from-yoshi-now-blouse-black Beige-vintage-from-yoshi-now-purse-beige-vintage-from-yoshi-now-blouse-black Beige-vintage-from-yoshi-now-purse-beige-vintage-from-yoshi-now-blouse-black
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kellyshoestrings 's Thoughts:

Fresno, California – the great hub of the central valley, in my opinion! I’ve lived south and north and I have come to really appreciate my roots and where I grew up. I now reside here with my boyfriend after being gone 4 years after high school, and let me tell you, it is easy to stay chic here as long as you “make the rounds” as I like to say. A round up of my favorite and essential local shops….
(All Photos by Kara Lee Photography *)

Yoshi Now!
This wonderfully amazing vintage store came out of nowhere sometime when I was in high school. It is located in downtown (which isn’t anything like a San Francisco downtown) and it’s kind of on the corner in an area where there’s not much else! It is basically a huge warehouse with the most amazing vintage you can find in Fresno. From furniture and home decor, to amazing amazing vintage hats, to fur coats and records and track jackets and velour, oh my! This place has a large volume of 1970s era vintage, but it is not limited to the 70s by any means. It is hard to describe this place without ever having been there – it’s kind of one of those “you have to be there to see it” – it speaks for itself! Yes, you still have to dig through things but trust me, I’ve developed quite a collection from this thrift/vintage store and I swear every time I wear a blouse or hat or anything from there, someone always asks if it’s so and so designer or “where did you get that amazing top?” and I’m always so secretly happy because it was only 5, 8 or 10 or 15 dollars! That’s another thing, when you come across vintage stores, usually their pricing makes you cringe on a really great find. Yoshi? Nope! I mean, they know when something is in great quality and should be marked up to about $30 for a really great jacket or dress or something, but I’ve never felt I was overpaying for something whatsoever. The people that work there are so friendly, too! My boyfriend and I have become friends with them all because we visit so often and they’re very conducive to the Fresno music and arts community – always willing to help spread the word on a local music show or art exhibit. Their vintage furniture (chairs, lamps!) their vintage travel bags (see photo!) hat collection, tie collection (my boyfriend has found vintage Oscar De La Renta ties here!), men’s vintage sweaters and jackets, and women’s blouses and dresses are definitely the high points. They have a lot of great vintage shoes but a lot of them are always usually much smaller sizes than what I wear. And of course, the charm and quirkiness of the place really top it off. And lastly, you have to go on a Friday because they have “Haiku Friday” – if you write a haiku you can get your polaroid/picture taken alongside your haiku and it goes on a bulletin board in the front and you get a discount on your purchase! So fun.
(See examples of items from Yoshi here: top , hat , jacket , bag )

This is a newer and smaller vintage boutique in Fresno, that’s kind of hidden and like yoshi, has furniture and other vintage besides just clothing and accessories. It’s so pristine and wonderful in there and you actually feel like you’ve stepped into the past except for one desk with a computer on it that they play music out of. It’s very well organized and beautiful – but they know what is worth more and worth less! For the most part though, their prices are reasonable. They also have a great collection of mens vintage – boots, TIES (amazing) and hats. Ladies, there are many different styles and generations of dresses – pristine 50s, 60s, and 70s gems. They have beautiful vintage sun umbrellas and regular umbrellas too that I’d love to splurge on next season. I really admire their vintage purse collection, too! So many wonderful embroidered hand bags and/or unique clutches. I say you could walk out with about 3 or 4 really great pieces for less than $100. And they have 10% off the whole store quite often! I forgot to mention, like yoshi now!, they are only open Thurs-Sat so you have to plan it right! I really hope they survive because they have a wonderful and unique collection of vintage and I’d hate to see them go out of business. I only have a few items from there since they’re newer and haven’t been around as long as I’ve started shopping vintage in Fresno. But they are easily one of my newest and most favorite boutiques in Fresno!

Retro Rag
I haven’t shopped here as much as I used to in high school – in general, I haven’t been shopping as much as I used to because well, I’m an “adult” and me and my boyfriend have rent and bills and such to pay, you know! I do show my face here ever so often and I always find something fabulous when I do. It was my “hidden gem” in high school because it was on the other side of town from where I lived (now it’s practically right down the street!) and I always found some great unique vintage pieces! Retro Rag is a mixture of old and new – they sell vintage clothing, accessories, shoes for men and women but also have a collection of paul frank pieces and some cheap but cute and fun purses/clutches, jewelry and sunglass collection! I enjoy the mix of old and new because the vibe still screams “vintage” and after all, that is my favorite! As you may now know about me, I love vintage scarves to wear around my neck in a bow. This place has a whole BIN of them. Every time I am there I wade through it and always find something new and wonderful. I have a couple of “new” clutches from there that my boyfriend bought me and they were so reasonable and not poorly made, either. Durable! My favorite would have to be their dress collection – they have oodles from all different eras and again, their prices are fairly reasonable. Yes, some dresses are over $20 or $30 but that isn’t anything unlike etsy shops, right? My boyfriend always finds a lot of nice vests and button ups there to match with his extensive tie collection – so men, if you like that vintage look, I suggest you take a peek as well! It’s a smaller store but it’s located in the heart of the Tower District in Fresno, and I always love their front window displays – it always draws me in!

I know so far I’ve only detailed on “second hand” or “previously loved” shops but there is a real lack of reasonably priced local shops in Fresno! There are a few boutique type stores worth mentioning, which are unfortunately out of my budget for the most part these days…
BB Pepper – I’ve found some good prices on denim and more formal dresses here – it seems to have an older demographic but you can always find one great unique top or something that you can’t really find in the department stores.
Stella Laguna Beach – Although this isn’t necessarily only local, it’s not quite a “chain” – as far as I know, it only has one Laguna Beach location and has two in Fresno! I am not wearing it, but I’m sure you’ve seen in some older posts the big mustard colored flower/rose ring I have? It came from this store. I also found the most perfect black dress with pockets and a cute tie bow open back accent – except they didn’t have it in my proper size! It’s a small boutique with a good mix of reasonable priced items – I’ve found some great items on sale there – of note were the most amazing geometric and striped black and purple leggings by Nikibiki. They have a great bag collection and many variations on the “little black dress” that are cute, simple and classic. Again, another place where you can find a unique jewelry piece, dress or top that you can’t find anywhere else in this city. (See ring , and see necklace , no photo of me in the leggings yet!)

Lastly – I have to mention my staple non-local stores because well, I shop at them too! Target, Urban Outfitters and Macy’s would have to be on my list because well, I find some amazing tights and socks and blouses at Target, and wonderful shoes and bags and jeans at Urban Outfitters, and Macy’s is good for work clothes, accessories, make up, shoes, etc. They help me stay chic in Fresno along with all the others!

So if you ever find yourself in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, you’ll know where to go to stay chic in MY city!! =)


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CarefreeContessa on October 21
pretty skirt!
princessheather on August 17
Such a cute look! Awesome blog i just started mine and i like yours!
Stephersanie on March 22
i love yoshi now! and your mustard knee highs!
CHEAPwelcome on February 15
vanitychick on December 06
cute top and shoes
girlpanic on July 17
absolutely love those shoes. +1
Eatliz on February 12
deathbyplatforms on April 14
how come i didn't see this??? this outfit is so pretty! i love the top and high socks!
TrixxyPixiee on April 12
great !
sandy2007 on April 12
alwaysinvogue7 on April 11
gorgeous skirt!
maverickdiva1 on April 11
i love everything about this outfit
libys11 on April 10
great!!! congrats on winning!! :D
PeachyPanda on April 09
I work in the tower district and pass by retro rag everytime, i definitely need to stop in now after reading this. also, where is yoshi now located? i must check it out! absolutely beautiful outfit. love the shoes, i have the same exact =)
sniels35 on April 09
love this outfit! seriously soooo cute!
sadiekingsley on April 09
TheFashionFreak on April 07
very chic i love this look
thehotmess on April 06
pretty look babe! :)
GlammcouturE on April 06
soo cute! love this :D
dan88 on April 03
head to toe beautiful outfit here!!!Chic!!
miaamos on April 03
so cute!you look great:)
rudevi on April 03
cute and adorable <333
Joy_to_the_world on April 02
so cute!
OmgitzMeharvey03 on April 01
Love that outfit
disarmingdarling on April 01
in my "people like me" section, it's just 5 pictures of you!! hahaha. :) you are tooooooo cuuuuute. see you soon? hopefully?
HK_Tralala on April 01
simply gorgeus :)))
BadTasteToast on April 01
I love this, you look lovely from head to toe!
tiarastrash on April 01
I love this outfit! x
theflightoffancy on April 01
reaaally great! love
MissMarais on April 01
I love that bag and shirt. Super cute look
Bor on April 01
great outfit!
franloiacono on April 01
Wow....this is amazing!! I'm in love with the whole look :D
piglet on April 01
shadowskill on March 31
cute blouse i love it.
Style_Journey on March 31
aww, that's really adorable, girl!!! loooove the blouse, skirt and shoes!
atul0481 on March 31
ele26 on March 31
Chic! Oh and your shoes is gorgeous! Lovin the skirt! :D
meggstatus on March 31
You look absolutely beautiful!!! I love love love this on you.
kellyshoestrings on April 01
awww thanks, that made me smile. =)
spandexpony on March 31
Too much cuteness for one outfit!!! Love the shoes and the gold blouse!
joannaladrido on March 31
prim proper and posh!
daughteroftheriver on March 31
this is so cute, wish we had awesome vintage places to shop here
megan_tme on March 31
Love the satin and how you've paired it with the cute skirt. And so cool how the embroidery pattern matches the shoe pattern. Gorgeous colors too! Well done!!
solarflare on March 31
very very awesome! I love this!
lissakahayon on March 31
Love the heels!!!!
classietrashie on March 31
I love the skirt and how you repeated the gold in this look. You look really cute and happy in these photos!
rockjazz on March 31
amazing!! you look fab!!
benzerj on March 31
i love this!!!!!
datinganalbino on March 31
Oh man, this is dead cute! I have the worst time wearing head-to-toe vintage but it's like these pieces were made for each other. :D
HeadtoToes on March 31
this looks beautiful
angiesplayhouse on March 31
I love these colors together, really cute outfit
Candy_La_Pop on March 31
oh wow this outfit is FAB!
highlife on March 31
the bag is real cool...great skirt too.
initialedt on March 31
that top is a great colour
thelbd on March 31
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