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Updated on Sep 13, 2008
Hi there
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CalamityJem 's Thoughts:

Weird-ass hand movement going on here, I think I’m trying to adjust my pathetically thin ponytail, if you imagine one of those sad 50 year old rocker grandads ponytail then you’ve got the approximate circumference of my ponytail, I really have the most outrageously thin & flyaway hair…aargh!

Nevermind, to be fair I really only have myself to blame, how I’ve mistreated those fragile strands throughout the years…it started with perms in the 80s & all the colours of the rainbow in the 90s & the 00s so far have been bleach & fire engine red then just bleach blonde…so it’s had hell to contend with! Right now I’m in hair limbo, I don’t want to treat it anymore cause I’m scared it’ll all fall out & I’m too lazy to get it cut in a style cause I just want to literally wash & go, so I think I’m pretty much stuck with shit hair & perpetual bad hair days. Hey, I’ve always got my wigs, eh!

I was working today 1pm until midnight…it was diabolical & I am so happy to be home! I’m off tomorrow & I’ll be shooting off to the market in the morning, I hope it doesn’t rain!

Today I was wearing:
Vintage 80s knitted cardigan coat (that I ended up carrying about cause it was too hot) from eBay
Vintage 80s sleeveless cocktail dress (charity shop)
My DIY leggings
Vintage 80s boots (market)
Stretch lace top (carboot sale)
Sunglasses (charity shop)

Comments (6)

xpale on November 14
Very chic :)
qwertyemailer on September 14
LOVE THE COAT. and yes, I hear you on the hair abuse- the 80s were so tragic :) i myself had the side-ponytail going when i was 13
anitadb on September 14
really funny read, anyway you look so young, how could you have started dying hair in the eighties?!?
CalamityJem on September 14
Thank you I'll take that as a major compliment. I've just turned 34 & I think I was eleven when I had my first perm, of the 80s poodle kind of course & I started colouring my hair when I was twelve & bleached it for the first time at thirteen...my poor hair, it's actually quite amazing I've got any left ;)
SecondTimeAround on September 14
Amazing cardigan!
xelayu on September 13
love the dress and the boots!:D
kat_roamsthecity on September 13
cute dress for sure :) love the detail, and i love ur tights!
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