So, I'm bad with time

Updated on Sep 13, 2008
So, I'm bad with time
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jamiecassell 's Thoughts:

I just realized the last time I was on here I posted pictures from the second interview I went on for the job I’ve now had for nearly two months. I work as a receptionist at an Aveda salon and I’m required to wear all black everyday. The exception to this rule, however, is that any of my accessories (scarves, jewelry, shoes, and even tights/leggings) can be whatever I’d like.
Since being hired I’ve bought more black than I’ve probably owned in my life. While that sounds like a huge amount of clothing, my work wardrobe only really consists of two pairs of pants, four or five dresses, a handful of cardigans/sweaters, two skirts, five or six shirts, and a vest. Since my personal wardrobe budget is already stretched, I’ve had to really make my limited work wardrobe work best in my favor. The amount of mixing, matching, and layering I’ve been (gratefully) forced to do has really taken my personal non-work wardrobe to new heights as well!
Here is just an example photo of the type of layering I’ve been doing on a daily basis. That day (and a little of what you can’t see) I wore a thrifted United Colors of Benetton mini, a very long shirt with woven details on the bust, and a sort of floppy cardigan I got this past weekend. The scarf you can baaaarely see I’ve been wearing obsessively for over a week now. In fact, I’m actually typing all this from work wearing said scarf right now. What a great employee I am!

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