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Updated on Mar 17, 2010
white Forever 21 dress - green Ross shirt - blue Forever 21 skirt - blue tights
White-forever-21-dress-green-ross-shirt-blue-forever-21-skirt-blue-tights- White-forever-21-dress-green-ross-shirt-blue-forever-21-skirt-blue-tights- White-forever-21-dress-green-ross-shirt-blue-forever-21-skirt-blue-tights-
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MeganLoves 's Thoughts:

I know your eyeballs have been bombarded with green today, but why not just a little bit more? :]
This was my choice of St Patty’s Day wear. Nice and simple, just like I like it.
This skirt is actually from my very first post, and yes, I’ve already re-worn it. It’s too cute not to. And honestly was the only thing other than jeans that would’ve gone with this.

The top underneath my green one is actually a cute little dress I bought at Forever 21 not too long ago. There’s enough green in it that I could have not put the shirt over it, however, it’s still a little too chilly here to go full on tank top already. I can’t wait until it is though, because this dress has the cutest detail ever that I can’t wait to show you. :]

But I guess if you shop at Forever 21 enough you might’ve already seen it. If you have, just pretend like you haven’t when I debut it, okay? haha.

This outfit did serve double-duty though. Not only is today St. Patrick’s Day, but it is also
Jonathan’s mom’s birthday. Lucky gal. We got her to pose in a couple of photos with us. Yay!

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ChloroformPerfume on March 18
how cute! you look really nice! I love the florals that are peeking out the green shirt! :)
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