Since When Did Movie-Going Become A Hassle????

Updated on Mar 15, 2010
silver my own design earrings - black H&M scarf - H&M blazer - blue H&M jeans -
Silver-my-own-design-earrings-black-h-m-scarf-h-m-blazer-blue-h-m-jeans- Silver-my-own-design-earrings-black-h-m-scarf-h-m-blazer-blue-h-m-jeans- Silver-my-own-design-earrings-black-h-m-scarf-h-m-blazer-blue-h-m-jeans-
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MGNSPR 's Thoughts:

So this past Saturday me and my boyfriend decided to go see Brooklyns Finest. The day itself was awful as Connecticut decided to jump right from snow to pouring rain….ugggggggghhhhhhhhhh…….and everyone decided to go to the mall so parking was ridiculous in the garage. Not only did we get somewhat accosted by a girl in a car…we merely honked our horn to see if she was leaving her spot or not and she got mad and started yelling…but once at the theater we had issues with the self-service machines. We just made it in at the beginning of the previews which I really enjoy watching and got settled in. I then realized I desperately wanted a soda and ran out to the shortest line only to get behind a mother and daughter who ordered like the whole menu totaling over $30 and after they got their total the bratty lil girl decided to add something and my patience immediately flew out the window because now it had to be done as a separately transaction making the mother mad with the cashier….as if it was his fault. Finally I got my soda and ran back to the theater. Now I was truly comfortable, my thirst quentioned and the movie begins………..

Until the climax when the sound becomes muffled and then the movie goes mute. WWWWTTTTFFFF!! Some of the other patrons begin to yell thinking there was someone in the projection room but another person got up and left to get help. Meanwhile I am trying my hardest not to pay attention to the screen hoping that we can just have them rewind it back. Not a chance. Angry, me and my boyfriend leave and head to guest services where the associate not only tries to joke about the situation….ummm so not funny…but then almost refuses to give us a full refund. He kept pushing this voucher on us to see the movie later but when asked if they fixed the original problem he said it was somewhat like an act of God that could happen whenever…again i’m left saying WTF. The manager eventually shows after a long line develops and we receive our refund.

The next day we get up to the same awful weather and tried our luck again at a different theater with much better results minus the mid-movie seat change due to a 6yr old lil girl. The movie was really good and kept me really interested so if your looking for a good movie I would definately check it out. But on to my outfit, this is what I wore on the second attempt and its pretty much all H&M except for the earrings which I did after seeing Rhianna with something similar over the summer and the shoes which are Fendi. They were great score from the Barneys outlet regular $400 but bought for $65 :)

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LaraFG on April 04
Love the outfit :)
Via_Morgan on March 16
Annachiara on March 16
Love it :D
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