Summertime accessorizing

Updated on May 25, 2008

Comments (10)

Asti97 on February 16
this whole outfit is soooo cute <3
Koroneska on December 11
I love this top and shoes soo much :D
modgeisha on September 12
love the oversized clutch idea! no more than one random thing per oufit - got it! :)
girlbehindglass on December 28
love your sandals.
dmk on June 19
cute shoes!!!
denisedenies on January 19
cute, that look is so you
KP0ssible on June 26
Must have fringe shoes...
liannecamille on June 04
Wait, wait, wait! Is this really you, Lulu? I think this is the first time I've seen your face fully in a picture! You're always looking away!
shoregirl on May 28
i love your oversized clutch. and your blazer. and your jewelry.
vancouverista on May 26
oh god those UO fringe sandals....they're haunting me...I might have to get get them

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