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Updated on Mar 04, 2010
urban original shoes - H&M shirt - denim shirt - thrifted purse - f21 pants
Urban-original-shoes-h-m-shirt-denim-shirt-thrifted-purse-f21-pants Urban-original-shoes-h-m-shirt-denim-shirt-thrifted-purse-f21-pants
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SimplyHope 's Thoughts:

Bad Day… more like Bad Week. Hate to be a downer, but I am very stressed out. I will just cope with my issues,in a positive way.
My parents do NOT like the fact I am buying wedges. They say I am too young. Uh I am 14, Not too young in my opinion. It is just shoes, I don’t see the big deal. My dad says they are stripper shoes. Pssshhhh…..whatever. My friend says my pants are ugly. Thanks..

Man. It seems like I have no good news!! Except This girl at youth group told me she just loves all my outfits. Made my day, this other girl told me I inspired her with what she bought (clothes wise). So those comments seem to brighten my day(s). It makes me smile when some girls my age actually like what I wear. Instead of frowning upon it because it isn’t the basic highschool wardrobe. (uggs, miss me jeans. hoodies)

Well next time I post I am sure I will feel better!
Oh and I do smile:) other photo

Comments (56)

catsandpillows on July 12
so cool; love the shoes
MargosDistrict on March 21
Hey, I am your age and totally understand what you are talking about! Everyone in my school wears all of that and then I wear stuff that is original. Sometimes its hard to deal with the critisism, but we have to remember that their remarks don't mean anything in the long run because we are happy with who we are.
Leatherstuddedkiss22 on March 13
when i try to put hearts it puts in ??!!!! so when it has ??, i mean <3
Leatherstuddedkiss22 on March 13
and i also know what you when you buy shoes and people/parents say that there "stripper" or "too grown up"!! yeah, ive heard that SOOOOO many times!!! im 14 too, and i dont think 14 is young either!!!! and like you said, its JUST shoes!!!!!! amazing shoes at that?? i love your outfit? and that second pic is stunning!!! your beautiful :)
Leatherstuddedkiss22 on March 13
the shoes, the pants, the purse, the shirt, the undershirt, its such an awesome outfit!!!!!! you look soooo beautiful and sophisticated!!!!! love it?? and i know what you mean by the typical highschool outfit!!!!! ugly uggs, stupid hoodies, and jeans!!!! i hate it!! i dont own a single hoodie, or pair of uggs!!!!!
augustaLOLITA on March 13
i love your bag & shoes!!!
abski on March 12
you ought to smile girl cause those shoes are freakin great! been looking for one like that.. thanks for you comment on my post. mwah!
Freckles2000 on March 07
Very cute outfit!
trinnah on March 07
I like the floral shirt! :) Those wedges are cute. They're not stripper shoes at all!! :)
NaomiDee on March 07
wow i love those shoes! love the floral shirt too...your outfit is fab, take no notice of what others say! chic! :)
Cigsanddigs on March 06
Cute shoes! Love the outfit.
LovelyFreak on March 06
Cute! Love the denim shirt!
IslandChic77 on March 06
u loook great
loveamore on March 06
love your outfit especially your shoes :)
Aybeautifulmess on March 06
well i love your outfits and for being 14 you have a great sence of style. dont blend in satnd out. and i love your wedges. absolutly adorable, and your shirt is tooo cute.=]
Sissy on March 06
Oh darling I'm sorry for you, hope u feel better. You are very stylish girl. Love the shoes and socks, just amazing outfit ; )
goodmorningheartache on March 06
when I was fourteen all I wore were ill-fitting bell bottom jeans with plain solid t-shirts. You look fabulous! Don't listen to those downers! Probably just jealous that they have no sense of style. I find that if people either love or hate your outfit, it means you've done something right.
miamilover on March 05
OMG, deff. jealous of those hawt, and chic shoes, STRIPPER? not at all, your sense of style is very chic:D just prove them haters wrong. -peace and love p.s. ik how you feel, ima sophomore in high school, and iit's alot of generic fashion . I feel ur pain lol
Hawaiikidd on March 05
You dress so well, so dont even listen to what ppl say. :) I love this outfit. //the denim shirt borrowed from your mom is so cute. :) cute smile. ;)
Isabellasfashion on March 05
I love this look! Not stripper shoes!! And don't listen to what people say, wear what you want to wear and what you think looks great! You look FABULOUS today! Don't let anyone bring you down! :)
antoinettemarie on March 05
nice shoes and pants!
amiek on March 05
You look fabulous. Totally covet your shoes....:) xoxo
puddingandpie on March 05
You look cute. Definately not stripper shoes.
disarmingdarling on March 05
loooove the socks with the shoes!
TwoStylesOneCity on March 05
omg I freaking love this! you look so chic, our vote for sure!
classietrashie on March 05
Great shoes! I love that you added lavender socks :)
mell on March 05
love the shoes!!
poorlyfashioned on March 05
You're awesome for being 14 and wearing whatever you want. I had very negative reaction on my latest post and I was very annoyed by then. But at 14 I'm sure I would have just cried and taken off my outfit. This is my favorite :] stay chic darling
TheFashionJunkie on March 05
Very cute wedges!
nicolette on March 05
Lovely floral top! Love the wedges!
patriss on March 05
i like the shirt print and great shoes
k6ps on March 05
... and do some sports as well to get you feet stronger. Then you should be able to enjoy wearing heels for many long years to come. But anyways, you have exceptionally good and fine fashion taste for a teenager. Keep it up girl :) (yes, I'm a father too, of TWO girls :D).
k6ps on March 05
Your outfit looks very good and stylish. I think these are not at all stripper shoes but very elegant and stylish shoes that should enhance your feelings quite well. Just try to not wear heels every single day, because at that age you feet are still developing quite fast. Especially try to avoid those with pointy toes, but these wedges don't have that problem, so enjoy them :)
littlemissvixen on March 05
love the shirt & the shoes
Annachiara on March 05
looove it!!!
angelgo03 on March 05
love the shoes
FairyColors on March 04
you're always so chic, dear!! great shirt, shoes and purse! and l adore that floral top!! <333
greenvases on March 04
oh dont fret girl, u look amazing! am lovin that H&m shirt...
SarahJaneR on March 04
love the shoes and denim shirt, great trousers too! you should smile more, you have a great smile :)
SarahJaneR on March 04
dont worry about the comments on your ensemble, some people have their opinions, but as long as you love it, then that's whats important. you always look stylish, ur one of my icons :)
PeachyPanda on March 04
cute love this!
teenagedemigod on March 04
this is so cute i lovelovelove this you look so beautiful!! MY FAVORITE look
teenagedemigod on March 04
btw fuck your friend, you look amazing babe
ItsPaolaXoXo on March 04
i love those shoes and they are def not stripper shoes! <3
theclassicsilhouette on March 04
love the top and denim! ;)
libys11 on March 04
i still love those shoes!! :D
grisg on March 04
gorgeous outfit. love the pants
Yanie on March 04
love the floral top and your shoes too!!!
meggstatus on March 04
Such a cute denim button up, you can throw that over just about anything, and those pants are very cute!
laudisabella on March 04
Love your outfit!
lexiee3 on March 04
your pants are NOT ugly! :( they so cute! and wedges are normal shoes! stripper shoes are those huge platforms with extra platforms in the platforms (does that makes sense? haha) to be 14 you're pretty stylish!
KristaniA on March 04
omg you're right we do have similar titles from the same song :D those are definitely not stripper shoes, i own a similar pair and by far one of the most comfortable ones i have :) GREAT OUTFIT FOR SCHOOL, i'm sure you've inspired many people :)
Via_Morgan on March 04
I love denim shirts right now, love your outfit!
GlammcouturE on March 04
I think your outfit is super chic! (those shoes are def. not stripper shoes!!) Daddies say that kind of stuff when they don't wanna see their little girls grow up :) I know it's frustrating, but he loves dad was the same way. And seriously...don't worry bout those haterrs cuz you will graduate and the real world is nothing like high're ahead of the game, girl! :)))
magpie13 on March 04
i love your floral shirt!!!!! i love compliments too :). the denim is cuteeee.
starshipnarcissus on March 04
cute shoes!
deathbyplatforms on March 04
love the pants and shirt!
Ciacj on March 04
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