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Updated on Mar 02, 2010
black Little Knitty Things accessories - brown Kenneth Cole coat - blue American
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I just wanted to thank you today for hanging out with me on this blog. Whether you are new or have been hanging out for a while, the fact that you even come here ever is mind boggling. I was talking to my sister about it yesterday and she was like “I can’t believe people just go to see what you are wearing each day” and I said that I like to see what they are wearing too. We all do it and check each other out, like a massive network of girl crushes. Soft core porn for the fashionable. It sounds pretty weird actually, but when you really start thinking about it, Why Are we so interested? Why are we compulsively photographing our outfits and sharing them? IS it a form of artistic expression (like I think It is) or social validation, or a way to connect and make friends, or something else? Some people are very focused on making a living by blogging. I guess that would be the ultimate reward right? Be yourself, Show yourself, Tell your thoughts and people will listen and because they listen brands will pay you to tell the people about them. I think I feel like I am a part of a tribe or something too. Like a club or full on subculture. and we are all progressing together, changing and evolving through inspiration and. . . competition maybe? I don’t feel like I am competing anyway, because there is no finish line is there? No. There are just numbers that climb, but those who started the race first will always be ahead, and those who start later can catch up I guess, but without a finish line no one ever wins. What are we doing? I am sure its a different answer for everyone. WHY am I doing this? Because I love it. Why do I love to do this? That is the question. I have met some really great people. I have been humbled and inspired. I have opened quite a few doors, built quite a few bridges. But what truly gives me joy? Having a place to ask these questions? Maybe. Is it for the External Validation? “Ya, you are 30 and a married and a mom and you live in the sticks and you are still cool.” Is that what I am really asking for proof of? If so, why do I need proof? When Things feel really exciting to me, why are they exciting? Is the answer, “I have been noticed, people noticed me. I am not anonymous in this world. If I disappeared, people will know I am gone.” Is this a basic drive in the human instinct? Leave a mark on the world? Since we have knowledge of our mortality, is it then instinctually important to us to ensure our survival, not only through our DNA by having children, but in the hearts and minds of those who survive us? And as many as we possibly can? Does reaching out and connecting with people create extensions of our “personhood” or “Souls”? Is a memory enough to make a person immortal? And once you are dead, why would you even care about the mark you left? And is this even about death or doing something while I am alive? Wait a minute. Where were we?

Bla bla bla. You don’t have to answer any of this or even read it. Just blabbering off. Diarrhea of the mind. WAIT!! Did I just write that so that in case you think this is all crazy talk, I can pretend to devalue it so that you can see I am not so serious? Shit. Do I care what you think? Dangit. Its a circle.

Comments (31)

angelaaa on July 24
cool shot! :)
VirginiaIbarra on July 12
ive been searching for a mannequin like that!
zeynokiz on March 09
I love this outfit, it's very cool.
meggstatus on March 04
and commend you for being an individual. Being a people watcher, style says so much about an individual and I love that I can connect with people from around the world. People I never would have known if it weren't for this odd little nitch we are a part of. Sorry now I'm rambling!!!
meggstatus on March 04
Blogging to me is about showing people that you don't have to dress like everyone else in your town to be accepted. This probably stems from the fact that I grew up in a town where dressing different was strange. I love when younger people see that you can have personal style and still be accepted by someone, maybe not the "cool kids" at school, but people out of that little town appreciate it...
meggstatus on March 04
The other day I was asked a really insightful question-if I lived in the middle of nowhere would I still dress up on a daily basis? And my answer was yes, I dress the way I do for myself, and the reason I blog is to be an inspiration to someone, somewhere. . I think blogging is more than making a quick buck like some people want to.... (continued on next post)
Etceteravs on March 04
oh that scarf is really beautiful, and you know how to style outfits with little things! loving it!
jeffsy on March 04
I love your pants and coat.
CarmenTamayo on March 03
amazing outfit.
chrish on March 03
lvoe the jeans!
Annachiara on March 03
Favolous outfit!!!
KierrynG on March 03
great jeans. You look great :)
productofsociety on March 02
Laid-back and lovely! LOL. Word diarrhea. I like it. And yes, you're right. We like being validated by the sight of impact, by knowing that someone will notice our absences. We like knowing we mattered enough to change somebody's mind. Because that's it: mattering. We have needs and want to be needed, so we seek it through others. That's at least how I function. Can't say that I'm proud of it. :U
Freckles2000 on March 02
Very cute!
antoinettemarie on March 02
love it, esp. the headband
manoletlamina on March 02
love your outfit! cool!
TriffandTack on March 02
tough to determine what I like about this pic MOST - bec. its hard to find anything i would not like... Great colour, mood and your presence
mrsderekjeter4ev on March 02
soooo cute!
lissakahayon on March 02
Nice jeans dear!!!!
RobinTM on March 02
Love the blog and definitely another hit of an outfit :o)
Perrine_La_Coquette on March 02
always amazing outfits...love the blog :-)
jenniejenn on March 02
so comfy looking... love it!
atomicglam on March 02
so cute and artsy!
Evo_U on March 02
Very philosophical blog :)
Wandiola101 on March 02
cute coat and scarf!
bay7 on March 02
Modemoiselle on March 02
love it!
daughteroftheriver on March 02
It can feel like strange thing, blogging about personal style. Sometimes I get embarrassed when people find out about my little hobby, but I just remind myself that I am just being me and doing something I enjoy. It is cool to share with other inspiring ladies, and it helps me to be more confident in expressing myself, which can be daunting in a smallish, middle-of-america town. keep it up!
bay7 on March 02
Hahaha I know exactly what you mean!!! I was really embarrassed when my little brother found out about it. But it is definitely fun... and he promised to keep it down. LOL
amandromeda on March 02
love this!!
kjh on March 02
a lot of good questions. i think we can affect big changes with every action. i'm all about making each life choice, down to what i wear, conscious and hopefully beautiful! also, the networking aspect of chictopia has potentials we have only seen glimpses of. it feels like some very powerful things could happen here! everyone on here is a creator of what this is. lets see what we can do together!
Style_Journey on March 02
very cute outfit, dear! love the coat, scarf and shoes! very chic mix!
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