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Updated on Mar 01, 2010
gray JCrew cardigan - gold Urban Outfitters scarf - black Urban Outfitters top -
Gray-jcrew-cardigan-gold-urban-outfitters-scarf-black-urban-outfitters-top- Gray-jcrew-cardigan-gold-urban-outfitters-scarf-black-urban-outfitters-top- Gray-jcrew-cardigan-gold-urban-outfitters-scarf-black-urban-outfitters-top-
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floralsandpeacocks 's Thoughts:

This outfit features some of my latest purchases, both of which were amazing deals. First of all I must tell you about the J. Crew clearance store. If you are a fan of J. Crew you will be quite jealous that you don’t live in Asheville. You probably don’t know that J. Crew’s central shipping and receiving is located here (I think that’s what it’s called, anways…I don’t know all the exact details on this…). Right beside that industrial/warehouse-looking area is the J. Crew clearance store. Items there are way waaaaaay cheaper than those in the store. I got these jeans for $18 – I’m pretty sure they sell for $98 in store. The items are there for various reasons, most seem to be returns or items that just didn’t sell well (maybe they were overproduced, etc.). A few may have slight defects but I’ve never seen anything unwearable. (It isn’t the same as a J. Crew factory or outlet store.) This little clearance store also has seasonal “sidewalk” sales, one of which I attended this weekend. But these sales aren’t actually held on a sidewalk, they’re inside a warehouse. You walk in and are given a trash bag and a price list sheet. You then proceed to dig through tons of cardboard boxes full of J. Crew goodies in the hopes of finding something you like in your size. And I certainly did. However, the “sidewalk sale” items are much more likely to be damaged in some way. It is also terribly disorganized. I found tons of adorable bathing suit tops during my search but no matching bottoms. And it’s not unlikely to find a mismatched shoe that you’d love to buy…which is pretty discouraging. But, if you can stand all that you’re likely to find some great deals. If you’re not up for that sort of shopping expereince the clearance store is still quite nice and well organized – that’s where I found these jeans. I do have some items from the sidewalk sale…most of which are only suited for warm weather so you’ll have to wait a while to see them.

Anyways, this corset-like floral top I’m wearing was also a great deal – $20, marked down from $60. I had admired it in the store quite often and daydreamed about it, but it seemed to impractical to spend $60 on. Considering that it’s strapless and cropped, it’s certainly not the most practical thing I own, but it may be my new favorite thing in my closet. The floral print is just so darn pretty. I love the zipper detail and the fit is perfect. Even though it’s not at all winter-appropriate I just couldn’t wait to wear it. With a cami underneath and a cardigan and scarf I think it’s March-appropriate. Don’t you agree?

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Comments (32)

koozle on August 02
I like it. Nature walk hot.
pyrofina on April 24
love the pop of color from the scarf
benzerj on March 10
the deals on j crew sound amazing. i am sad that i don't live near you at all. gosh. i love j crew. i also love your outfit. the scarf looks great paired with the floral top.
littlemissvixen on March 07
so cute!
coldlight on March 03
<3 the florals. and i really really love how the scarf stands out!
lissakahayon on March 02
Love the scarf!!!
Modemoiselle on March 02
i love everything!
Rockyourworld on March 02
I love your top :)
nicolette on March 02
Gorgeous top!Love the scarf!!!!
magpie_girl on March 02
love the scarf!! :)
Annebeth on March 02
your pictures really get better and better! cute outfit :)
daydreaming on March 02
loveee this look! <3
libys11 on March 01
love that yellow scarf!! :D
_SERENITY_ on March 01
this is sooo cute, dear!! lovely floral vibe and great cardigan! love the toch of color of your scarf too!!
ashledugan on March 01
Love your haircut & the layering <3
deathbyplatforms on March 01
love the floral corset!
Perrine_La_Coquette on March 01
love the top
datinganalbino on March 01
Holy crap, I'm moving to Asheville! (We don't even *have* J. Crew in Canada. It's a drag.) The top is super cute, and the colour of the scarf is beautiful!
lienrebecca on March 01
love the print and the master yellow scarf! :))
theclassicsilhouette on March 01
cute top!!
highlife on March 01
this is wonderful!...excellent look on you.
graceeshoe on March 01
This looks soo fresh! i love it
Angelina8 on March 01
Love this!!!
amandromeda on March 01
this looks great! love the floral top and you are wearing my dream cardigan.
mitzicocoa on March 01
Augh I love your new hair so much. That floral corset top is so so cute!
Isabellasfashion on March 01
fantastic outfit! I love it all!
lexiee3 on March 01
soooooooooo cute :D
chubbylumpkin on March 01
very pretty and sweet!
SimplyHope on March 01
Love the yellow scarf and your top is so Cute!
Dream_Sequins on March 01
I like these colors together!
nihonfleur on March 01
very cute!! I didn't know that was in Asheville! Next time I head over that way I am going!!! (sounds similar to the amazing Zappos store in Louisville - it is where all their returns go! (AMAZING)
phparayno on March 01
cute outfit.
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