Updated on Feb 24, 2010
green American Eagle shirt - black H&M dress - Steve Madden shoes
Green-american-eagle-shirt-black-h-m-dress-steve-madden-shoes Green-american-eagle-shirt-black-h-m-dress-steve-madden-shoes
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HowFantastic 's Thoughts:

I love this American Eagle shirt so much. I don’t own much plaid, or items from ae either, but this shirt has been in my closet for the better part of 4 years. I’m still as in love with it as I was when I purchased it. I suppose I love it because I’m really lazy and it’s such an easy way to dress down an LBD.

This week, I’ve gotten so much house work done! It’s so refreshing! For the past year I’ve been renovating a room in my house, and I really think it’s nearly time to paint. For those of you wanting to paint your room, I have a few words of advice for you:
1) If you have wallpaper…especially more than one layer, PLEASE LEAVE THIS TO THE PROFESSIONALS! Naturally you never know what you’re getting into with wallpaper until you start tearing it down. I tore down 4 layers of wallpaper, which was easy, but having to spackle & plaster the walls was a b*tch. Especially since I’m a complete perfectionist and had to make the walls flat flat flat!
2) When painting, plastering, priming, etc, make sure you do this in warm weather. Otherwise your paint won’t dry properly and will most-likely crack.
3) Wash those walls. Do no paint on dusty, sticky, or shiny surfaces. If a surface is really smooth (almost greasy, this generally happens in kitchens) sand that sh*t down.
4) Sanding is no joke! This will take you forever!!!!

And most importantly….90% of painting is preparation. This project has taken me so long for various reasons, I even had to rebuild two walls and install a new ceiling (I had some help from my uncle with the ceiling). But it’s mostly taken me so long because I am so sick of looking at this room1

Ok so that might not have been very interesting to anyone, but I’ll post pictures when I finally finish. My deadline is the 1st of April =)

Comments (3)

Labyrinthvintage on March 21
you look fab!!!!!!
Fashionwrites on February 25
Very sexy and smart!! I love plaid and it loves you!
Nanooosh on February 25
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