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Updated on Feb 20, 2010
black Alexander Wang - gold H&M scarf - black Mango cardigan - black emporio arm
Black-alexander-wang-gold-h-m-scarf-black-mango-cardigan-black-emporio-arm Black-alexander-wang-gold-h-m-scarf-black-mango-cardigan-black-emporio-arm
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone.=)

First, sorry i have been bad these past few days and i hope i didnt affect your moods.=) If only my blog is updated then i wouldnt have to carry my mood here and write too much stuff, but soon i will put u out of this misery.=)

Today is better though, not great but better.=) I actually went out and had tea. But it all started with a gift that arrived today. This lady (about the age of my mum) gave me her belated Christmas gift which she wasnt able to give last Christmas because we left for Dubai. So she met up with my younger sister yesterday and gave her the gift. They also got somethig from her but they got it a few days after Christmas.I opened it this morning and saw something pretty. A blue bag with familliar look, Hermes! =) Of course it’s a replica but i wanted to call her and ask where she got it! It looked really pretty and not far from the real thing. I own two replica bags and i havent used them here yet. One day maybe. But this one i will really show you.=) Blue is one of the current trends this spring so i was orgasmic! =) So yes, that made the sun brighter today.=) I also ran for an hour so i am not too miserable with myself. Had Chicken adobo for lunch and went out for tea in the afternoon.
And this is what i wore, like a small tribute to this lady. Most women here in the city know how to dress up, they taught me in a way. But i decided to do the more conservative style of the muslim fashionistas. They like hats a lot and this one was given to me by the husband one day we went out and my ears hurt like they’re gonna fall off. So we stopped by a small hat/scarf stall and he bought/chose tis one. It has black beads. And it’s $11, including the scarf. The earrings are one of my “curly hair” earrings. I can only wear these style then cuz my hair was too thick you cant see a pearl or anything small. Scarf is from H&M, oh i miss H&M. I can only dream of shopping now as i have 1 month and a half to suffer and pay for the Chanel. It’s difficult, maybe that’s why i was more miserable than i should be.=( Shopping and Cigarette are my only therapy, smoking is obviously not enough. Anyway, you know the rest (of the outfit.) I hope you like it.

Again, i would like to thank you guys for always passing by and leaving nice words and kind votes, and sometimes i miss those days when i only have like 20 comments and i can reply to them all and visit every page. Not that i dont like many comments, i just feel guilty sometimes that i can sit for 3 hours and not finish visiting all your pages and comment back, i cant just expect you to come and comment and vote, i try, always, to go see you as well. And i am sorry for failing, i will try harder. Also to you guys in Pandora’s Box, you think i dont care but i do, i do. It’s just that i spend all my time editing photos for my flickr and uploading old photos in my blog that i actually have up to 10 windows i am working on all at the same time. And you can see that my posts are even empty, just photos and outfit labels, i will have to go back to each one of them again when im done and actually write something? argh..and i dont have a job! I should have more time, i know. I am doing 6 sites and i think it’s too much.=( So please forgive me. I will be updated soon and will blog properly.=)

Listening to- MIKA (oh i love him, he’s the closest thing i can get to Freddie Mercury)
Watching: Cinema Italiano (The movie wasnt great but we were super impressed with kate’s performance, she moved like she’d been performing forever, she had the rightest moves and my god she can sing!)

You can also find me here:

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (25)

Donata on February 22
Nanooosh on February 22
soo chic my dear!
jduerig on February 22
wow! striking look, love the long scarf
rockjazz on February 22
gorgeous outfit!!!
breezyandbrazen on February 21
This is a beautiful look on you! So sophisticated and sharp. =]
fashionbyfranchesca on February 21
the boots!! the bag!! i like :)
glamourvixen on February 21
Luv that belt!
Aphrodite on February 21
thank you.hardworking cuz it works with everything.=) thanks.=)
CherryBoom89 on February 21
i love this outfit ^^
GlammcouturE on February 21
super cute!!! =]]]
ramona09 on February 21
wow, amazing ! your outfit is no nice, especially the boots ! love them
kialedesma on February 21
Annebeth on February 21
Ooh very chique! You always look so elegant adore that scarf. I also only wear big earrings when my hair is longer, but it looks good with the hat! :)
BellesEnjupe on February 21
Hi, Just a little message to say I publish every day some reviews about girl's outfits. I analyze the outfits and gives advices and examples. And I notice the blog's favourites outfits. Actually, one of these outfits has been published on Chictopia. I will examine your outfits. My blog in french http://lesbellesenjupe.over-blog.fr/ You can translate it in english with google eg
Aphrodite on February 21
wow..thank you so much!!!! Ok, im not miserable anymore!!! =)
JJulia on February 21
amazing look !
starshipnarcissus on February 20
gorgeous, love the scarf!
theclassicsilhouette on February 20
you look amazing :) i hope you cheer up soon :)
Lexa on February 20
I understand what u felt right now..But u don't look miserable at all..You look as gorgeous as always..
SarahJaneR on February 20
love the scarf and boots, nice bag and cardigan too! i always mean to comment on your blog but i just get so caught up in the photos and how amazing you look, i forget. ok that sounded stalker-ishj and a little creepy. i need to start choosing my words wisely lol. you're an inspiration for me to dress up in a place where it's not very common. great post!
Yanie on February 20
wow! this look is amazing! you look stunning!
nennen35 on February 20
it's awesome!!
ManilaKid on February 20
AMAZING! ZOMG. I love it! And the scarf! Oh the scarf is giving me fashiongasms. :)) MAJOR LOVE! :D
Via_Morgan on February 20
SO Chic!
libys11 on February 20
you look fabulous as usual!!! love the scarf a lot! :D
poorlyfashioned on February 20
Oh man this is so chic! Great scarf!
Hafaguddei on February 20
Gorgeous! Love that scarf =)
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