8 More Miles To Louisville

Updated on Feb 19, 2010
brown hollister cardigan - pink Urban Outfitters t-shirt - JCrew jeans - brown E
Brown-hollister-cardigan-pink-urban-outfitters-t-shirt-jcrew-jeans-brown-e Brown-hollister-cardigan-pink-urban-outfitters-t-shirt-jcrew-jeans-brown-e
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gooddaysunshine 's Thoughts:

Today was absolutely one of those days where I feel as if I accomplished nothing while doing a ton, and I feel as if this outfit perfectly suits such an unproductive yet hectic day. I don’t have any Friday classes, and it was my boyfriend’s night to get up with the puppy, so I had the pleasure of sleeping in! We went out to a hurried breakfast and parted ways for the weekend. I then had to maneuver my way around car accidents to the Toyota dealership with my best friend to rescue her car, which has caused the both of us some serious heartache over the past few days. Once this was done we hit the road and made our way home to Louisville! Despite a heck of a lot of traffic we made it and I am so excited to be with my family for the weekend, not to mention the fact that the shopping in Louisville is so much better than in Bloomington. I am so ready to stock up on some spring essentials, I’ve been anticipating this for weeks! This outfit is casual and classic, and perfect for running errands. I decided that I couldn’t go another day wearing boots, so despite the snow I just had to rock my leopard print ballet flats. I plan on mixing it up a bit tomorrow so that you all don’t have to stare at these same jeans another day! Thank you so much for all of the love you all have been giving me, in just one day I have been overwhelmed with a feeling of stylish community that could only be found on Chictopia!

Comments (3)

danegrae on July 21
love your shoooes
Jinal on February 20
i love that this is so adorable and comfy at the same time! i could wear this anywear!
gooddaysunshine on February 20
thanks for the love!
starshipnarcissus on February 19
cute, love the shoes!
gooddaysunshine on February 19
thanks, me too! don't they just spice up an outfit that would be boring without them?
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