Updated on Feb 05, 2010
gray BDG cardigan - gray H&M t-shirt - black Forever 21 dress - black Forever 21
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Catherinee 's Thoughts:

…this was what I wore yesterday. I had every intention of posting it while still wearing this, but after school I went to ceramics, tried to rest, then went to a coffee shop with some friends to see some local musicians.

Anyway, it’s finally out – I’m one of the winners of the Chictopia10 contest! I still can’t believe it, I keep trying to process it in my head, but it’s just not working! Seeing my name on the list… it’s just very unreal. I’ve always considered myself to be fortunate, and lucky for the most part. However, I do feel that I’ve been cut short sometimes. I wasn’t expecting to win. I almost feel undeserving, but I know I shouldn’t.

I can’t even explain how I felt when I saw the email stating I won. At first I doubted it – perhaps it was a congrats to everyone who tried, the winners will be announced soon, and so forth (it involved a ton self-doubt). But nope! So my jaw dropped, and stayed detached from my mouth for the rest of the morning. Probably the best way I’ve ever started a school morning! Clearly, I had to explain this to my family. I’ve actually never mentioned “blogging” or why I take pictures of myself using the self timer, but they were pretty supportive. I don’t have the type of parents who would scold me for posting pictures on the internet, but I never knew how I’d ever bring my blogging habits up. I guess this works!

I’m so excited! And nervous! And excited! I can’t wait! I can’t believe I’m finally getting to meet fabulous bloggers from Chictopia and beyond. I can’t believe this has landed in my lap – absolutely a pleasant surprise! Who am I but a sixteen year old suburbanite who isn’t very tall in this industry? I guess I’m someone!

Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Chictopia. I’m still in disbelief, and I probably will be up until I’m there.

xox Catherine

PS What should I wear?…

PPS Totally wore the dress from my winning entry on purpose… but this time as a “skirt.”

Comments (14)

marisa03 on February 18
cute outfit :)
shaecianne on February 07
Lovely skirt! Congrats on winning chictopia10!
Lewi on February 07
your skirt is just lovely, also, i love how you wear your boots, def .original
magpie13 on February 07
cuteeee shorts :):). congrats on winning!!!!!!!!! you're so cute haha.
katherinelou on February 07
love the outfit!
commelepapillon on February 06
congrats! love your style:)
FashionSheSays on February 06
Congrats on winning chictopia10 - lucky girl! xx
patriss on February 06
love the skirt the print is awesome
tindakeelie on February 06
Very pretty! I wear dresses as skirts too... I sometimes think it's easier to find a dress that hits at just the right spot instead of a skirt. And can I just say that I love what you've done with your shelves?!? It looks like an easy and cheap weekend project with an awesome result.
Catherinee on February 06
thank you! I painted them years ago, but didn't get them up until this fall.
Mi_ku on February 06
Love it (: and congratulations!
Melissa_Z on February 06
very nice!
CourtneyElizabeth on February 06
Cool layering. I'm really really longing for a floral mini. And congrats!
rockjazz on February 05
you look great! congratulations!
starshipnarcissus on February 05
Congratulations! Cute outfit!
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