Around The World In Four Snaps: Trousers

Updated on Feb 01, 2010

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ragilmega on February 24
I like the first one a lot! Gives me more idea on how to dress up in the winter.
danemaria on February 06
loving all the outfits, especially the first and third! and yes i live in the uk now and i was working at a clothing shop and everytime i would direct people to the 'pants' they would look at me like i was strange. and they would say 'pardon me what do u mean...?' already knowing what i meant but would only ask to point out indirectly that i had just called the trousers 'knickers'...haha...
danemaria on February 09
yea they are so polite about it :)
WorldUgly on February 07
Ha-ha! At least they're being nice about it, no? It's so hard to stop yourself from using the slang you're raised with!
majelheart on February 05
im in love with this!
kristenmay on February 04
you look adorable.
mitzicocoa on February 03
Trousers are way more flattering for the female figure than jeans.
i love the look. on other people... and personally. i dont really do pants. ever... haha. <3
chicchica_bonita on February 03
i've always loved this look! I'm a bit scared to try it out myself, but i think i will now!
thehautepursuit on February 02
I love all these pictures. i'm a huge fan of trousers especially when they are rolled up with a little bit of white sock poking out! V
WorldUgly on February 07
Agreed; it just sets it over the edge, no?
ChloroformPerfume on February 02
very cool photos! They all make me wanna try out if I could wear these pants too without looking ridiculous ^_^
WorldUgly on February 07
Same! Some people look so good in them, but I do worry about pleats and such.
ainikki on February 01
Perfect outfit.
Bex99 on February 01
love the trousers! xx
bay7 on February 01
I love everything about this!
shepsterminator on February 01
so great!
hkldnsfmode on February 01
Tapered trousers are the best!!!
makeovermary on February 01
yaaaaahhhhhhs!!!! im loving me some tomboy glam and bam thank you mam!!!!
mnavoy on February 01
i love all these looks
fadetoblack on February 01
love the pants with the shoes in the first picture!
_SERENITY_ on February 01
l just LOVE that purse in the first picture! <3
Ladi on February 01
the third pic is so georgeous...I don't wear it, but I love it! :)
libys11 on February 01
ive been on the lookout for a pair myself. i totally need beige ones for this spring!!! aaahhh!!!!! im not fond of pants/jeans too, but i would need to make an exception!! love that first photo! :D
orsola on February 01
nice post! the third outfit looks like an editorial's shot. so chic! i like the first pic too
WorldUgly on February 07
Yes, the third one is from Street Hearts and I swear all the pictures there are just stand-alone editorial quality.

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