boots are my flip flops

Updated on Jan 28, 2010
black DREX FABLE coat - white Alexander Wang shirt - black Terranova pants - bla
Black-drex-fable-coat-white-alexander-wang-shirt-black-terranova-pants-bla Black-drex-fable-coat-white-alexander-wang-shirt-black-terranova-pants-bla Black-drex-fable-coat-white-alexander-wang-shirt-black-terranova-pants-bla Black-drex-fable-coat-white-alexander-wang-shirt-black-terranova-pants-bla Black-drex-fable-coat-white-alexander-wang-shirt-black-terranova-pants-bla
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inKARLcerating 's Thoughts:

last week, me and my friend Raf went out of the hospital for a 15-minute break. Usually he tag me during his cigarette breaks and I don’t mind inhaling all the shitty nicotine from his mouth. What we didnt know is that there’s a small thrift store behind 7 ELEVEN and the rest is history. The alloted 15 minutes extended as i tried on every possible clothes that i like. ehem well not just clothes but shoes as well.. That’s why i hate it when i have someone shopping with me. a small dose of friendly advice and encouragement would inevitably push me to shop more.

To my surprise i only have 50 bucks on my pocket but the store owner was kind enough to reserve the 4 items i bought which i will show on my next post soon as i’m in the process of sterilizing each one of them lol..

Thrift shopping is fun but i need someone with me coz i end up gettin frustrated and wasted from all the searching and rummaging not to mention i have a severe case of dust allergy. The next thing i know, my neck is all itchy and reddish! That’s why prior to entering a thrift store, i always carry w/ me an antihistamine but unfortunately it always make me so sleepy so most of the time i forego this challenging kind of shopping.
i really feel lucky to have these rugged combat boots.. the zipper details in the middle reminds me of alexander wang’s combat boots

i went to my dermatologist yesterday @ St. Luke’s Hospital and i had fun .. well not really coz during that 45 minute facial, i was in a terrible terrible state of pain and suffering.
my derma asked me where will i be heading after the treatment since accdg to her, i look party-ready. i explained to her (explained talaga? lol) that i wanna dress up as much as i can and there’s nothing too fancy about it.. its just me wearing a basic tee with some sheer odd looking top over it. And about the boots, i wear it the same just like others wear their dirty pair of Crocs..

True to form, we need to suffer to be pretty. There are those effortless and innately pretty folks we see on TV, in the cover of the magazines, on the runways

then there’s us. haha

sorry for the lack of pictures taken outside.. its just that most of the time i go out alone and i don’t have someone to take pictures of me. ive been a loner these past few days hehe

Comments (22)

lissakahayon on January 29
Your coat is phenomenal!!!!
IntoTheMidnightSun on January 29
Great look!
makeovermary on January 29
ur so damn funny- i heart u :) and ur hair- i kno i'v already told u but it rocks <3 ok bye.
annemarie on January 29
Love the shirt and the boots!
cuppateamachine on January 29
I love the sheer top with the pins and the chains. I am in love with thrift shopping so lucky me that I have the skin and the nose for it haha
aivanmagno on January 29
Ouch about the Crocs part! LOL. I wear Crocs AT HOME :D And sometimes when I want to dress down (LOL, this made me feel like a feelingero, HAHAHA). Awesome boots! One time, I was just like wearing whatever then someone asked me if I'm going for a vacation overseas. CURAZZZY.
fadetoblack on January 29
hot hot hot as always!!! looooving the sheer cardi!
SarahJaneR on January 29
love the coat and boots, amazing pieces, they way you style them is fantastic! I love my heels, but they somehow hurt by the end of the day, but like you mentioned, we need to suffer to be pretty sometimes:)
CarmenTamayo on January 29
you are fierce!!
ManilaKid on January 29
Oh my! That sheer black top is so FIERCE! :)) And awesome boots! God, you look so fierce always. :D
nennen35 on January 29
moodswings on January 29
love the whole grunge look! i love ur skinnies!
franloiacono on January 29
OMG Another amazing outfit!! Love this a lot....the!!!
sparklyG on January 29
amazing top to bottom, love the coat!
plparayno on January 29
amazing! we love mr wang! x
deathbyplatforms on January 28
awesome top!!!! love it!!!
sweetcandylove on January 28
karl you are always amazing! love it!
summerromance on January 28
I love what you wrote in the write up!! as always, you are forever fasyon!
libys11 on January 28
fabulous as ever!!!!!! :D wicked boots! :D
Yanie on January 28
love love the cover-up!!!
TaylorSterling on January 28
love the docs!!
hypercoolmike on January 28
di ka na loner maya. can't wait to see you! im glad ur wearing the cover up i gave you. hehe. ^^
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