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Updated on Jan 24, 2010
blue Urban Outfitters dress - red Urban Outfitters purse - black Target tights -
Blue-urban-outfitters-dress-red-urban-outfitters-purse-black-target-tights- Blue-urban-outfitters-dress-red-urban-outfitters-purse-black-target-tights- Blue-urban-outfitters-dress-red-urban-outfitters-purse-black-target-tights-
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jazzyhwang 's Thoughts:

Hello!!! I’ve really missed it here on Chictopia, and am really sorry I haven’t been able to post or even really comment on all of your posts. It’s been quite a hectic week full of rain, thunder, and tornado warnings here in Southern California. The sky is clear now and I have never been happier to see a cloudless sky (usually I hate it since it’s just blue with nothing to really look at…).

So yesterday, I had my first wedding gig as a photographer and I had an amazing time. You can read and see a few photos on my blog. I only posted a few because there are 800 photos to go through and edit, but this is what I wore + a cardigan to cover up my disgustingly lack of a tan. I really do love this dress and can’t wait to dress it up more for our anniversary/valentine’s day/my bf’s 21st bday. Our third-year anniversary is on Tuesday! Crazy!

This is my entry for the Chicoptia 10 contest:

As I’m moving out of the nest and onto a life and place of my own, I’m slowly putting back the pieces of my shattered self-image from a rough childhood and adolescence, and Chictopia has greatly sped up this process.

I think I was in sixth grade when my parents started calling me fat on a daily basis and started cutting my food portions so that I would lose weight. To this day, I’m terrified of going on the scale because of too many traumatized experiences of gaining weight and getting punished. I used to take laxatives and would starve myself days before the weekly-weigh-in with my parents. Obviously, I haven’t lost any weight due to their tactics, but with this new year, I’m determined to leave this tragedy behind me. I’m tired of being the victim in my own life. I’ll be graduating from college and moving on to the real world, where as much as we don’t like to admit it, appearance does matter, especially since I want to go into the field of photography. On the top of my new year’s resolutions is to lose weight. I was always one of the biggest girls in my circle of friends and would loathe shopping because I’d be grabbing Ms while they grabbed their XS, S, and size 0s. It was so traumatizing.

As much as I’d like to be that girl who is all for chic-big girls (you CAN be chic no matter your size), I do feel like I’m in the wrong body. I am pretty content with myself though, and thanks to all your encouragement and inspiring outfits, have managed to develop a style that is my own and suits who I am and my body type. Like in my group, I was so intimidated by all the could-be-supermodels in this community with the long, lean legs. But ever since I started posting, you girls have nothing been supportive of me, and my style has evolved and is still evolving exponentially from my first post. I’m still at a disbelief that I have gained over 100 fans now and countless number of friends.

Now those skinny beezys in my group look to me for fashion inspiration. My obsessions set off ripples: cardigans, headbands, tights, bows, etc. And it’s all thanks to you amazing, beautiful girls who inspire and encourage me to be the chicest I can be. I can’t thank you enough for all the sweet comments you give. Each mean so much to me, and I feel like each put a small piece of my self-esteem back into place. Also if it weren’t for many of you, I would not have started a blog and probably wouldn’t be going after my dream of becoming a wedding photographer. I really really wish I could meet many of you in person to get to know you more and thank you in person.

Even though I probably won’t win this Chictopia 10 contest, it is the perfect opportunity to say how much you all have done for me without looking too sappy or sentimental. Thank you again for everything :) I know I am not posting as often, but after this quarter, my schedule will be better and I’ll go back to posting almost daily.

With a loooooooooot of love and gratitude,
Transient Withdrawal

Comments (71)

mystyle3000 on July 07
i really adore this look! so cute <3
theotherme on March 31
I was reading through your chictopian blog and I ran into this post. I think you are a really strong person, very honest and with a great personality. I'm a fan :D
Greg on March 24
I like this look, and your looks.
minxmimzy on March 02
its so lovely!
darlingdee on February 26
Jaz, you're an inspiration! And it's lovely having curves. I understand where you are coming from. True true inspiration. xx
4everUSMC on February 19
You won didn't you? That's great. Great Job!
silverphoenix on February 18
You're an inspiration to all the girls out there that looked in their mirror and went "my goddddddddddd.." and guess what? That's ALL of us.
jazzybelle on February 16
another jazzy lady.. This post was beautiful.. giving kind words back to those who do it for you is a beautiful thing.. this community is so inspiring.. I just started my blog yesterday.. I'm really glad I found you. YOu're looking good girl!
BonitaBarnes on February 11
i knoww exactlyy how youu feel... my parents do the same thing to me so i struggle with my weight as well... i reallly neverl iked my size but thanks to people like youu you help me understand what true beautyy is and thats more than a skinny bodyy !! so congrats on winning!1 youu so deserve it !
Benji on February 10
congrats on winning=]
JillPineda on February 09
Congratulations Jazzy!!!! Have a fabulous time <3
ChinkyMeL on February 08
Awwww... you look FAB! I love your pose, so fierce! Chic points for you babe! =)
magpie13 on February 08
that made me tear up a little bit :). you are really, really inspiring. i'm 4'10" and i understand the feeling of being on the "outside". my friends all have longg pretty lean legs and i've always looked at mine at the beach and seen ugly, stubby, and short. but you are truly an inspiration and in the short weeks ive been on chictopia...i'm gaining so much support. this is a beautiful thing goin
vintageskinny on February 07
beautiful, beautiful! congrats girl!!
RetrooBoxx on February 07
Congrats! love the look! :D
themodman on February 07
congrats! i'll be in ny for chictopia10 as well! go socal! :P let me know if you want to chat/meet up in ny! _danny
punkvelvet on February 06
Big congrats to you!! Love your looks
Nygal03 on February 06
wow congrats...that was very inspiring and beautiful story...i can see you have great strength and courage i commend u for that... keep it up and i hope u get to have all ur dreams fulfilled... much love...
LanvinLadLover on February 05
<3 bring me a shirt from NY! <3
jfungry on February 05
Congratulations!!! :) You are awesome!
eunicena on February 05
you deserve to be there.. congratulations.
kayeseven on February 05
CONGRATULATIONS! you deserve the win honey! =)
puddingandpie on February 05
Congratulations! I'm glad the online support is helping you!
lanton on February 05
Congratulations, your win is well deserved!!! I read your story and I couldn't think of a better person to have won this contest :) Have a great time & please take tons of pictures for the rest of us!!
MiraCherry on February 05
katiepinkie on February 05
ilove your fighting spirit :D go girl !!!
danemaria on February 05
Wow! Congrats, girl! You totaly derserve it!
deathbyplatforms on February 05
jazzy girl! im so happy for you!!!! weeptidoo! NY, NY! you deserve it! your entry is awesome and touching. thank you for sharing your "past' with us. :)
blonderedhead on February 05
congrats girl! i can't wait to meet you in ny!!!
whoa_nisha on February 04
girl u r BEAUTIFUL! congrats on chictopia 10 babe!
Style_Journey on February 04
hey, congrats, girl!!!!!! :D
theclassicsilhouette on February 04
Shabby_chic on February 04
Congrats, im totally jealous, have fun in NY! :) I'm moved by ur write up btw!
Tho on February 04
congratz!!! Love your outfits! You're such an inspiration for me! :]
breezy_covergirl on February 04
congratsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! i had (and still have) a similar relationship with my mother so i definitely know how hard it is to constantly hear "you're too fat" from people who are supposed to love you no matter what. I admire you for keeping strong and i wish you the best of luck in photography and i hope you have a good time (which i'm sure you will!)
katherinelou on February 04
congraaats! see you in new york!!!
paulinabelle on February 04
congratulations girl, see you in NY! :]
Catherinee on February 04
Congrats Jasmine!
FrenzyMind on February 03
Love that dress on you:D and love the color blocking... Have fun
Aphrodite on February 01
You look fab J.=) Love the whole outfit.=)
SarahJaneR on January 27
love the dress and bag, nice headband too, good luck in the contest!
SarahJaneR on January 27
So, i went back and read your entry and i feel that you definitely deserve to be apart of the winner's circle. the fact that you have been able to overcome your issue with the help of chcitopia shows how strong and great the community is. i have weight issues as well (im an XL) but you always look great :)
KrolewnaJeczybula on January 27
great dress, i lote it <3
MariaKarapanagioti9012 on January 26
you look the necklace!!!!!!
love your necklace and contrast of colors :)
phansheshanna on January 25
love, love the shades of red and blue together. and thanks for the friend request! (:
augustaLOLITA on January 25
adorable outfit!! love the colors & super cute necklace!!
bubblehoop on January 25
Wish you good luck for the new year and for resolutions - love the combination of the bold colours!:D
OurPaperMoon on January 25
Tres cute! Adorable bag, it look so good with your pretty blue dress! -coco
rosalita_fashionista on January 25
love the bright bag!
IandW on January 25
sweet look - sorry to hear about the wild weather - glad your back
fashiondestroyer on January 25
pretty dress and lovely bag! :
Style_Journey on January 24
adorable blue dress and awesome purse! great colors mix!!
Style_Journey on January 24
btw, l saw a necklace like that in my town too :D
fadetoblack on January 24
adorable loving the color combo :)
theclassicsilhouette on January 24
cute dress!
deathbyplatforms on January 24
so cute! love the contrast of red and blue.
ThaoVy on January 24
Thanks so much for your blog entry. You're truly one of the most inspirational bloggers on Chictopia. I'm so happy you're finally able to leave that tragedy behind you. As they always say, "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." I love your style and I love that you're able to be comfortable in your own body. Your photography's amazing, you're amazing - I know you'll get far in life. :)
audreyj on January 24
cute contrast blue + red. nice outfit
jenislegend on January 24
you are so cute!
chubbylumpkin on January 24
what you wrote is amazing, you are so pretty and have great style!
kimmyp on January 24
you look so adorable! blue is perfect on you! ;)
KristaniA on January 24
(cont) the (NEW!!!) purse and the white headband are just the perfect accessories to complete this outfit. simplicity at its best! FAVED :D
KristaniA on January 24
aww jasmine, i love what you wrote. i was also obsessed with body image in the past because i was a lot bigger than my friends at school (asian girls are tiny, maann!!) anw, i've started gained confidence because of this community as well, so i agree with you on that :) aside from what you wrote, I REALLY LOVE THIS OUTFIT! the dress is really flattering on you, the color too! (cont)
youngbones on January 24
love your dress and how it contrasts with your red purse.
lissakahayon on January 24
I like the purse!!!
BethanyD on January 24
Beautiful dress! Love your post, not many of us feel comfortable in our own skin so it's easy to relate:)
Vee_S on January 24
Love the bright colours and red bag!! Great post too :)
xMFDF on January 24
I love the contrasting hues. :) Great look!
jjleeon on January 24
awww ur so cute!! this outfit roxx:) im in love with your bag!!
SimplyHope on January 24
The red and blue is great!! Cute outfit:D
libys11 on January 24
this is just beautiful dear! i love your post.. very inspiring! i too have gone thru some weight issues in my days, but now through this site and my grown confidence too, i've become more comfy with how i look and weigh! i say hurray for us! :D and yeah, you totally need to wear dresses more often you know!!! you're so adorable in this outfit! :D
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