What to wear to hang out with the boys

Updated on Aug 31, 2008

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andreamq on January 30
so pretty! i love it!
thinlizzy on January 29
love this!
Miller on December 23
love the pants!
NatsumiMaria on October 05
Heheh guy friends are so like that!! Bless 'em :P I like the outfit a lot! Cool layering :)
juliane on September 13
i like the all white top - black bottom combination. great!
thesundaybest on September 02
One more simple tip - flirt equally with all the guys.
thesundaybest on September 03
No no no - it's something I read once and agree with - flirt, but flirt with everyone. This goes for guys too.
EverybodyIsUgly on September 02
Would that make me a whore?
iamashleigh on September 02
so there's an american version of eiu a brit version a male and college version. lulu it's definately time for my country based rep's. where is the australian version?
s_s on September 02
oooooh ooooh oooooh, i agree!
MaleUgly on September 01
haha! interesting advice... suitable for sf, definitely! :)
irides on September 01
I agree wholeheartedly on this. I'm actually a guy friend type of girl but I still somehow manage to always get it wrong. XD.
flamantflamboyant on September 01
I love the black and white in this outfit. That blazer is great.
vanillascented on September 01
You said it.
egghead on September 01
I love the steps and what you're wearing! Boys are so simple too, so effortlessness cool and simple always works.
EverybodyIsUgly on September 01
Simple creatures hehe
scara on September 01
this was a great post. i hang out with boys a lot too and sometimes i find it a bit difficult to find the right clothes.
iamashleigh on September 01
just what we were all thinking but didn't realize. well done lulu!
taperjean on September 01
simple but really effective!
maitabaello on September 01
the white blazer looks really good. i love the fit. and tip#1 is so true.
the_kitten on September 01
Gosh, so true, lulu. I always feel the urge to dress up for the evenings, but then I have to remind myself that most of whom I am hanging with are boys so I need to step down a bit. Your tips are SO true. Really!
EverybodyIsUgly on September 01
I feel like sometimes I live too much in the real world. lol it's so depressing
princessMLim on September 01
i never get tired of ur helmut lang white blazer. :)
EverybodyIsUgly on September 01
It needs to be drycleaned
kayli on August 31
great tips!! i try to play by those rules, i hang out with my guys friends often and i definitely ALWAYS choose flats! great post as usual :)
ParisTarts on August 31
I love the tips!! You always look great!!
powderblue on August 31
Good tips! I'm looking to get a pair of Docs very soon. They seem kinda clumpy - does it take quite a few wears to get them decently comfortable?
powderblue on September 02
Me too. I was intending to get the black ones but might go for the neon pink. Can't wait!
EverybodyIsUgly on August 31
They are definitely clunkier than my CdG combat boots, I recommend good socks with them. Otherwise, you get used to the heaviness. I really dig the look.
InstantVintage on August 31
Nice! I usually go way too casual when I hang out with my boys.
rainelyn on August 31
i am such a girl friend kind of gal, too but alas all of them have bfs, too! aghghhhhh. isnt it the most annoying thing? i hope youre having a good labor day weekend :)
EverybodyIsUgly on August 31
It's labor day weekend? lol I had no idea
ClothesHorse on August 31
Great tips. I always wear skirts when I hang out with boys (surprise!) and then end up being in danger of flashing someone when we're climbing into dumpsters and the like...
parapluie on September 01
ClothesHorse on August 31
Yah, you know, dumpster diving...
superawesomeman on August 31
flashing is cashing! $$$
EverybodyIsUgly on August 31

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