Chic Read: Fifty ______s that Changed the World

Updated on Jan 13, 2010

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goodmorningheartache on March 11
thanks for sharing these..i need to find out how i can get my hands on them!
katastrophic on March 10
love audrey! need to get these!
blue22 on January 31
i want those!!!! :D thanks for sharing
agrippella on January 25
I don't fin the dresses one.. HEL me pleaseee!! I come from Itlay, but it seems that everywhere it's out of stock
CoedUgly on January 27
Never fear! We're going to be giving these away very soon...
Lizzeth on January 24
agrippella on January 19
wow.. i want theeem
Mavric on January 18
love it! and i got these books for Christmas!!
alwaysinvogue7 on January 17
love this!
Lailaox on January 17
SarahJaneR on January 13
Honestly, everything hasn't been done. Everyday people are coming up with more and more ideas for cuts and styles. I think that when we see something different from what has been done in the past, automatically we want to question it and not give it recognition. however, maybe the future will be more receptive of new ideas and concepts as far as clothing is concerned.
PeachyPanda on January 13
oooh i flipped through this at UO
orsola on January 13
no i don't think everything has been done. perhaps in shapes and models for dresses but there's a huge potential with new textiles and how then can be shaped. for what concerns shoes i feel a trend of making them looking more and more like sculptures and unique pieces of art. here, too, i see lots new can still be done. am i too optimistic?? hehe
libys11 on January 13
wow!! i would love to have these books!! :D they look inspiring :D

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