All Good Things Come To An End

Updated on Dec 20, 2009
black online shoes - black 255 Chanel purse - silver Glitterati
Silver-glitterati-black-online-shoes-black-chanel-purse-black-glitterati-b Silver-glitterati-black-online-shoes-black-chanel-purse-black-glitterati-b Silver-glitterati-black-online-shoes-black-chanel-purse-black-glitterati-b Silver-glitterati-black-online-shoes-black-chanel-purse-black-glitterati-b Silver-glitterati-black-online-shoes-black-chanel-purse-black-glitterati-b
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

The past 5 days have been a blur- I have basically been floating day after day. Each new day, brings forth a new problem and a sad goodbye.

As you all know my very good friend, MACKY, died at the young age of 23 years old. The grief was severe and I cannot begin to even describe how it is to lose a friend, who you just saw with so much life and potential. I was very sad and distressed by the news of his death.

But then, another problem comes in storming…. this time about ‘good byes’ which are always so sad especially if you’re ALWAYS THE ONE BEING LEFT BEHIND…

The night I wore this, was the night I had penciled in honor of my good friend and La Salle lunch buddy, LYCA, who told us weeks in advance to save the date for her. She’ll be leaving for Australia this December and it was indeed the sweetest goodbye at SUITE (formerly known as Embassy Cuisine) where me and my friends gathered to send her off, to remember Macky’s life and of course, to celebrate the fact that we were all finally together. Goodbye’s are NEVER easy. And I must say, Lyca not being here would mean that it’s officially the END OF AN ERA.

The next day, to my dismay, I had to say goodbye to another important person in my life… my maid/ yaya for 13 years, ESTRELLA. She went on a day off and never returned. When we checked her closets, it was clean and swiped out like she was never even there. Apparently she had a boyfriend and was getting married. I am happy for her but at the same time, I feel totally betrayed since she just threw out 13 years and didn’t even think we deserved a chance to know her plans and prepare. So she left me, sick, depressed and helpless.


Last night I was so angry that life wouldn’t cut me some slack and allow me to mourn the loss of two friends, that I also had to lose someone I basically treated as family as well. I don’t know why THIS IS ALL HAPPENING 5 days before Christmas but until I’m sure the tidal wave of bad luck has moved on to a more capable and less fragile victim, I am locking myself in my bed and staying there.

I don’t know how I was able to survive it all… at one point I blacked out and suffered a minor nervous breakdown since the weight of all these issues was too much to bear for my already very fragile and defective heart. I wasn’t even unable to attend Rosanna’s New Year’s Inquirer shoot since I was mourning nonstop.

But in one week I lost three very important people in my life…my DOROTA (pardon the GG reference), my MANEUVER and my GREAT FRIEND, how can anyone deal with that?

Why must all goods things come to an end?

*Note: I wore this even if this was supposed to be my new years dress since I was soooo majorly depressed and wanted to walk away from all my problems which poured in when 2009 was about to end. And i thought it was going to be a good year…:( Sigh.

Comments (50)

NathaliaV on August 06
catherinepajarito on May 17
love it..:)
bjkdAnc3r on March 17
gorgeous shoes!
Dressingontheside on December 31
You look wonderful...sorry about your loss, but please know that looking at your blog brings some of us a much needed dose of joy.
SweetxCupcakes on December 30
Love the Chanel bag.. And the heels!
IRATIKAFFAIRS on December 26
wow your blog is so deep :) but you're a strong woman who knows why things happen the way they do :/ we just have to have faith, and that things will get better. But in the mean time you look absolutely stunning :) i love the dress.
verucasalt22 on December 26
so cute that dress! i must have!!! :D
ndriio on December 25
the dress is absolutely breathtaking!
angelandaluz on December 25
I love your heels!
xxTheLovingKindxx on December 24
omg love this!
jeffsy on December 23
laikacheena on December 22
i'm sure your yaya is confident that you are now strong and independent. =) cheer up! and i'm glad you wore your new years dress. the dress is a reminder that you've got things going, and there's nothing to be worried about. there ARE better things to come. =)
inKARLcerating on December 21
love the godess-ish hair.. omg JL.. im feeling u sis.. my yaya went off na din after 4 yrs of service.. grbe be strong dear ha
bettylove on December 21
i wish i had that dress
GlammcouturE on December 21
omg want this dress!!!
TheUrbanFashionGal on December 21
LOVE this dress so much!
apparellel on December 21
I empathize with you. I had a very similar couple of weeks this year and didn't think I would get through it. The good thing is I am slowly but surely as will you. Anger is a step up from hopelessness and depression. You are on your way!! p.s. You sure are gorgeous!!
BadTasteToast on December 21
bling bling, you look amazing :)
Donata on December 21
even though you are going through so much it is nice to see you still looking so gorgeous!
TaylorSterling on December 21
sexy rock girl! Love it!
nix on December 21
im so sorry to have these things happen to u this xmas...but just think positive dear :) anyway, love the dress!
petraS on December 21
lovely dress! Sorry for your lost! Hope you`ll get through it..
iamdenie on December 20
I know the pain you're suffering right now dear but on the lighter note, God won't give us problems that we can't resolve on our own. Just be strong and pray. God will always be there for you eventhough the people you love has been gone or left you behind. God will always remain the same and forever be by your side. :) Love your outfit as always :)
supervee on December 20
love everything. Hope you'll feel better.*hug* :)
MissCaprice on December 20
great shoes.....and hope you feel better......
nadiakamballa on December 20
Great dress!! I'm sorry for what happened to you.. Hope you'll get through it well.. ^_^
abbylucien on December 20
oh i lovvve it@
hautedolleyes on December 20
very nice
lissakahayon on December 20
Everything will be okay JL, stay strong! and you look hot in this outfit, love the make up too!
ithinkineedadrink on December 20
kick ass dress
sarah_monet on December 20
cute dress
audreyj on December 20
im so sorry for you! and i hope you have a better 2010, smile life will get better this are just proofs that you're a strong person. God bless you!
Kaie on December 20
I believe that every 'sad' things that are happening in our life will soon be replaced with happiness! I wish you a great 2010. =) The dress and shoes are awesome!!
katiemd on December 20
awe i'm sorry to hear about your troubles :( i hope you feel better soon. your dress is amazing!
ChaoticPerfection on December 20
This outfit is very well put together ! I love it !
HollyAshley on December 20
love the killer shoes:)
laluminata on December 20
libys11 on December 20
hot dress, jl! :) cheer up, dear! :)
liluchious on December 20
SEXY u ;o)
mcogger on December 20
Melissa_Z on December 20
great look as always!
SarahJaneR on December 20
I'm sorry you are having so much sadness in your life, I hope that the new year brings you joy, and just try to look for positive things in your life. I do want to say that you look gorg like always, and i love the dress!
Tho on December 20
Aw, I hope you're alright. :[ Keep smiling! It's the best way to get through. Good luck hun. Loveeee the dress & the shoes. :]
YekkY on December 20
Keep Smiling Babe... as the cliche goes, this is Life! btw i want you shooooessss.... so HOT!
asian_girlygurl on December 20
Killer shoes and dress!!
patriciaprieto on December 20
You looked gorgeous in that dress, babe! :) The party at Suite was most definitely sweet! HAHA :) And don't worry I'm sure things will turn out for the best. Stay strong, babe! Keep your head up and all your friends have got your back! We're all here if you need us :) xx
naissacarmona on December 20
love this dress!! oh my, yaya estre left??? wow, i can imagine how hard your week went by... hope your okay j! everything's going to be okay!!:)
theclassicsilhouette on December 20
wow, it sounds so heartbreaking.. just be strong and don't forget to pray! bring all your problems to God, He will help you heal your wounds. fabulous outfit!
coliessoule on December 20
gosh... so sad babe.. but i know wounds will heal in time.. i too was in so much grief when i lost my brother and i wouldnt know what to do if my yaya walks out.. So sad to know that Lyca is now leaving... I will definitely miss her during bazaars. You are a STRONG WOMAN... YOU CAN SURVIVE THIS! Looking FABOULOUS always!
BethanyD on December 20
Beautiful dress and belt!
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