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Updated on Dec 17, 2009
blue thrifted skirt - gray thifted belt - white H&M blouse - mamas handmedown pu
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driedporkears 's Thoughts:

So poop to the millionth power. I’ve been dying to take chich pictures these days especially to display my use of multiple layering due to the drastic change of climate, alas this is impossible because I have no camera by which to take said pictures. My friends and I had a delightfully quaint Christmas party a couple weeks back and behold due to drunken behavior, my camera was dropped on the sticky tiled kitchen floor by a friend who I am surely tempted to name, but will refrain from doing so, to save her from embarrassment even though she does not even know this blog exists. I digress. But instead, to satisfy this irrepressible desire to post something, I have looked through the depths of my laptop and found some outfits that I had not posted. I only wish I could be wearing this, however the current weather does not see this kind of attire permissible.

The skirt was thrifted a few summers back, however I hemmed it shorter to appease my taste for short things.Speaking of it, today I went thrifting with one of my dearest friends and purchased 3 exquisite records, one dainty purse and a novel (Atonement) for the total of exactly $2.00. Oh the joys of secondhand shopping. Had my camera not been obliterated, I would have surely been excited to share with you my findings, however I have already explained my current sad situation ad nauseum.

Despite everything, my only wish is to take a nap right now at 12:10am, wake up to a room where all my clothes are neatly folded in my closet, not sprawled around every surface inch of the floor haphazardly, and for my drawing pencils to be sharpened so I can finally sit down and draw a portrait of my mother circa 1980 for her Christmas present.

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especially on December 20
I love your outfit
katjee on December 17
i love it!
GlammcouturE on December 17
cute outfit!!! =]
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