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Updated on Dec 15, 2009
green American Eagle shirt - red Mossimo skirt - black xhilaration socks - red C
Green-american-eagle-shirt-red-mossimo-skirt-black-xhilaration-socks-red-c Green-american-eagle-shirt-red-mossimo-skirt-black-xhilaration-socks-red-c Green-american-eagle-shirt-red-mossimo-skirt-black-xhilaration-socks-red-c
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KarenKay 's thoughts:

the algebra exam was a hot mess. understood all of the logarithm stuff, all of the exponentiation stuff, all of the graphing stuff, but then that last page.

anyway, it was 12:30. ready to ACE this latin exam. our teacher is pretty much the coolest teacher ever though so i wasn’t too concerned. i learned all of the declensions, crammed all of the vocabulary into my brain, memorized various proverbs, and conjugations? no problem, spanish even helped with that.

who did what in the stories though? i forgot to review the translations we did earlier. oh well, i’m just going to have to guess.
hmmmm the guy sitting across from me on this table is cute. although he’s major nerd. his shirt says “square root of -1 (heart) you”
oh. my. god. i guess that’s what you get for going to this school. man, wouldn’t it be the most awkward thing if people could read your mind? god i don’t even want to think about that. if you can read my mind, i’m sorry.

wow, 20 minutes in and i’m already almost done with half of the exam. very nice….. okay, so indicative vs. subjunctive. i’ve got this. again, the spanish really helps. i love languages so much. they’re so dynamic but it’s easy to make sense of them…. unlike MATH. MATH WHERE EVERYTHING IS YES, THE SAME, BUT YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY REMEMBER EVERYTHING. at least with languages one thing leads to another…. hahahaha one of the questions says “who died?” BEST.

whatever. last 5 pages! and he just said we’re only an hour in! SCORE! wait…. but that must mean i must be going to fast, i must’ve missed SOMEthing. anyway, finish the exam.

dude! extra credit too! YES I LOVE OUR TEACHER!!!! done w/ that…. but really? a guy gets angry about receiving nothing from his grandmother’s inheritance except a chair, beats the cushion, and gold spills out? Really? [sigh]

Okay, review all of this stuff, there must be something wrong.

After taking 15 minutes checking my answers, I turned in my exam (with half an hour left – everybody else finished early, with almost an hour left as well, haha). I WAS SO FREAKING ECSTATIC AFTER EXITING THE LIBRARY!!!! FINALS WERE OVER, WINTER BREAK HAS BEGUN…. life is good. For about two hours after the exam I just kind of hung out w/ friends. I must’ve gotten about 5 comments about how “festive” (i kid you not, people at my school use that word) I looked. I also got complimented on my nails, which I was happy about – they do look really nice for nails done by myself, haha. (not to be immodest, but…. hehe)
I went to Cannery Row with my carpool buddy and her family, ate some frozen yogurt (which was a bad idea considering how cold the temp. was but still…), and got home. After eating dinner, I just about passed out on my bed. Slept until about an hour ago: 13 hours of sleep = heavenly.

Too bad this only lasts two weeks. Then back to school.
Oh well, might as well enjoy it while it lasts.



Melissa_Z on December 16
amazing! Visit my blog www.abitoffashion.com
BethanyD on December 16
Love your shirt, skirt, and suspenders! Cute hat:)
kaielle on December 15
Love the look so Christmas-sy ; )
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