Anti-Pleasure Dissertation

Updated on Dec 13, 2009
black Zara vest - black Topshop top - black Glitterati skirt - black Miss Sixty
Black-zara-vest-black-topshop-top-black-glitterati-skirt-black-miss-sixty- Black-zara-vest-black-topshop-top-black-glitterati-skirt-black-miss-sixty- Black-zara-vest-black-topshop-top-black-glitterati-skirt-black-miss-sixty- Black-zara-vest-black-topshop-top-black-glitterati-skirt-black-miss-sixty- Black-zara-vest-black-topshop-top-black-glitterati-skirt-black-miss-sixty-
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

Basic Principles:

I have been watching drama consume the lives of people around me lately and although it is amusing since some of the issues are quite petty and lame, it is also VERY VERY TIRING and TIME CONSUMING… in a nutshell, an utter waste of time..and so… I’ve decided to share wisdom learned from years and years of experience with drama firsthand…

1) People are out to get you.
2) You’re nobody until you’re talked about.
3) Given that people hating on you is an inevitable part of life, might as well bask in the fact that in the process of such, you’re THAT important to be the hot topic of the day… It’s always better to be a somebody than a nobody. Learn it, live it, love it.
4) Sometimes, the best reaction is NO reaction.
5) There are bigger problems in the world like sickness and death. Go get a real one if you’re THAT bored.
6) Telling someone to do something for you then feeling bad when that someone you instructed actually did what you told them to do is a severe case of bipolar or perhaps multiple personality disorder. A psychological assessment is necessary in such case so you don’t end up eating the words you yourself said.
7) Confrontation is the key. Before you blab about your emotions to the entire universe, maybe verbalizing it to the people who actually need to hear it is vital so you can get your facts straight and don’t end up looking like a fool when you’re finally reminded of what the deal really was.
8) Just live and let them hate.
9) Let it all go.
10) Don’t make excuses for whatever makes you happy… you don’t need to explain yourself 100% of the time. People who don’t understand you never will… so why bother? Focus your time and energy on something more important like self-improvement.
11) Stop thinking everything is about you… it’s not. Paranoia kills seriously.
12) A simple falling out is not worth going to court to. Lawmakers have more life or death things to decide on.
13) We are no longer pre-teens who have the right to create drama or soap operas out of SIMPLE matters that can be ironed out as adults. If you do not like something about someone, tell them to their face. It’s brutal but also very effective in resolving issues quickly, without the need to involve totally uninvolved people who also have nothing better to do.
14) It is never an excuse to be physical with anyone regardless of age or gender.
15) What goes around comes around.
16) Let’s all remember to act our age and not our shoe size.

Wheew! I just needed to get that out… I guess I have to say that I am over my head with other people’s problems… especially those people who assume way too much and want to drag you along with them in their path to self destruction. It’s crazy… why can’t people just talk to each other and resolve things themselves without needing to involve people by getting them to choose sides? Is diplomacy just an imaginary concept?

Anyway, the reason for this is because people who chase drama are ruining my Holiday season and I have so much to be thankful for. It’s the season for giving and loving, for forgiveness… So negativity totally has no place for this time of the year… SERIOUSLY. Let’s all be happy and peaceful… if just for this season…

As for me, I have forgiven and settled all old scores from the past year…it’s sort of like a pre-holiday cleansing thing I do every year where I don’t want to begin a new year still holding a grudge or ill feelings toward other people who have wronged me. I have so much to be thankful for that i don’t think I deserve to hold on to resentment.

Speaking of which, I wore this outfit today when I went and shopped for about 1/2 of my Christmas presents. I love this season seriously and not just because of the countless shopping but because everyone seems to really love each other and it’s such a heartwarming thought.

So there! Pardon the very long entry but I needed to let this out big time!


Comments (30)

NathaliaV on August 06
bjkdAnc3r on March 17
PoshAndSilly on January 01
danemaria on December 21
the outfit is fabulous! and the vest is to die for!!!!!!
thriftnstyle on December 16
Great vest!
BadTasteToast on December 15
wow your vest is to die for!!
yayyraia on December 15
Awesome shoes! O_O Made my day :)
chrish on December 15
love the best
rhailaborte on December 14
alguem on December 14
chic! love the skirt!
ssheylaaa on December 14
love it! you have the most awesome clothes ever! that vest is amazing :D
ssheylaaa on December 14
you post was very inspirational! thanks for sharing your thought of wisdom with us, you're totally right ;D
allofmystyle on December 14
Love the outfit and your style!!! xoxo
lizmoura on December 14
you became my personal hero after this post, really. you said most of the things i've thought the last days! and the outfit? come on, just amazing.
theclassicsilhouette on December 14
gorgeous!! love the vest!
petraS on December 14
nice vest! and great boots! chic!
iamdenie on December 14
JL, i so love your post! I definitely agree with all of the basic principles! HAHA! :)) Before, I always react on me having a hater or enemy but I realized, NO REACTION is the best way to get them really pissed off. HAHA! Gosh, insecure b*tches have lots of drama, eh? Just don't mind them and spend the holiday season worrying NOTHING! Love your outfit as always! :*>
ShuErn on December 13
Gorgeous!!! Love the vest.
modgeisha on December 13
WOW! Love everything you said. Have the same sentiments. When you need to pour out, just blog to your heart's content. Someone might just need to read your thoughts. Great outfit! Love the vest and skirt! You really have an awesome style!!! XOXO
Kaie on December 13
Black and gold combo look so glam! =)
liluchious on December 13
paxie_aiza on December 13
love your post. :) and your outfit rocks:)
Donata on December 13
reading your post made me feel that i vented out my frustrations too!! love the look you rock that leather!!! =)
YekkY on December 13
Thumbs up on this post and Hands Down GORGEOUS! ;D
patriciaprieto on December 13
First of all, loooooove the outfit babe! :) And secondm I totally agree with everything you typed there, it's so true! :)
libys11 on December 13
so edgy! :D love everything!
mcogger on December 13
very fierce!
SarahJaneR on December 13
love the vest and shoes, great bag as usual, and i love the post! I've had to deal with people like that all of my life, and it feels great to finally see that someone else feels the same way i do. I avoid drama at all cost, yet my friends try to pull me into it. I'm done with trying to sort other people's drama out :)
Perrine_La_Coquette on December 13
nice vest and skirt
BethanyD on December 13
Love your skirt, vest, and shoes!
Melissa_Z on December 13
sooo cute! Visit my blog
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