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Updated on Dec 12, 2009
black sequined Poisonberry blazer - black michael antonio shoes
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lissakahayon 's Thoughts:

It’s funny how some people think that everything revolves around them to the point that they would really make an extra effort to bash and to talk shit about others. I understand that in having your own blog, some people will not really appreciate your style but what annoys me is that there are some people who would go the extra mile to kind of “research” about me, grab my pictures, criticize them and tell the rest of the world that they don’t like my style, I’m a copycat, I’m like this, like that.. whatever. What’s even worse is that I considered these people friends and I was there to support, to listen and do everything else I need to do because that’s the way a friend should be right? I tried my best to take it all in and accept that some people are just wired that way but sometimes, it inevitably affects you and eats you. But I guess, I should be thankful that I found out about it now rather than go on, facing these people who are nothing but two faced bitches.

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alecsandra on February 15
cute blazer
modgeisha on September 05
love the blazer btw!
modgeisha on September 05
and nobody can take that away from you girl! be strong. ignore the undue criticisms and just move on. hop away happily! :D
modgeisha on September 05
love thy enemies, fear thy friends! it's true. sometimes it happens that our most trusted people are the ones who turn against us, and those who we think are our enemies would fight for us in the end. it's good that you found out about their true nature early on. consider it a learning experience. i'm sure you have other million friends who adore you, here alone in chictopia. you are an icon...
brettmanning on August 04
carlosmtz on February 07
LOL... just noticed i got a little late to this pic! haha!
carlosmtz on February 07
you are amazingly pretty and you have an incredible style! please dont give a f#ck about what people say,,, you know when youre good at something and youre "successful" somewhere, there is always gonna be a jealous angry person, believe me, you can ask any leader in the world! and they will tell you the same! please dont listen! btw...i love your blazer! :)
thani on December 21
WOW!! So gorgeous
vivaamanda on December 18
I want that sequined blazer sooooo bad!! I've been looking at a sequined vest as H&M but it's really too much. I want something sequined for new years.
Aphrodite on December 15
Oooppss...that's a bit nasty..=( I think i will not browse too much i might find myself in the same situation.=( I dont think i have ur patience. I might go kill them.=) But what, you look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=) Maybe its that gorgeous blazer, or those fab shoes!!!
petraS on December 15
Don`t care about what people say about you! You are pretty and you have great style! And I want your shoes :D.. Can I steal them? chic!
weee on December 15
sequins are amazing! those people are just jealous!
plparayno on December 14
love that jacket! x
Jasna on December 14
Ok babe, firstly this outfit is WOW!! I luv it!!! 2ndly- I can totally relate to what you are saying and you know what it all comes down to jealousy, you look amazing in EVERYTHING u wear and they are jealous that u can pull that off and they obv cant. Your amazing and sweet babe, dont let people like that get to u, luv u lots : )
LauraRockandroll9624 on December 14
Wow those shoes are amazing!!! I love this outfit and the interesting patterns :)
joannaladrido on December 13
who's bad mouthing you? i guess this year is all about finding out true friendships from unreal ones. Keep your head up... this doesn't deserve ur time or effort. ps love the dress. i wanted to get it at the last bazaar in the store behind us but u beat me to it.
ilovemystyle on December 13
they're just insecure dear!
ilovemystyle on December 13
love everything
alyssabird on December 13
i totally feel ya, i used to have a friend who "vlogs" on youtube and she made a video talking shit about me. and i thought she was my best friend. damn fashion students. lol well anyways whoever is talking shit about you is just jealous cuz you have awesome style and cute clothes!
paxie_aiza on December 13
lovely as always!
districtofchic on December 13
That sequined blazer is the coolest! I love the dress with it, too!
Donata on December 13
people like them should not be in your life!!! always love your looks! =)
sazzychiq on December 13
one of my favs!
phparayno on December 13
i love those shoes!
amos_photography on December 13
ahhh i love love your shoes, im so sorry to hear about these people doing this!!!! its so frustrating and horrible(just continue being your gorgeous self) xx
fugee on December 13
just don't mind those people! they're just insecure and jealous for sure! anyway, I so adore this outfit on you! you look amazing and perfect!
youngbones on December 12
love your sequined blazer and your shoes!
Ye55i on December 12
Great blazer and dress! =)
trinnah on December 12
I can't believe that someone would go through all those lengths to bash you. It's plain jealousy. They're actually big fans of yours if they're willing to do research, you know? Just ignore them. You have great style! I love this outfit! The shoes are hot!
KristaniA on December 12
cheer up, lissa. i agree 100% with mestizay! it's hurtful but try to move on from this and keep rocking your looks :)
CherriBomb on December 12
love the sparkle! those shoes are amazing!
katiebear4ever on December 12
i don't see what there's too talk meanly about. i love your style! (and that jacket! (: )
sarahism on December 12
oh so chic! :)
mestizay on December 12
oh dear the same thing happened to me for years! get my pics in my multiply make a blog about it criticize what i wear...blahblah.. you should just really be flattered they waste their time and energy just to hurt you.. it just means you are NOW WORTH talking about! some girls are just too insecure! just lift your head up high lissa!'p
viffy on December 12
love the jacket!
regerafael on December 12
love the blazer! dont mind them, i just think they're insecure or whatever. cheer up!
jill_chris89 on December 12
sorry, but I actually adore you style!!!!! lol. We're the same age and I hopes to one day dress like!
monsemorales on December 12
jessy_H on December 12
babe! i love the blazer! im jealous haha i need to shop from poisonberry too but shipping is a bitch! oh haha they even took some photos of you? whatthehell. it's all good hun, if u must know i had a major fight with my friends before i left for vancouver i dont know if you know that..with jix and kai. haha. (ask your boytoy haha!) but yeaaa it'll pass. :) besos!
MarlaSinger on December 12
wow! everything is sparkling! love this look so much! faved <33
Paint_it_black on December 12
Dump them you look amazing and have amazing style xx and those shoes are to die for :)
superniknok on December 12
I love your blazer! And i agree with you, what they said may have offended or hurt you but maybe it's a way for you to see through these people and realize that they actually are monsters...and that you should stay away from them asap :) Cheer up!
irlandamc on December 12
the blazer is very very fashion! my chic vote!
VictoriaS on December 12
amazing polka dot dress!
selectivepotential on December 12
I love your dress and blazer!
colormenana on December 12
Beautiful dress!
nkyesque on December 12
Those type of people aren't worth of your thoughts. Love the blazer btw :)
OurPaperMoon on December 12
OH! This look is perfect! Love everything about it! SO chic! -coco
morgandarling on December 12
I'm a firm believer that people like that are just trying to ignore the insecurities in their own lives by taking it out on others, which is pretty unfair and pathetic, but I hope you feel better. And I love how you combined the sequins and studs. Definitely looks like a great going - out dress!
Modemoiselle on December 12
wowww i love your jacket!!
raepop on December 12
It just means you are higher than them because people won't put others down who are already below them. :) don't be sad anymore because you are too pretty to be sad. :) Love that jacket, btw!
libys11 on December 12
oh lissa.. these people don't even deserve the time and frustration you're having right now. they're probably just jealous! as they say.. you can't please everyone right. hope you feel better! :D on a lighter not, can i just say how fabulous that sequined jacket is!! wow! :D
MissRoLL on December 12
love everything here...the sequin blazer, zipper dress, and those shoes...they look adorable on you ^^
thats_so_audrey on December 12
you look simply adorable. love your shoes btw. sorry about your "friend" trouble. everything will work out.
sweetcandylove on December 12
it's just how things are. there would always be people who would put you down no matter what you do but hey you just continue doing what you want eh girl? i mean there is a huge chance that they are just envious of you and what you've reached from your blog and all that. on another note, totally loving the jacket!!!
summerromance on December 12
aww, this looks nice.. Sorry to hear about your "friends", move on and let go, its really not worth your time..
PapahMamahnyaMana on December 12
love the blazer darl!! awesome!!
SarahJaneR on December 12
love the blazer and dress, great shoes and accessories too. sorry your having friend problems, like the old saying goes, some people are meant to be in your life for a season.
BethanyD on December 12
Wow! Amazing blazer and dress!
shmicole on December 12
Lissa dear, these people have insecurity problems. Shut them out and just surround yourself with good vibes. :)
FindersKeepers on December 12
sequins + polka dots = love.
Melissa_Z on December 12
I'm in love with this outfit! Great! <3 Visit my blog
iamdenie on December 12
Lissa, I can totally relate! I also have lots of haters because of the way I dressed and that i'm such a feeler daw blah blah. They just don't understand that some people change and that we can't always be the same person we were before. I also hate the fact that people will criticize you for something not worth criticizing for. But, just don't mind them because they'll get nothing naman e. :)
iamdenie on December 12
btw, i love ur outfit!
theclassicsilhouette on December 12
you look great!! and you should totally ignore them. at least you found out who your true friends are!
deathbyplatforms on December 12
F*ck them b*tches! Haha. By that way, that blazer is love.
iamalexa on December 12
dear, ignore them. in the first place, who are they to criticize your style? their actions only scream their insecurity. they're just jealous they don't have the confidence and creativity in pulling off all your amazing looks. continue being stylish and stop stressing yourself. they're not worth it. :) ps. that blazer is fab! :)
kaielle on December 12
i love sequins ; ) Love your blazer.
lavuson on December 12
Oh dear i feel for you, I experienced that as well but the difference is the person was using a fake account to bash me and a friend and it all ended in one conclusion: those kind of people got issues to resolve among themselves and unconsciously they have insecurities damaging their social sanity... and insecurity is like a disease , so wish them to get well :) Cheer up!
lavuson on December 12
you still look beautiful...
himynameis on December 12
Love the dress :) This probably sounds cliche but people like those are not only full of themselves, but they're just jealous. They bring you down cause they simply hate the fact that others love you. In short, they hate you cause they ain't you. That's some sort of flattery right there ;)
thefieldsofelysium on December 12
amazing blazer~
xixianne on December 12
i love the way you dress and you always look natural (not copycat). u have haters bcoz they're envious of your style ;)
trishacamille on December 12
wow. you got EXACTLY how i feel right now. im going through the exact same thing w/ some people i call "friends" except without the criticizing my style thing. mind if i repost on my blog? Dont worry ill credit =)
trishacamille on December 12
lissakahayon on December 12
Go ahead, no problem :)
hello_k08 on December 12
you look great, those people are probably just jealous of your awesome sense of style. love the blazer and the shoes, my chic vote! :)
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