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Updated on Dec 08, 2009
black - gray Accessorize tights - black Marc Jacobs boots - black Zara purse - f
Black-gray-accessorize-tights-black-marc-jacobs-boots-black-zara-purse-f Black-gray-accessorize-tights-black-marc-jacobs-boots-black-zara-purse-f Black-gray-accessorize-tights-black-marc-jacobs-boots-black-zara-purse-f
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone!!! =) Bad hair day as you can see. =)

I tried everything! I was given 5 minutes to get out of the house or he will go and i’ll catch up. I said, ok, give me 7 at least! You can see that my sweater dress has a vertical line (proof that i didnt even have time to iron!) 2nd, im wearing the same boots again as i know it will work with anything. 3rd, i have no accessories apart from my earrings (which came last!) no make up and i wrapped my hair with a scarf! No, it’s not windy or anything. I simply ran out of spray!!! My hair stand after shower and i use spray to make them behave. I tried a bowler hat but it didnt go with the outfit and i will have to change everything except the bag and boots. I tried pins and headbands, nothing worked. So i grabbed a scarf that matched the outfit and here it is.=) I used to do this a lot when i had long curly hair. It was more difficult then as the curls get tangled up i look like a motherless poodle. I used to go swim in Hyatt (they have a nice pool and yummy pizza!) just to untangle my hair. I’d put conditioner and go in the pool and use my fingers to untangle each set of curls. The water helps (and the conditioner). But on bad days, scarf is my savior.

So yes, i managed to leave the bedroom in 9 minutes!! =) I hope you like it.=)

I have received 2 (or 3) more BB awards after the 5 i’ve done and please bear with me i’f i am doing it again. Dont worry, i will run out of facts one day! =)

1- I used to sleepwalk when i was a child, until i was 13 i think. I sleep with my mum and my two sisters sleep with my father (on the floor) next to our bed. It’s our way of “family planning!!” i suppose.=) And my mother would wake up in the middle of the night and find me standing infront of the bedroom door. She knew what was happening and she would just watch me and wait for me to go back to bed. Sometimes, she said, i would even grab the door knob but i never opened the door.

2- I dont like massage. It tickles me and we’d (i and my husband) end up in a laughter party if he insisted (and then i’d cry and vomit.Too much laughing. That’s why he says i was designed to be miserable. I wasnt programmed for happiness because i get sick when i am happy. If i laughed continuously for 2 minutes, i’d start coughing then cry then vomit.). But i can stand feet massage. He used to massage my feet everytime i come from work (singing) because he feels sorry for my feet (standing and dancing for hours, in high heels.)

3- I can fold my tongue sideways with my teeth. i can cross my eyes for a very long time you’d be convinced i am really crossed eyed.I can raise my left brow but can’t do the same with the right. I can whistle like a man and i can suspend myself from a branch hanging by my knees (for at least 10 minutes).

4- i can’t live without tissues. I have one in my hand, in my pocket, in my bag and a box in every corner of the house. It’s the first thing i pick up when we’re in the grocery store. Right now that i am sitting infront of my laptop, i have a box next to me.

5- I collect fashion magazines and there at least 5 in the toilet and 3 in the bathroom.

6- My dogs dont eat bones. I am afraid the hard ones will damage their stomaches but i do allow them to have the soft ones. So when we eat out, and eat chicken or pork, i’d ask everybody to put aside the soft bones and then i would ask the waitress to put them in a bag and i’d take it home. Always. And i’d cut them in bits and put them in a bowl and use them as treats. So when it’s bed time, i’d go get 4 pieces and my dogs know. They’ll run to their boxes and wait for their bed time present. I do the same when we go out so they’d be busy munching while i’m locking the door.

7- My nickname is (and all the people who know me in my hometown including my family except my husband call me) “PHOIZE” (POYZ).

That’s it. =) Another set of “i dont know if these are interesting enough” facts.=) I will pass the award tomorrow and will properly thank the ones who passed them to me.=)

Again, thank you so much for—always always supporting my entries. That’s all that matters to me.=)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (69)

chibu on June 11
how tall are u? that car looks gigantic <3
bbyChriistiina on January 05
you always look great !
reshooom on December 10
this clearly defines being CHIC!!!
QueenSheba on December 10
Love the wrap!!! used to do it all tha time when i didn't want to do my hair!
linriden on December 10
love the scarf. nothing says grace kelly more than a scarf around your hair.... well maybe an hermes kelly bag but.....;) love all the facts. glad to know that im not the only person who treats her pets as children. <3<3<3
Nanylafea on December 09
Nice outfit for so little time to get dressed!
aceduchua on December 09
fierce!! i love everything! =)
Jai on December 09
I love how you styled this outfit.
Camille2603 on December 09
looks like an add!!!!
FairyColors on December 09
such an unusual way to wear a scarf :D loveots and purse! you look so chic!
fab_anj on December 09
Modemoiselle on December 09
i have your same bag and i love it!! cool outfit as usual!
missrockgirl on December 09
I LIKE your BAG!!! You look very elegant!!
Yanie on December 09
coooool! You so have a nice body!
annemarie on December 09
Awesome top and scarf!
ManilaKid on December 09
Your photos are stunning! And so is your style! Love it! :D
Vee_S on December 09
Great work with the scarf! i have a huge scarf collection but just dont wear them enough! inspired! ps, i thought i was the only one with a tissue addiction! but mine is cos i am constantly with a runny nose!
Vee_S on December 09
haha well that is a positive way of looking at it!
Aphrodite on December 09
dont say but, my reason is the same.=) My husband says its good, blocks the viruses around.=) So i dont get sick much.=)
ReneeC on December 09
chic chic and chic
petraS on December 09
great! you always look so glamorous and elegant! my chic vote!
azelia on December 09
you look gorgeous in the headscarf!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO CHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
Annachiara on December 09
wow....WOOOONDERFULL!!! you're a diva!!!favolous!!!my chic vote!!! looove it...and the photo too!!
franloiacono on December 09
This is SO chic :D
crazybeautiful on December 08
oh i love your bag!
OurPaperMoon on December 08
Wow Aphrodite! That is CHIC! It going in my fav! ;) -coco
trinnah on December 08
Love, love, love this look as always. I especially love the scarf and how you used it. I also love the Marc Jacobs boots. :) Totally chic!
niko on December 08
omg i love that dress
zhcsyra_hp on December 08
zeezai on December 08
How chic!
meganroses on December 08
love these pics!
theclassicsilhouette on December 08
love this!!
jazzyhwang on December 08
gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the headscarf on you
AisforAngela on December 08 look so cute! I love this scarf!! I want 1 now!! lol
iamdenie on December 08
i love love love this <3
simplychic on December 08
so chic for 9 mins!
Kaie on December 08
love your scarf.. and ofcourse, those boots are amazing. =)
districtofchic on December 08
Gah! I love your fabulous scarf!!!
DeliciouslyWierd on December 08
loving this outfit!
thriftnstyle on December 08
Oh wow! Ultra chic outfit! You really pull that scarf off! And I had fun reading all your seven facts:)
deathbyplatforms on December 08
Wow! this is so chic, chic, chic! I was very amused with all of ur facts. And lucky you for looking good with a headscarf on. I will never look chic in those. I'll just end up looking like a cancer patient or "may tipos". Hahaha!
TomekaSolomon on December 08
I think it's a beautiful classic outfit! I also have about 5-10 mags in the bathroom and about 3 under my scattered around the house!
k8michele on December 08
holy hell this is FIERCE!!! i love that scarf!! and the color of those tights!! you did amazing with 9 minutes girl!! XXXXX
Mrscarlasia on December 08
I love everything. :) And I gotta agree with the tissue thing, it's also a top 5 must in my bag. :)
rosalita_fashionista on December 08
great outfit and very cool photo!
Donata on December 08
i want to be able to pull off that scarf on head thing!!! again so chic!!!!!
Perrine_La_Coquette on December 08
By far the best outfit I've seen on Chictopia! I declare you Goddess of Chic!
Carlis on December 08
scarf and sweater! CHIC< CHIC,CHIC! boots are fierce too! ;)
SarahJaneR on December 08
love the scarf and dress, cute boots and purse too. i love getting magazines, but i always end up just taking what i want from them, then recycling them. great post!
arden on December 08
where is that dress from?! i love it!!
Lucine on December 08
I love all these pics)) like the style, your pose, the way u wrapped the scarf .... stylish ))
liluchious on December 08
awwe! this is adorable.. CHIC!
bentrance on December 08
This is beautiful, I can't be enough looking at this bag, and the scarf in your hair is a really good idea!! xxx
lissakahayon on December 08
I love the head scarf!! Love this!!
jduerig on December 08
Wow! Stunning! I love your headscarf especially
GlammcouturE on December 08
love the boots and head scarf!!! Great outfit!!! =]
Annebeth on December 08
love that scarf soooo much! very cool and special!
kitschmoog on December 08
pretty cool chic !
AjAj on December 08
wow great photos!!
malusfashion on December 08
Love the scarf!
Breshna on December 08
love the headscarf!
neu_yorkLatindiva on December 08
You know I love it girl!!! simply elegant yet sexy--
allaboutthestyle on December 08
OMG amazing picture !! amazing dress !!
Paint_it_black on December 08
Beautiful outfit I love the headscarf you look amazing
andrea_k on December 08
ilove that dress and the photos!
mariezee on December 08
Lovely! And what a great photo!
breelee12 on December 08
beautiful! lovely head scarf! this look is great
lanton on December 08
so beautiful!!!! the head scarf :)
NaomiDee on December 08
wow wow wow! you look amazing in that headscarf..this is a very beautiful photo!
libys11 on December 08
not a lot of people can pull of that headwrap scarf thing.. but you executed it very well!!! you're stunning!:D
BethanyD on December 08
Oh this is too chic! Love the sweater and headscarf!
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