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Updated on Dec 03, 2009
black Miu Miu belt - black zoe sam edelman shoes
Vintage-ebay-black-miu-miu-belt-black-sam-edelman-shoes-black-mango-purse- Vintage-ebay-black-miu-miu-belt-black-sam-edelman-shoes-black-mango-purse- Vintage-ebay-black-miu-miu-belt-black-sam-edelman-shoes-black-mango-purse- Vintage-ebay-black-miu-miu-belt-black-sam-edelman-shoes-black-mango-purse-
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone!!! =) HAPPY 3RD MONTH TO ME!!! =) yes, been here for 3 amazing months!!! My boring life has been really less boring since i found you guys.=) And as a tradition, i celebrate it with an outfit. Yes, yes, i know, nothing really special. No crazy pose, or props or interesting and unique outfit.=( Mind you, i did plan to wear a John Galliano corset dress!!! You’re lucky it’s not halloween!!! =) But instead, i chose my favourite vintage sweater. It’s 3 yrs old, well, i bought it 3 years ago. It’s also the husband’s favourite that he actually asks me to wear it sometimes. I hope you like it too.=)

Behind me is the Old city walls. It’s our favourite place (apart from the boulevard where we have tea and walk the dogs and where i run). They like lighting their buildings so they really look beautiful at night. And yes, i also told you they like parks and fountains.The one behind me is facing another park separated only by the 2 lane road.

Today is MBA day so my head ached again. All the “Arbitrage” and “float” and “option” and “IMF” and “hedging” and…urrgh… I look at his students sometimes and think, how come he can understand it and i cant! Am i so dumb? Or maybe i just get scared with the numbers involved? I dont know. All i know is that (they say) Math (numbers) is beautiful. Well, maybe, but not my type.=)

So yes, 3rd month!!! Sorry guys, u cant get rid of me, im here to stay. =) I told you, i’ve abandoned the other sites as i really dont have time for them. Now that i’m going back to blogspot i will be more busy. It’s like going to school and having an exam everyday and you guys are like the teachers giving me stars or stickers if i did my homework.=) And before i’d always ask my husband, “do you like it?” “do i look ok?” “c’mon, please, tell me it’s nice.” Ah, sad..sad-sad-sad. =( The thing is, he shuts up when i look ok, and only says something when he thinks the diamante blazer is too much for the pub, or if my heels are too high for coffee..My sisters think i’m Kate Moss but they’re out all day so, useless. My dogs can’t talk so..=‘( So please dont think your comments are just chic points for me. Now i dont complain anymore, everybody’s too busy to notice my new blazer but it’s fine, i have you..=) And thank you so much for the incredible 3 months of attention.=) Really, thank you…

I did the BB award last night and promised to pass it to 14 of you tonight, but then again,after an hour of checking your pages to see if you’ve got the award already, and looking who’s present and who’s on vacation, i gave up and ended up with 28. I hope nobody’s gonna sue me but i will pass it to 28! Let’s just say 7 for each of the award i got after Kurarin’s. =) I could say ok, if you’re my fan, you get the award and save me the job of choosing. But i also want to pass the award to some of you who arent my “fans” but are always always supporting my entries. And if i missed any of you who think they deserve it, please forgive me…

1- Carmen Tam
2- Donata
3- Stylefool
4- Trollydollyg
5- Mell
6- allaboutthestyle
7- Rellerelle
8- playwithfire
9- Mariezee
10- Shipoopi
11- bonbom
12- thecapriciousclub
13- sandii
14- linriden
15- oliviabugaj
16- kaie
17- Nix
18- cherribomb’s
19- principessagattina
20- Summerromance
21- jduerig
22- Naomidee
23- Narmontaite
24- featherweight
25- Myriam
26- Lucine
27- Luxurysole
28- Mykye

Ok, i hope i wont be needing a good lawyer after this!!! hehehe!

And the rest, sadly, i am a bit late and somebody gave you the award before i got the chance to do it again. But u know i love you…

That’s it.=) Again, thank you for giving me reasons to dress up. =)

PS- you’re maybe wondering why i wasnt wearing the turtle neck sweater in the other photos (outside the house), it’s because we had to go buy one on the way to the university because i forgot my scarf. =(

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (61)

CMincksRun on September 17
That sweater...that is the coolest thing ever.
kajikun15 on March 07
i die i die i die. LOVE THIS SWEATER!
annabel_lee on December 09
very very niiiice:)
Vianne on December 08
omg that is awesome . Ilove the jacket and the shoes !!!!
HerNameIsMel on December 07
i love the sweater & tights. <3
k8michele on December 05
im IN LOVE with this look i love the sweater with these boots, and ohhh the boots make my heart pound!! XOXXO
Zanalilie on December 05
you look so amazing. the sweater looks cozy too!
Jai on December 05
Your sweater is so gorgeous. What a chic outfit.
Luciae on December 05
I love the sweater! =)
fashionteen21 on December 05
very chic coat
stylefool on December 05
Hi i just saw this post, i was kinda' delayed with chictopia since been really busy lately. Anyways, thank you for the BB!!! =)) Okay so, i love the sweater, looks great that you cinched it with a belt so it doesn't look baggy at all. and yes, i lovee your sam edelman shoesssss!
azelia on December 05
love the pic of the old city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donata on December 04
i love the black and red pattern it just seems whimsical to me! it works well with the backdrop! its so beautiful there!!! oh and thanks for the BB =)
AjAj on December 04
amazin sweater!!!!lovee it!
SarahJaneR on December 04
love the sweater and belt, cute shoes and purse, great look! gosh, i dont know how long ive been here. ive enjoyed every look you have worn since ive met u on here :)
unhappybarber on December 04
Gorgeous backdrop! I love your big big sweater!
nix on December 04
gorgeous sweater! and thanks for tagging me :)
youngbones on December 04
love your sweater!
deathbyplatforms on December 04
amazoing backdrop!!! those sam edelman boots! ack!
summerromance on December 04
wow!! i really want to see your closet!!! you look amazing as always!! and thanks so much for tagging me for the BB award!!
Modemoiselle on December 04
love your sweater! chic voted!!
ange85 on December 04
wow.... i love your sweater!!!! kiss honey!
pwincessbebe on December 04
freakin stylish ! i adore your boots !!
ManilaKid on December 04
Beautiful sweater! And such stunning shots! :D
Hafaguddei on December 04
I love that sweater. The pattern and colors are just great =)
petraS on December 04
great coat and boots! awesome pics! love the view!
aivanmagno on December 04
AWESOME PHOTOS! Adding this to faves!!! That sweater is a killer! Amazing!
FairyColors on December 04
great coat, dear!!! love the pictures too! so urban chic!
FairyColors on December 04
p.s. l nominated you for the beautiful blogger award! kisses :*
linriden on December 04
gorgeous! love the sweater, your hubs has good taste ;) happy three month anniversary!
Aphrodite on December 04
thank you so much.=) it means a lot to me.=) xxx-A
linriden on December 04
oh and thank you for choosing me for BB! coming from you makes it even more awesome! your my fav chictopian!
Annachiara on December 04
CHIC CHIC CHIC my darling...wooonderfull coat darling...and favolous location!!! :D
jazzyhwang on December 03
i love that sweater!!! it's so unique!!! :D
Vee_S on December 03
Ah my sightseeing with your pics begins! Such a beautiful old city! wow! Love the red of your sweater, it looks great belted! chic! and thanx for the award!!!
trinnah on December 03
I absolutely adore your chunky sweater! :) Do you stalk ebay or is it just like a sudden find?
Kaie on December 03
chic as always.. and the background , old city walls, look amazing.. :)
ShuErn on December 03
Love the sweater. It's adorable.
PeachyPanda on December 03
very awesome sweater, it looks so good on you
theclassicsilhouette on December 03
cute sweater!
superniknok on December 03
i love the sweater!! and ur shoes!
fugee on December 03
oh my i looove the sweater!!!! it's so gorgeous!!!
CherriBomb on December 03
looking fabulous as always! love the coat! thanks so much for the bb award! i'll get on that asap :)
CurlyQ927 on December 03
Beautiful sweater! vintage – even better!!! And amaaaazing shoes. That scenery in the fourth picture is gorgeous! Another hit - Chic!
ThaoVy on December 03
I love your chunky checkered sweater! It looks so warm and cozy. Your shoes are awesome as always and the scenery is so beautiful. Happy 3 months! :)
NakedVintage on December 03
We like it!
TabitaPerdana on December 03
aw..great jacket!!
OurPaperMoon on December 03
Chic Jacket + Amazing Shoe! -coco
nikiadams on December 03
you are so chic. I love your style. I have officially become a fan :) I'm so glad you found chictopia and we get to see your amazing outfits!
rosalita_fashionista on December 03
cute boots and coat!!
lissakahayon on December 03
That coat is sooooo chic!!!! I love it!!
Yanie on December 03
niiiiiice coat!
mariezee on December 03
Lovely coat and lovely picture! Thanks for the BB award, I'll be posting soon : )
makeovermary on December 03
god i love that coat!! it looks sooo warm and snuggie!! and i of course luuurve those booooties..mmmm.. ;)
Annebeth on December 03
love that coat!!!
CarmenTamayo on December 03
I love the combo of black and red
oliveshoppe on December 03
cool sweater!
dmk on December 03
love your vest!!!
jduerig on December 03
fabulous sweater!
Monika_P on December 03
libys11 on December 03
wow.. that is one amazing sweater!!!!!! :D
BethanyD on December 03
Amazing sweater and beautiful photos!
breelee12 on December 03
great sweater! it looks so comfy ans warm!. beautiful pics
ohpau on December 03
where were you in the picture? love those boots and cute sweater!!!
Aphrodite on December 03
In Baku.=) In the old city.=) They managed to preserve their centuries old town, which is conveniently located right in the center of the new city.=)
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