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Updated on Nov 30, 2009
brown oversized sweater - beige scarf - blue dark cigarette jeans - brown lace u
Brown-oversized-sweater-beige-scarf-blue-dark-cigarette-jeans-brown-lace-u Brown-oversized-sweater-beige-scarf-blue-dark-cigarette-jeans-brown-lace-u
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raiscake 's Thoughts:

Wearing a few of my Black Friday purchases: sweater from Buffalo Exchange and booties from JCPenney! :D I loooove knit sweaters. Don’t care how gaudy or bulky they are. They’re so warm and comfy. :-3

ChloroformPerfume tagged me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I’m beyond flattered. Thanks dear! So here’s seven things about me:

1. I used to make websites! I started when I was 13, making sites for my favorite anime and video game characters. :P Then I moved on to other things. I slowed down a few years ago and now I’m just a wandering netizen. I still enjoy tinkering with html every now and then. :)

2. I’m a nerd and a party girl at the same time. By that I mean, I go clubbing, partying, dancing, the whole skidaddle until 4 in the morning. But I don’t mind wasting away the night level grinding or reading about wed standards either. I do both quite frequently.

3. I’m a coffee addict. Since I study by day and party by night, I pretty much never sleep. Coffee keeps me awake and happy. 8D

4. I can’t find anything more fascinating than science. It’s a tough major, but it’s taught me to look at things in a different angle and have a new appreciation for life.

5. I’m very open-minded. I’ve been called crazy and out of control before, but I believe in taking chances and giving everyone a chance. I believe in equal rights for ALL. That means I support viewpoints that might offend others, but everyone deserves a chance to live and be happy, no matter what their circumstance, sexual preference, race, or gender. You’re attracted to the same sex? Good for you! Enjoy stripping? Have at it. Pro-choice? That’s your choice.

6. I have another piercing on my left ear, so I have three in all. I’m planning to get another one on the same ear. :D

7. Someday, maybe twenty years from now, I want to make a change in the Philippines. I’m not exactly sure just what, but I want to contribute in moving my country forward. I might not see the change in my lifetime, but I want to know that I paved the way for something great.

I think this is the part where I tag other people? So without further ado, I’m tagging libys11, KristaniA, and inKARLcerating. :D

Comments (14)

taralily on January 04
Really cozy and cute, I want that sweater!
mikumiku on January 03
love this look. simple and chic <3
candydoll on December 23
love the scarf so much and the seven things about you!
breelee12 on December 07
amazingly chic outfit. great sweater and hte scarf is a perfect add
Style_Journey on December 01
clean and chic! love that sweather, great color!
mellyssa_zhang on December 01
nice sweater with good weather.. cool muchhh
ohpau on December 01
super cute scarf!
Jasna on November 30
Luv ur scarf and sweater tog!! = my chic vote xx
graceeshoe on November 30
the scarf and the sweater are gorgoues!
aivanmagno on November 30
WOW! Awesome sweater and scarf!!!!!!!
OurPaperMoon on November 30
Adorable falls look! :) -coco
PapahMamahnyaMana on November 30
love the scarf!!
railophone on November 30
Knit sweaters are so comfy, and yeah. Doesn't really matter how bulky. (:
libys11 on November 30
i love love love your 7th fact!!!! i have that ultiimate goal myself!!! i want to make sure that i will still be able to give back to the country that really nurtured me! i miss it back home and i believe that the country is capable of great things! :D (ok, am i sounding like a politician now. nyarks! haha!). anyway, i love the sweater look!!!! very easy and effortless and yet so chic! :D
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