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Updated on Nov 26, 2009
silver joe fresh style top - black Old Navy sweater - green Kismet skirt - black
Silver-joe-fresh-style-top-black-old-navy-sweater-green-kismet-skirt-black Silver-joe-fresh-style-top-black-old-navy-sweater-green-kismet-skirt-black Silver-joe-fresh-style-top-black-old-navy-sweater-green-kismet-skirt-black Silver-joe-fresh-style-top-black-old-navy-sweater-green-kismet-skirt-black
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libys11 's Thoughts:

so i don’t really know what to blog about today, but my friend gave an idea of what i can put here.. on this other social site, Multiply, she tried posting pictures of her Christmas wishlist. and since Christmas is just 29 days away, it wouldn’t hurt for me to create one for myself, right?

i am currently needing some things right now and no, this is not a biased greedy list, i promise (or maybe just for a few items!). hahaha!

1. pearl earrings – these are staple pieces for me. i used to have a good pair, but i lost one of it. darn!
2. lip balm – body shop’s Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick. yes, chapstick doesn’t work on my lips very well. with the harsh winter here, that one is like magic moisturizer for my lips.
3. shower gel – any kind will do. it’s funny coz i used to get baskets and packs of these every holiday season from relatives but now, they’re all gone and used up!
4. leather gloves – aaahh!! winter is fast approaching! must protect hands!
5. flat oxford shoes – everyone has it and it seems to go with the skirt-tights trend which im so into right now. aaahh! gojane is carrying some designs. to buy or not to buy?
6. fashion magazines – filipino magazines if possible. i dont know why but i just miss my home country, the tropical fashions, local stores and stylish people in the city.

that’s about it for now. pretty sane, yes? told you i wasn’t going to be THAT greedy, LOL!

anyway, how about you? what’s in your christmas wish list??

Comments (18)

greenvases on January 04
you should definitely buy some oxfords, am gettin one myself, hopefully this week. u look so refreshed here.. am diggin the ensemble.
libys11 on January 04
thanks dear!!! :D im waiting for a pair in the mail! :D the bf got them for me this christmas! yay! :D
petraS on November 30
love your skirt! chic!
HoneyBunny on November 27
Aw you look adorable! That skirt is so sweet:))
libys11 on November 27
thanks dear!! im glad to see you posting again! :D
Yanie on November 27
the philippines misses you too! :))
libys11 on November 27
aaww... :D
rockjazz on November 27
fresh & lovely!
KrolewnaJeczybula on November 27
Cute skirt, lovely look Honey ;-)
regerafael on November 26
i love the skirt, babe!
flattery on November 26
i love this look. i love joe fresh's crisp shirts and that silver one looks great. i'm also asking for fashion magazines for xmas :) I like the big ones from chapters.
libys11 on November 26
thanks a lot! and yes!!! joe carries lots of good cheap basic pieces! :D i super love that line! :D and yeah, fashion magazines are always great sources of inspiration! :D
SmileitszSAM on November 26
this outfit is adorable. i love those shoes !
Aphrodite on November 26
u know i love ur cardi looks so i love this!!! pretty skirt and smile too! Chic!!!!!!!!!! i miss Fil magazines too.=(
libys11 on November 26
thanks a lot!!!! im trying to tell my tita to send me some fil magazines this xmas! :D
kaielle on November 26
I want flat Oxfords too :D I looooove the skirt! :D
libys11 on November 26
thanks!!!!! i want to try looking for some oxfords in our local thrift store.. they might have hidden good styles there :D
fugee on November 26
looove the skirt!!! on top of my list would be a new camera!! and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots haha
libys11 on November 26
thanks!!! a dslr for me would be so nice too, but im still content with my digicam so i'll keep it for now. and those wedges are to die for, i know!!!! those require a bit more saving though.. hehehe! :D
allaboutthestyle on November 26
Lovely outfit !
mell on November 26
love your skirt!!! and i need gloves too! last year my friend told me to buy this leather gloves from zara, but i didnt listen to him (at that time im still a noob in fashion. haha). but now i want it soooo bad, have been searching all zara stores, hoping they will sell it again, but apparently they dont
libys11 on November 26
aaahh.. i know!! i've been meaning to buy gloves since last year, but i always passed up on the opportunity! not this time! i want to get a pair before the temperature hits the negatives.. :D
jazzyhwang on November 26
oh my goodness, this is perfection! (: love how that skirt just gives an extra pop of color and interest!! soo chic! ahh i want oxfords too! i'm going to hunt for them tomorrow at stores or online! i think all i want for christmas would be money...hahaha so i can put into savings and buy clothes of course :]
libys11 on November 26
hahaha!! money would be good, you're right! :D and yeah, show me anything that you get from your black friday shopping, alright? thanks for the comment! have fun shopping! :D
Juliet_Polilova on November 26
nice combination! you look great as always ;) voted*
BethanyD on November 26
Love the skirt, boots, and sweater!
KristaniA on November 26
yay,the skirt is making a comeback :D i love the classic girly ensemble on you. the skirt really pops out:) regarding your #5, try urban outfitters and aldo.i saw some oxfords on sale :) they're a bit more expensive but quality-wise they're better than gojane :) and your #2, try polysphorin lipbalms!they're new and work pretty damn well (i have extreme dry lips too!) ;)
KristaniA on November 26
i just saw a pair of oxfords on forever21 website:) check it out! :D
libys11 on November 26
i find that im more comfortable in wearing skirts so im glad you liked this girly look going on. :) yeah, i saw the aldo oxfords! the UO ones are so expensive with shipping (insanity!). i might look into that polysporin blam :D thanks for the comment and recommendations! :D
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