Updated on Nov 25, 2009
blue blazer - black boots - gray jeans - white t-shirt
Blue-blazer-white-t-shirt-gray-jeans-black-boots Blue-blazer-white-t-shirt-gray-jeans-black-boots Blue-blazer-white-t-shirt-gray-jeans-black-boots Blue-blazer-white-t-shirt-gray-jeans-black-boots
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garagegirl 's Thoughts:

Ok, so here is my excuse for looking this dead and nasty, I wasn’t gonna post today!!!But then I checked out ManilaKid’s post and saw that he had chosen me as one of the people that he tagged, so i felt obligated to post something. So I went to the swapmeet today, I know, I should just move into one of the trash cans in there so I could go everyday, but yeah, I went AGAIN and just bough jackets and 1 vest.Lately I have been buying more jackets, I don’t know what for, it’s November and the weather here in Ca feels like we are still in summer!!Ughh. Anyways…
So obviously they are all going to be Swapmeet finds:) How awesome is that?lol. The dark blue blazer(1st pic) is pretty simple but it fits me better than the other ones I had so I got it + I liked the big golden buttons:) PRICE= $2.00
The faux fur vest in the 2nd pic was found by my mom and she said we should share it because we are almost the same size but I have to keep it in my closet because hers is super full. I don’t know if I’m going to wear it much because brown isn’t my favorite color for clothes & in general and the weather in Ca wouldn’t allow me to wear it much but most of the time my outfits are totally wrong for the weather so you might be seeing me with this on in another post…PRICE= $2.00
The blazer in the 3rd pic is kind of cool because it has some black crushed velvet and I didn’t have a gray-ish blazer so I decided to buy it :) It’s a little big but I had been wanting something with crushed velvet for a while so I was happy to find it! Don’t ask about the pose, my brother always tells me OMG There You Go Again With The Same Pose!!!! So he was like Bend Back As Far As YOu Can(which isn’t alot) and this was the PRICE: $2.00
So yeah.. in the 4rth pic it’s me (obviously) with my contacts, I got them today. I look weird, kind of diabolic or like a lizard. This is what I get for wanting green eyes,lol. But I already payed for 1/2 a year worth of contacts so I gotta wear them. I’m not gonna waste like $200 worth of contacts no matter how fake they look : / When I’m done with them I want to either get blue ones (another brand that hopefully doesn’t look as fake) or get the Ray-Ban glases,I know everybody has them and me getting them 1/2 a year after the trend of the lens-less geek glasses (overrated in my opinion) would look kind of lame but I actually need glassed unlike those people who wear them just because they are “cool” right now, NO OFFENSE IF YOU WEAR THE FAKE ONES, I think it all depends on what you wear them with and how well you pull them off, like the kids in my school that wear them look like lame poseurs!! So annoying….takes a deep breathe lol
So that’s it for now.. Omg I totally forgot to write the 7 random things about me!!I know I did this before but I’ll do it again for ManilaKid :D
1) I finally got my green contacts after 4 months of waiting, God they take FOREVER in Kaiser to give you the next appointment >: [ Oh and I’m blinder from my left eye. My eye prescription for my left eye is -2.25 and the one for my right eye is -2.00. How creapy is thatI’m defective!!!!!lol
2) I’m scared of dogs.Well, not all dogs, just big scary-looking ones. I used to have 2 chihuahuas but they died. And walking sticks freak me out!!!But I like bats and manta rays.:)
3) I don’t have an actual closet, i just hang my clothes in this metal thing that my dad weld for me, I should take a pic of it some time.. when it’s neat.
4) I have 3 best friends :)
5)I don’t like tuna sandwiches, even thought I have never tried them.(That’s what my fam. is eating right now, I’m eating an apple, I’m gonna go back to the kitchen later to see what else I’m gonna eat…lol)
6)I love it when it rains and it’s all cloudy.So I like the weather in Ca like 2days out of every 365.
7)Idk what else to write!So here is another random list of random stuff: I laugh when I am nervous, I am mad because I have an 89% for math and english(I know i deserve A’s!, I worked for them), I don’t want to learn how to drive, I can’t dance, I want to fall in love one day, I love sleeping, I talk to myself sometimes (don’t pretend like you don’t do it too!!),I sometimes wonder what it would be to be a boy (you know you do this too!!lol.), and lastly I want a hot korean boyfriend (Yes, I’ve said that many times:P And I will say it
So there it is, another list of random facts :D
So now I’ll procede to tag 7 people(I would re-tag the ones from last time but it’s fun to tag new people and read their random facts:] )
1)iAmAlan (amazing face and great style)
2)playwithfire (love her glasses and effortlessly stylish)
3)fugee (I know she was already tagged but I love the way she rocks blazers!)
4) lissakahayon (she also loves blazers and never looks overstyled!)
5) MyPinata (she only has one post but I liked her outfit and thought it would be nice for the “new girl”(with love) to tell us about herself:D )
6) xivy (I really like her use of belts)
7) Adrian_Cano (he probably has been tagged like 10000 thousand times and will probably never read this but he has great style and I love the daily lyrics)
So there it is, an unexpected and super long post.

Comments (19)

BHHH on February 03
nice shoes:)i like it
ShellyIdelia on December 02
i love ur blazer!!!
garagegirl on December 03
Thanks ShellyIdelia
joannaladrido on November 27
love the blazer!!!
garagegirl on November 27
Thanks joannalandrino!! :D
ManilaKid on November 26
WHOA. Did I cause you too much stress??? :)) Don't worry dear, you look amazing as usual! I hope they had swapmeet here in the Phil. :)) And what you said with the nerdy glasses trend is so true. It takes style to pull them off. :)) Long post dear! :))
garagegirl on November 26
Don't worry I actually enjoy writing posts.:) and yeah the nerdy glasses trend is hard to pull off but you do it PERFECTLY!! I hope that when/if i get some I pull them off.And thanx again for choosing me as a person to tag!!<3
allaboutthestyle on November 26
love the blazer !
garagegirl on November 26
Thanks allaboutthestye:D
miss_scientist on November 26
great blazer
garagegirl on November 26
Thanks miss_scientist :D
Ciacj on November 26
love it, love it, love it(-:
garagegirl on November 26
It makes me happy to hear that Ciacj. Thanks for commenting on my pics <3
SarahJaneR on November 26
love the blazer and jeans, cute boots, love the vest and jacket in the supporting pictures :) I love when it rains too, you always have such great finds :)
garagegirl on November 26
I know huh!LOL.JK YEAH, i feel all happy when I find something good for like 3 dollars :D
superniknok on November 26
i love the blazer so much!
garagegirl on November 26
Thanks superniknok, I love blazers too :)
playwithfire on November 26
love your jacket!
garagegirl on November 26
Thanks playwithfire :D
Vee_S on November 26
great blazer!! and love the red lips!
garagegirl on November 26
Thanks TrollyBollyGlam :) without the red lips I would have took TOTALLY dead
FairyColors on November 26
love the blazer and jeans! cute outfit!!
garagegirl on November 26
Thanks, I juust wore something simple that would go with the blazers and vest
KrolewnaJeczybula on November 26
great look !
garagegirl on November 26
Thankd KrolewnaJeczybula :D
itsyagirlg on November 25
love your blazer, so hot
garagegirl on November 26
Thanks itsyagirlg :D
stassi_x on November 25
garagegirl on November 26
Thanks stassi <3
kaielle on November 25
Love your post! =) i like your boots!!!! :D Happy Thanksgiving!
garagegirl on November 25
Thanks kaielle!!!I'm glad <3 Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!:D
libys11 on November 25
those boots are so wicked cool! :)
garagegirl on November 25
Thanks, they are payless :D lol
candydoll on November 25
you look fab! i love your shoes!
garagegirl on November 25
Thanks candydoll :)
FancyPantsLess on November 25
You inspire me :)
garagegirl on November 25
Aww thanks!!tHAT IS SOO SWEET<3
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