My Mandate of Heaven

Updated on Nov 24, 2009
black heart Miss Selfridges tights - red peeptoe wedges Minnie Wilde shoes
Blue-mandate-of-heaven-shorts-black-miss-selfridges-tights-red-minnie-wilde- Blue-mandate-of-heaven-shorts-black-miss-selfridges-tights-red-minnie-wilde- Blue-mandate-of-heaven-shorts-black-miss-selfridges-tights-red-minnie-wilde- Blue-mandate-of-heaven-shorts-black-miss-selfridges-tights-red-minnie-wilde- Blue-mandate-of-heaven-shorts-black-miss-selfridges-tights-red-minnie-wilde-
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unhappybarber 's Thoughts:

A few days ago this playsuit came for me in the mail, and yesterday it was almost 70 degrees so I had to wear it out in the cornfields before it’s all covered in snow. I also feel lucky because the wonderful Daceisthebomb gave me a Beautiful Blogger award! It means a lot to me because she was one of my very first friends I ever made here at chictopia and her generous, sweet comments are always a pleasure to receive. Not to mention, she has killer, eclectic style! She swerves between pretty dresses and casual pants and jackets with such beautiful ease! Please check out her chictopia page.

Okay, I think I’m supposed to do the following:

1. Link the to your blog.
2. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
3. Nominate 7 bloggers you want to know a little extra about and pass on the award

My 7 facts:

1. I taught English in a rural Hungarian mountain village near the Romanian-Hungarian border for six weeks. I learned how to say dirty words in Hungarian, taught my kids how to play duck, duck, goose, ate a block of lard nearly once a week, and was taunted by gypsy children on the side of the road. The village only had four streets, one intersection, one corner store, and of course, two bars.

2. My first job out of college was as union organizer for Chinese homecare workers, which was interesting because they all spoke Cantonese and I spoke Mandarin…

3. As part of that job, I once pulled a fist on this 250 pound security dude with no neck who had been hired to provide security for an ongoing strike at a San Francisco hospital. Good thing he didn’t take to my taunts because um, he was this bodybuilder who had just finished a stunt in Iraq!

4. In fourth grade, I wrote a poem about wanting to be a fashion designer for ‘Career Day,’ won first place in the Career Day poetry prize and have been pursuing writing ever since.

5. In high school, I used to sneak out every night at midnight and lay on the grassy playground behind my house, or sometimes I’d sneak out with a boy and we’d ride around town on his bike, and one time a this boy took me to his apartment and showed me all of these books on buddhism that he had been studying and then re-pierced his own ears without properly numbing them first! I was disgusted.

6. John Mark Karr (the dude who falsely turned himself in for the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey) was my friend in Paris (before I knew he was John Mark Karr of course!) and used to walk me to the metro stop every night.

7. I was a latch key kid and I used to come home every day and pull out dozens of outfits from my mom’s closet and put on her bras and stuff them with tissue paper and walk around town dressed like my mom even though I was ten or eleven! I never told my mom until a few years ago.

As for chictopians who I’m really excited by and would love to know more about, they are (in no particular order):
1. Kaitsims
2. JacquelineRose
3. Kaielle
4. Atfashionsmercy
5. Benzerj
6. Jazzyhwang
7. Slanelle

Outfit details:
Playsuit from recycled vintage fabrics: Mandate of Heaven
Heart tights: Miss Selfridges
Red peeptoe wedges: Minnie Wilde
Cardigan: F21
Headband: F21

For more, please visit my blog: Fashion for Writers !

Okay, I feel like this was a very long post.
xo Jenny

Comments (38)

TaniaB on March 04
lovely! ^^
maxandchichi on July 15
Cute playsuit!
TamQuoia on June 14
cutecutecutecutecute aw i love this so much
lifeinsideamusicbox on January 16
that playsuit is soooo amazing! I hadn't heard of mandate of heaven, but I looked at their website, and omg. I have a reason to save money now, it's all so cute!! everything about this outfit is lovely though, especially the shoes, they're gorgeous. perfect outfit :)
lauracobb on November 28
LOVE THESE PICTURES! andi love the romper! the hearts on the backare so cute!
joannaladrido on November 27
so pretty!
coldlight on November 26
wow. love the playsuit! and i loved reading your 7 things :D
Micaela on November 26
this is amazing, love your outfit and the scenery
Aphrodite on November 26
My god! that playsuit!!!! ah....i like ir #7! Great outfit and photos!!! Chic!
azelia on November 26
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!those pics are awesome!!!you look pretty and love the romper!!!
candydoll on November 25
I love these photos!!! Pretty outfit, too! Voted chic!
fashiongirl17 on November 25
this look is so the playsuit and tights and everything else!!!
mell on November 25
so cute!!!! you remind me of katy perry. love the tights!
slanelle on November 25
cute <3
MaliceAui on November 24
this is adorable and the field is soo cool!
FairyColors on November 24
aww, this is amazing CUTE, girl! :XXX adorable playsuit and shoes!! perfect ensemble!!
amethystfaye on November 24
thats such a cute playsuit!
fashaholic on November 24
Adorable playsuit!
satinsugar on November 24
omg so cute! i love that playsuit :)
OurPaperMoon on November 24
Oh it so cute!! ;) -coco
Lindsm16 on November 24
so cute. i love the hearts on the bum! & the matching tights!
deathbyplatforms on November 24
your romper is so adorable! love the heart elements on this one. :)
ThaoVy on November 24
Beautiful photos. I love love your playsuit - reminds me of Katy Perry's. She had one with hearts on the bottom area too. So cute! And the heart tights are perfect with it :)
especially on November 24
I love your heart tights! And wow, it's soo cool that you taught English in a village AND worked as a union organizer. I think that's really commendable.
krazi_azian on November 24
its sooo cute
angeladorielle on November 24
amazing photos!!!love the playsuit!!and number 6 is just crazy!
jazzyhwang on November 24
oh my goodness you're so adorable! the photos in the meadow are so lovely!!! that playsuit is so cute!!! thank you for tagging me in this <3 your comments are always so sweet and encouraging!
queenelizabeth on November 24
that playsuit is so adorable! and i like your interesting facts especially #5, sounds like you were a bit of a rebel... :P
libys11 on November 24
oh.. this is so adorable!!!! :D love the heart details!! :D
margiemermaid on November 24
cute cute cute playsuit. i want one !
BethanyD on November 24
Gorgeous romper and tights! That is so crazy about number 6!
KristaniA on November 24
oh my God SO CUTE!!!! the romper is beyond adorable and i love how you styled it with the heart dotted tights and red peeptoes! im getting the pin up vibe :D your 7 facts are amazing, especially the 1st, 5th, and 6th! :D
zhcsyra_hp on November 24
woowh love the location and lovely ur outfits <3333
NaomiDee on November 24
such a cute playsuit and i love the heart tights <3
jeroy on November 24
JacquelineRose on November 24
Wow, thanks for the award. You look so beautiful here. You definitely have my chic vote =) xoxo
danemaria on November 24
this is soooooo adorable!!!
Tink3rbell on November 24
u look like a sweet pinup
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