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Updated on Nov 24, 2009
orange fedora vintage hat - black Target boots - gray fitted Forever 21 sweater
Gray-forever-21-sweater-black-dickies-skirt-orange-vintage-belt-black-targ Gray-forever-21-sweater-black-dickies-skirt-orange-vintage-belt-black-targ Gray-forever-21-sweater-black-dickies-skirt-orange-vintage-belt-black-targ
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secondskin 's Thoughts:

We all know that accessories have magic powers to transform very plain separates into complete outfits. I tend to collect accessories because I KNOW about this ancient magic, but sometimes feel intimidated by their transformative properties and ability, if not applied carefully, to act as a flashing light on an otherwise perfectly good outfit. What is that great rule of thumb (someone school me right now) about taking one thing off before leaving the house? The thing is, sometimes you JUST NEED a little something magical to make ordinary things work. For instance, a fitted gray sweater and a plain Dickies skirt (both second hand). Obviously the combo begs for a belt, check, and this season’s booties, check, and, OH I have been seeing scarves tied neatly at the neck and I really love the colors in this one, so a neckerchief, AND, my felt fedora. . . ? Too much? I guess if I had to take one thing off it would be the hat, But I really don’t want to. I have also really wanted to wear my glasses out. I just feel like you sort of have to dress around glasses since they make such a statement on their own. There are loads of really chic girls who are able to do this effortlessly, and I am always struck with awe at how WELL they do it. even here I feel like I am TRYING to look like a librarian or a secretary. Both really cool things to look like, but I don’t want to TRY to look like anything but me. Lastly, the penny loafers. I am actually REALLY into them. Maybe I am a little late catching this bus, but when I found them at my local Goodwill last week they finally seemed like a REALLY good idea.

Comments (14)

agatbr on November 16
you look great! love this simple dress
ConcreteSox on April 06
I like the buttons, very Navy.
s_walt on November 28
sick photographs girl - love the different combos xx
kaielle on November 25
Sweetie i nominated you as my beautiful blogger =) Check my page :D
Leproust on November 25
I just love all of these accessories....they look perfect paired with a simple dress!
playwithfire on November 25
cute outfit!
_SERENITY_ on November 24
og my gosh, this is totaly ADORABLE!!! :XXXX l love the hat with that scarf, it reminds me about Indiana Jones :)) :XXX
TheMagpie on November 24
This looks so cozy and adorable. Great color on the scarf.
thats_so_audrey on November 24
SO, SO, SO, CUTE!!!!! Love both the boots and the shoes.
BethanyD on November 24
Love the scarf, belt, and hat! Don't take it off, it has too much of that magic you're writing about:)
jeroy on November 24
love the boots!
frouu on November 24
Much love for this look, that mustard hat is divine! Pretty pretty.
Wandiola101 on November 24
you will never wear an outfit that is not cute. It is physically
colormenana on November 24
This is adorable! Love the belt in the first look! CHIC!
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