Guest post: Current Japanese Trends

Updated on Nov 25, 2009

Comments (7)

missphan on December 05
awww... what an adorable coat!!
mwa_mwa on December 01
thank you for your post candy doll ! it's nice to learn about trends in Kobe. here in Tokyo it's little bit different tough. we also have a lot of faux fur but the leather jackets, even rider's are every where ! and suede boots are also so popular.
RosaB on November 30
love those leggings
coldlight on November 26
love all the outfits! :)
Jasna on November 26
Def my chic vote hun!! Congrats, u did a amazing job on your post! : ) xx
jazzyhwang on November 25
congrats candy doll on this post :D i really love japanese style--it's just so fearless!! love the photos!
libys11 on November 25
japanese style is so bold and crazy!!! i love it! :D i wish i can go there someday! :D

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