World Pyro Olympics 2009

Updated on Nov 22, 2009
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nicoletres 's Thoughts:

So my sister together with friends and I saw Pyrolympics yesterday. It was very nice, specially loved China. (it’s China VS Germany). Hate the fact though that it was raining. Couldn’t take better pictures cause we were under the umbrella!

Forgive the blah outfit. I was literally not in the mood!
Good thing I wore cycling shorts under this dress, I was drenched after the show! Or else I could’ve given the people a preview of my underwear, not that their ugly. :P

So I was tagged by my cousin ( kaycee) here for 7 random facts about me. Here goes:

1. I used to weigh 40 lbs lighter. haha. All those I gained, not because of excessive eating, but because I started taking medicines for my illness.

2. I am polycistic. I have been very irregular with my period since I started. Doctors say I’ve got baby cysts in both my ovaries. Which may mean i may not be able to conceive. Too early to tell, but this broke my heart already. I want kids. I love kids.

3. I am a dancer. I can dance whatever genre, even including interpretative ones. I stopped being active in college, and now regret it. I’m planning on going back to dancing though. This includes taking pole dancing lessons too. LOL.

4. I am a sucker for fireworks. Whoever proposes to me with fireworks will definitely win me over. :)

5. Ha! My mom’s doctor said I was supposed to be a boy. Parents and the whole fam was surprised to find out that I am a girl when I was conceived. LOL.

6. I am a part of a girl racing club here in the Philippines. I am a car enthusiast, though that’s not my car in the picture. I love cars.

7. I can call myself a mother now, at a young age of 20. I have been taking care of our youngest for almost 3 years now, and have been treating her like she’s actually my daughter. I think i’m going to cry when she graduates form high school.

Now, let me tag:
1. kellynsung
2. Jolene
3. coliessoule
4. jeroy
5. zigk
6. raepop
7. deathbyplatforms

Comments (3)

deathbyplatforms on November 25
Thanks for the tag dear! My seven facts are way overdue (coz i've been tagged by Candydoll too). Woah on fact #6! And that's a cute dress you're wearing.ü
nicoletres on November 25
oh okay! lol. yeep doesn't look like it right? thanks so much! :)
kaycee on November 22
like i said, i WANT your sandals.
nicoletres on November 23
haha! it's for sale here :D
colormenana on November 22
Love the dress!
nicoletres on November 23
thanks! :)
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