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Updated on Nov 21, 2009
red Ralph Lauren - black Mango - black zoe boots sam edelman
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone! =) First, i hope you’re having a great weekend! =) Second, thank you so much for the very nice comments and kind votes on my Absinthe entry. Thank you very much.

Yep, back to androgyny.=) Here’s another shirt by Ralp Lauren which is identical with the first one i wore only this is made of thicker/warmer fabric and the with smaller flowers. The jeans, oh this jeans are, i think my first ever Mango jeans! 4 yrs old. Worked hard and i can never throw it away. And i dont think i need to introduce THE ZOE boots as i know you know them well, it’s quite popular here and so again, i waited a little bit.

We saw 2012 last night and though the movie critic wasnt happy, the girls were, and pretty scared too. As for me, i am not more scared now than yesterday or the day before that. I have been worried for a few years. Some of you may have read what i wrote about me being a little bit f*cked up, getting stressed and down because of worrying too much about global warming, asteroids, hotel in space, digging the moon and other planets, robots, war because of religion/politics, Man’s capablities of being evil, the world being too crowded and the sun’s death etc. It all started when i saw United 93 (story about the only plane that didnt crash to it’s target-911) and followed by THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH by Mr. AL Gore. And you know what else followed- Hitler, Schindler’s list, Elizabeth 1 by the BBC (before the Hollywood Elizabeth 1 came out) and National Geographic/Wild, Discovery Channel and Science. I know, ignorance is bliss, what you dont know wont hurt you. But like the cat, we are curious. Curiosity led to me losing something i’ve had all my life (which my family still has and im totally happy about.) And Darwin didnt just make me realize that my Pekingese is stupid because of Evolution, he also made me realize that sleeping is a waste of time. And that shoes and bags and clothes arent the only things we should call beautiful, or fantastic… We were once in a rooftop bar one night, looking over the Caspian Sea, and the moon was right above it, perfect and beautiful and bright. And the water was shimmering and i squinted my eyes to make the vision blurry and it was beautiful, diamonds floating on the water.. And everytime we see a plastic bag being blown by the wind, like a lost balloon, we go “Ah, too much beauty in the world..” a line from the movie American Beauty. And up up it goes, wherever the wind takes it, it cant do anything…That too, for me, is beautiful… The wrinkles of my grandfather, his veins on his old hands…and his wise eyes-they’ve seen things i will never see-like the beautiful face of my grandmother (who died when i was 7 months old-i was the only grandchild she saw, she’d cry on the last couple of months because she couldnt even carry me, she’d just watch me from afar, then she was gone forever..) and the snow slowly covering evertything making the place a fairy tale, the sun set- when it finally kisses the mountains, the sound of the river, the crying of the chick on that nest up in the tree near our balcony, the sound of rain, the smell or wet soil and how fresh everything is after,the scattered pine cones on the ground, the sound of dried leaves under my feet, and my mother’s shouting…
So if you ask ME what 2012 did to me, nothing… it’s not a wake up call, ive been awake for many years (and it’s not easy) it just made me say thank you cuz maybe now, there are more people who care, who can start appreciating the smallest things thinking tomorrow might be 2012. Maybe i am no longer alone saying goodmorning sunshine…..

Have great sunday everyone! =)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (49)

tingting1412 on February 07
very nice!
venus_envy on September 07
what a beautiful post. nice outfit, too ;)
rocket_girl on July 10
Adore this~
LaChicCouture on January 17
love ittt
greenapplemusic on January 06
The INnest in this web !!! i like your shirt and your shoes !!!
letshop on November 25
I really love the bag and shoes!!
nylam_yeahs on November 23
i really love the bag.. cool
azelia on November 23
love the shirt!!!hot shoes!!!!loved loved the post!!!you're a great writer and a style icon!!!
ali_suzanne on November 22
i loooveee your boots! this is so chic :]
jduerig on November 22
love your blogs, and the shoes are beautiful :)
CurlyQ927 on November 22
Every look you put up is stunning... I love this!!! YOU should be a style icon!
pow on November 22
gorgeousssssss bag!!!!!
SarahJaneR on November 22
love the boots and shirt, great jeans and bag, I haven't really been worried about the whole 2012 end of the world issue. I'm just living for the day, and being happy that I wake up the next day. So I can understand where you're coming from. great post, it really made me think :)
theclassicsilhouette on November 22
love it :)
fugee on November 22
ahhh those zoe boots are TDF!!!
petraS on November 22
lovely jeans and heels! :)
playwithfire on November 22
love it! this is so great! especially the shirt! oh and the shoes! everything is just perfect!
fashiongirl17 on November 21
chic!!! love it!
angeladorielle on November 21
love the outfit and great blog!!
andrea_k on November 21
oh those boots!!
lissakahayon on November 21
I want your bag and boots!!!
CastawayVintage on November 21
omg love your bag totally thought it was alexander wang!!
TabitaPerdana on November 21
wooww!!! the boots!!
k8michele on November 21
those jeans are PERFECT with those amazing boots. HOT HOT HOT XXXXX
iamdenie on November 21
jazzyhwang on November 21
love love love this!!! causal chic with an edge (: great bag and top and shoes!!
Jai on November 21
I love this outfit. It looks so easy and casual, but at the same time put together and chic. Very cute.
unhappybarber on November 21
you look pretty as always. Jeans fit you so well! And you always look great in a pair of studded boots. xo Jenny
in3gue on November 21
i like this bag even more than original, longer handles seem to be much more practical ! chic vote
milkandsugar on November 21
really great combinations
ange85 on November 21
no words... casual but so chic... you've a particular "allure"...totally involuntary... ;))) kiss honey!
Aphrodite on November 21
Wow...that was sweet hun...thank you.... Kiss back!! Love--A
mell on November 21
youre simply gorgeous!! love that bag and boots (of course) !!
colormenana on November 21
Love the plaid! Wonderful!
rosalita_fashionista on November 21
those boots are amazing!
modgeisha on November 21
omg! this is amazing! love love love the boots!
MamaDramaNyC on November 21
you are so gorge!!! i love this look on you!!!
CarmenTamayo on November 21
Is my dream outfitt. Is so CHIC!!!!!
FashionOnTheRocks on November 21
pap-ah pap-ah pap-ah razzi
libys11 on November 21
omg!!!!! those boots!!!! :D aaahhh!!!
BethanyD on November 21
Love your top, jeans, bag, and boots! I love mango jeans, they fit great! Love your entry, I agree there are so many beautiful things we take for granted:)
verinathania on November 21
1 word: kewwwll!!
alguem on November 21
i loved the bag! and this outfit for everyday is chic!
Annachiara on November 21
wonderfull darling!!!! love it!!!! love your styl always gorgeous!!!! :-)
summerromance on November 21
oh wow! looks so simple but so rock n roll!! amazing as usual!!
hisprincess on November 21
i love the shirt and the boots! great great look!
Annebeth on November 21
bad assssssssss
franloiacono on November 21
Wow...very nice look! Love how the shoes work with the shirt :D
lanton on November 21
OMG...I'M SO FRIGGIN JEALOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW!!! those boots are on my wishlist but a little out of my budget right now. any plans on moving to montreal?? lol
Aphrodite on November 22
we do actually!!! With this global warming and everything, when it happens, Canada will be the best place to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Go get the boots woman, you deserve it!!!!!!!!! =) xxx-A
stylefool on November 21
you just have an amazing shoe collection. LOVE this outfit!!
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