don't you want to feel my bones?

Updated on Nov 20, 2009
sweater - skirt - tights - shoes
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

I’m attempting to bake one of those semi-baked breads in a panini maker, hope it works because I’m starving and a sun dried tomato – olive – mozzarella – basil – salami – tomato – raspberry jam sandwich sounds reaaaaally good right now.

Who knew typing out verbatim transcripts was this tedious? 3 hours typing out 20 minutes of conversation, jeez!

I love this skirt, it’s so happy and pink and girly (l)

Btw have you guys heard about Daul Kim’s suicide? How sad… I can relate to her talking about how lonely she felt. I feel lonely all the time, especially when my boyfriend and I are fighting. My family lives pretty far away and I don’t talk to them that often, and I’ve never been the type of girl who has a lot of girlfriends that are almost as important as her boyfriend. So if I worry or if I’m sad, I mostly keep it to myself and deal with it. And yes, that is what makes you a mature person, but sometimes it feels like you’re just a lost little girl trying to make it home.

I hope you made it home, Daul Kim.

Comments (22)

joannaladrido on November 22
so cute!
MyPinata on November 21
i have those tights too! =)
Annebeth on November 22
haha love your avatar btw!
mathonka on November 21
love the skirt and shoes!!
especially on November 21
Great skirt and tights. And I am sooo sad about Daul Kim. RIP :(
FairyColors on November 20
pretty skirt and outfit!!! you look lovely
aCullen on November 20
love the little skirt; a great surprise!
CherriBomb on November 20
love those tights and pumps! so chic!
jazzyhwang on November 20
love that skirt and your sweater so much (: i am really upset about daul kim's suicide :( i agree with you--once i got a boyfriend, my friends just slowly melted away. they never really understood when i wanted to hang out with him instead of i keep to myself too when i'm worried or sad now.
YekkY on November 20
The tutu skirt is so unexpected! I am loving the looks like a continuity of the sweater... ;D
Annebeth on November 21
So glad you see that, I thought about the same thing! thank yoooou
Yanie on November 20
cute skirt!
themohawkconspiracy on November 20
love the tights and that skirt is just 2die4. Very '20's flapper! love it! x
Annebeth on November 20
thank you so much!
petraS on November 20
cute skirt and tights! pink is lovely! :)
BethanyD on November 20
Love the sweater, skirt, and tights!
CarmenTamayo on November 20
love your tutu skirt. Nice and cute!!
Etceteravs on November 20
you look great! i loved your tights so much that i've bought something like that! :) well you know, having some people around is really important, i hope you have a good friend in your life to share wtih. But some feelings just don't go away that easy, even with someone next o you, you can feel lonely... you just need to find a way inside yourself -yes tthe rabbit hole :) -
Annebeth on November 20
thank you :-) I have good friends, but friends are for fun to me, not for the serious stuff... I don't let people get that close.
SarahJaneR on November 20
love the skirt and sweater, great tights and shoes, cute look! I heard about her death, it truly is sad. I've been dealing with a mild form of depression for the past 15 years (I was ridiculed all through kindergarten which made me very sad and self conscious). You just have to find an outlet that makes you happy. For me, it's fashion and music.
Annebeth on November 20
I don't know, hobbies like music and fashion do give me joy but they feel very insignificant if you feel lonely on a personal or social level... I need a person to lean on, and my boyfriend is that person, so if we are fighting it sucks.
SarahJaneR on November 20
and of course, going to bible study. ive learn to share my interest with my daughter and thought physically i am not alone, i still get the lonely feeling on the inside. just use ur personal outlets to find happiness and fulfillment :)
NinxVengco on November 20
That skirt is amazing! I've always loved baby pink and black! ( = We're similar, Anne, because I don't vent when I'm sad. I just keep everything to myself. BTW, I've read somewhere that when you and your boy are fighting like crazy, then that means you're still very passionately in love. Silver linings. ; )
Annebeth on November 20
We don't fight that much though (thank god), usually we get along great. We have the same type of personality, but he can be very immature and I can be very demanding, so that's bound to clash sometimes :-D thanks!
chilee on November 20
cute sweater!
Aphrodite on November 20
Loving the tights and shoes and skirt.=) Try to go to a playground when ur sad/lonely, where there are kids playing.They're happiness is contagious.=)
Annebeth on November 20
But seeing other people happy together only confronts me more with my lonelyness :(
angeladorielle on November 20
love the cozy sweater with the pink skirt! and yes, she was only sad.
Annebeth on November 20
20 is so young, almost still a child!
Annachiara on November 20
love it :-)
colormenana on November 20
I love your sweater!
Annebeth on November 20
thanks sweetie!
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