Updated on Nov 19, 2009
black trench Mango coat - black leather bag Mango - gray Mango
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello fashionistas!!! =) Hope you had a good thursday.=)

Mine was a bit wet and miserable. =( You know me, i’d wear blazers everyday if i could. But i cant do it today. It was raining all day that when we walked the dogs, we looked like wet rats! And i only ran for half an hour, i looked ridiculous.

Tonight we watched “My sister’s keeper.” We knew its gonna be depressing, but we wantched it anyway. Hollywood changed the story as usual but it wasnt so bad, i still cried. And for me, it is Cameron’s best so far. The mother was amazing, selfish and with such mother love that some of you might relate to. I only have dogs but i can say i’d do anything for them. I dont allow my sisters to walk them because i almost lost them in road accident. We were in the park, me and my two sisters, and the boys (my sisters’s friends) we were just messing around, i was smoking while watching the boys play with the dogs. Suddenly it became less funny and my Poodle got scared cuz one boy wont stop chasing her. She ran away from where we were and headed to busiest road of the city. My heart stopped when i realized what’s about to happen. She’s gonna cross the road cuz on the other side is our building. I was screaming and i thought i’d have heart attack. I was shouting “Baby!! Come back here! Not on the road!” But my screaming only panicked her more. She wanted to come back to me but the boy who was chasing her was still chasing her, then trying to save her. And she crossed the road….She survived the first lane, the car missed her. But not the next one. I was just behind her, still trying to catch her and not caring about cars coming from both directions. The car got her though the driver slowed down when he saw me and the dog and what’s happening. But i forgot i have one more dog. My pekingese was behind me, as if saying “Mommy, why are you running?! Wait for me!!!” He’s running after me, me running after his sister. My sister screamed his name and i looked back and saw the lights of the car, coming fast towards him. I dont know how i did it but i picked him up and i still dont know how i made it. So i got him, ran towards the car that hit my poodle. He’s (the driver) still there, as if waiting for me to pick up my dead dog. The cars behind him didnt even honk though i was causing the traffic. So i searched for my lifeless dog under the car. She wasnt there. That’s when i started to cry. I searched the bushes and expecting her lying there, bloody and dead. Maybe she still managed to crawl. But she wasnt there. One of the bystanders spoke in Russian and pointed at the street, our street that connects to the main road where she was hit. I ran and asked everybody i passed if they saw a dog. My crying freaked them out. I ran up to our apartment, and completely forgot we had elevator. We’re on 3rd floor, and by the time i was on the last set of stairs, i managed to look down and realized there’s blood all over the place. I said “No no. no..” and ran to our apartment. My baby was there, sitting infront of our door, with blood dripping from her head. I knew i shouldnt pick her up cuz she might have broken bones but i totally forgot about that and i picked her up and cried and said “Mommy’s here,mommy’s here..” for like a thousand times till my sisters and the boys arrived. Nobody said a word… they just watched me cry. Everybody knew it was bad. Then my sister’s boyfriend “Ukranian” who i love dearly, finally woke up and started dialling people’s numbers to find a vet. Ours was on holiday. My husband was in the UK. When we were already inside, i couldnt put her down, i didnt want to see how bad she was. I didnt care about the blood on the carpet, or on my J.Lo shirt.i didnt care about anything. I just wanted to hold her, saying “Sorry baby, mommy was stupid..stupid..stupid…stupid..”. Then one of the boys said i have to put her down and so we could inspect her. All the clinics are closed. It was 11:30 in the evening. So i slowly put her down…she walked. We just watched her walk in the living room, smelling the boys. And that’s when i decided to inspect her, trying to find the broken bits. I couldnt find anything except the wound in her lip, a scratch on her right from foot and scared eyes. That’s it. One of the boys said, it’s impossible, there must be something wrong with her! She cant survive that one. I saw her, he said. But one of the boys spoke. He had a better view. She knew the car was coming, she knew it’ll get her. And it did, that’s why she has a scratch on her right front foot (the car was coming from her right side) and a wound in her lip. The car hit her but she kept running and managed to make it, between the next set of tires. She ran under the car and in between two tires and got away….
We cleaned her wound and scratch and she slept with me that night, in our bed. They only get to do that when they’re sick. (and when they had operation, both of them) And i didnt sleep all night, i just kept whispering to her “thank you for not dying on me…it wont happen again, not ever again…”. I didnt dare tell my husband, not yet i thought. First thing in the morning we went to the vet to make sure. The vet said we were very very very lucky he cant believe it himself. That’s when i called my husband and told him everything. And he said, She’s Sqweezy. She has good reflexes, fast and with good calculation. All the games they’ve done in two and a half years have paid off…
And so that’s started my phobia. Whenever there’s a car while were with them, i panic and pick both of them up. My husband tries to calm me down but i shout at him and say “You dont understand! You werent there!” So now, they will only walk if im there.
That night remains to be the most scary moment of my life…

Sorry its a bit long, i just thought i’d share to you my being a “mother” even if i’m just a “Dog mommy” =) You should see the film. Its heartbreaking but if you’re a mum, you might like it.=)

Thank you for the comments and votes. Thank you so much…

To my baby girl and
To all the mothers here in Chictopia.=)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (92)

tingting1412 on February 19
angelrosewater on February 08
rooney mara ish
scoo on October 03
like it
GigiLamour on October 02
adrienneislove on July 04
one word, FIERCE
margaret_elizabeth on February 14
so chic! Love the shades of grey and black
Shelby on February 11
cool scarf
mau on February 07
anchovypizza on February 01
so so so chic!
CarlosGerardo on January 31
i loooove it
xMFDF on January 27
Beautiful Look!
Ahsatalisme on January 23
love love love the trench coat and the scarf
caprice on January 21
this is beautiful!
shellbell on January 11
great snud
JeSuisRosa on December 04
omg, that outfit is soooooo perfect!!!! :)
Pardeese on December 02
Love the scarf.
Mattias on November 29
can't even describe this awesomeness ! :p
YvoS on November 24
This is fantastic! LUv it from head to toe!
reshooom on November 23
beyond awesome!!!!!
micheles on November 22
i need me one of those hood thingies! great look!
Jai on November 21
Amazing outfit. Your puppy is so cute.
YoungFabulousNBroke on November 21
OMG....I F-ing love this.
MyConcreteCatwalk on November 21
this look is awesome!
rellerelle on November 21
I love this outfit!!
FashionOnTheRocks on November 21
reminds me of Rihanna.
modgeisha on November 21
Very 'Noir'. Love the goethe vibe. You pulled it off well! :)
CarmenTamayo on November 21
I love this. Is wonderfoul honey!!!
Narmontaite on November 21
silvii_tron on November 21
I think this is the first photo I saw and thought "aaahhh people here are just amazingly stylish!!!" I couldn't help but think of Grace Jones when i saw the hood/scarf. Very cool (^_^)v
THE_BANDITS on November 21
Just amazing...
xtagarcia on November 21
I love your outfit...and I'm happy your dogs are safe too. You can never be too careful for them... hope they grow old and happy too! :)
obsesiones on November 21
Love, love the layering. Go GIRL!!!
azelia on November 21
perfect for rainy days!!!!!love the trench and boots!!!!
Donata on November 21
this is super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jduerig on November 20
stunning look! i love the scarf/hood
ssheylaaa on November 20
Aww this look is gorgeous!
shipoopi on November 20
I love this a lot!
mell on November 20
i was crying reading your story. like i always imagine when reading or watching movies, think what's if it was me. and im happy that your dog is fine. is it her at the fourth photo? i also call myself 'mom' when speaking to my dog eventhough i'm not married. lol. anyway, amazing outfit as always. you know i mean it :)
playwithfire on November 20
BadTasteToast on November 20
amazing outfit!
k8michele on November 20
what a lucky puppy! but sweetie how how is it to watch that and see them in pain?! how scary that must of been!! this outfit is AMAZING. this coat is by far my favorite!! and those boots are perfection love! XXXX
CherriBomb on November 20
you look amazing! love that trench and the hood!
MamaDramaNyC on November 20
you are just so FIERCE!!!
TheSkinny on November 20
<33 This....Perfect Rainy Day Out B/c It Still Looks Chic!!!
petraS on November 20
lovely coat!!! it`s perfect! You can wear it with almost everything!! :)
Grrrr on November 20
chic and warm. THe perfect concoction for a cold night!
mariezee on November 20
Great ensemble. I want your scarf! It looks so comfy and warm!
lanton on November 20
the trench is fabulous! p.s. you look amazing with long hair what a sad story, i'm such an animal freak...super glad to know she came out with merely a scratch :)
Annebeth on November 20
And your story is really touching. I've had so many cats of mine dying from car accidents, I've been hit by a car myself (3 days in the hospital and I couldn't walk anymore because of the shock) and our dog once ran in front of our own car when my brothers were backing up to leave our house. That last one was the worst, because I was standing inside and saw it happen but I couldn't do anything..
Annebeth on November 20
thank god the dog survived it with hardly a scratch! animals can be incredibly resilient. My dog didn't also got out of it extremely well, just totally scared and shaky.
verinathania on November 20
superrrrrrr kewll!! i love all ur posts!!! i'll voted it all, i promise! ;p
Shanni on November 20
love the outfit!! the story was so sad. you had me in tears!! Glad it had a happy ending!
opanopa on November 20
one word to say, kewl :D
Annachiara on November 20
wonderfull wonderfull wonderfull darling :-)love it... :-) my chicvote!
MissBliss on November 19
How sad about your dog, but how good that he was ok :) And again, the outfit is amazing, the scarf & trench are so fab.
stylefool on November 19
wow you look polished, uptight but very trendy. i love this. if only i could layer this much. i love!
candydoll on November 19
wow!!! you are gorgeous! you look like a celebrity being followed by lots of paparazzi!!! this is lovee!!!
MissBliss on November 19
YESSSS!! Before I even read what all these amazing pieces are I need to express my utter LOVE for this outfit <3<3<3
hi_sue on November 19
PeachyPanda on November 19
you post made me all teary eyed. i feel the exact same way with my little sisters. They are 5 and love running on ahead of me but when there are cars around i freak and viciously yell at them to hold my hand. sometimes they don't listen b/c they are having so much fun and i am freaking inside. i swear i'm going to be an overprotective mother..
trinnah on November 19
I absolutely adore your trench coat. I just love the whole outfit, as I often do. :) Oh wow! Your dog is a tough one. I can't believe that she only had minor injuries. That's amazing!
theclassicsilhouette on November 19
that is a lovely coat!! and wow, your story is heartbreaking. she was really lucky to have survived! someone's watching over your dogs :)
Yanie on November 19
i soo love this! added to my faves! :))
Yanie on November 19
ur such a fab pinay! fanned you :))
KristaniA on November 19
wow, i cant believe i just cried reading your little story there. thanks for sharing :'-) on a lighter note, your outfit is gorgeous. the coat reminds me of the matrix, in a much chic-er way of course! love the hooded scarf too. fabulous black ensemble, as always :) THE APHRODITE LOOK!
SarahJaneR on November 19
love the coat and scarf, great bag and boots too. I will definitely have to rent that movie. I've seen 5 random minutes of it, but not the whole thing. I feel like you are a mother, even if it's to dogs, because dogs love like children love, and take a lot of care and love like children do. Your story also reminds me of my fear with my daughter. Amerie loves to run away from me
SarahJaneR on November 19
She runs away when I ask her to stay where she is. And I'm so fearful of her runnign into the street, or running away in a crowded place, it just makes me so nervous, almost to the point of a panic attack. I just pray she listens and i hold her hand really tights, and when we go for walks, she sits in her stroller, even if she's now just 2. I understand where ur coming from.
summerromance on November 19
you look stunning as usual!! and I would have done the same thing for my puppies!! I love dogs so much!!
daydreaming on November 19
amazinggg scarfff!! amazing coat! : )
love_vintage on November 19
that scarf is amazingg!! :D i'm in love with it!
ThaoVy on November 19
What a gorgeous outfit! I loove your scarf and coat :) I'm so sorry to hear about your dog accident.. I could really hear the motherly concern in your voice as you're telling the story. I'm so glad she was okay and had quick reflexes. :)
gwynethbg on November 19
omg.... tear tear tear.... that was such a sad story... i sooo knw how u mustve felt .. thats like so traumatic . i also had a dog which i loved dearly (dead now)... and shux.. just thank god she made it...... anyway about the outfit.... great outfit as usual. as for moi, been soo busy havent had time to upload
selectivepotential on November 19
Loveeee the scarf/hood! What an amazing look, especially on you!
taste on November 19
Wow..Such a killer look!
Mrscarlasia on November 19
Super fierce. i love everything. :)
districtofchic on November 19
Whoa! That hood is magnificent! I love this look!
cam005 on November 19
I need to hit up Mango! I esp love the scarf!
thecapriciousclub on November 19
Oh, be still my heart! This outfit is to die for!!! And the photos are amazing. *in awe*
nikiadams on November 19
so so gorgeous! I love that scarf! I want one like it so bad!
fugee on November 19
oh wow i looove everything abt this!!! the scarf and coat are perfect!!
libys11 on November 19
so freaking fierce all the time!!! :D love that coat!!! :D
lissakahayon on November 19
I love the coat and that scarf!!! How I wish I can wear something like that back here!!!
jazzyhwang on November 19
i love the layering!! i didn't like what they did to "my sister's keeper" :( i was really upset with the ending...but the book was amazing, and cameron like you said was amazing (: i'm so sorry about your dog T__T i hope you're alright <3 anyways, chic as always dear <3 hugs and kisses!
frustrateddancer on November 19
i love this!! the trench coat. siiiigh!!! and i love your story. scary but i felt the emotions. im actually scared of dogs but im happy that you were able to save them
flattery on November 19
you amaze me! this is soo romantic and wonderful.
franloiacono on November 19
OMG You look great!!
sleekstyle on November 19
love the look!!
satinsugar on November 19
omg amazing scarf/hood!
benzerj on November 19
love the scarf. it makes a perfect hood!
Annebeth on November 19
you look like an incredibly stylish jedi knight! love the hood
Annebeth on November 20
I've been so incredibly busy the last few days I've hardly had any time for chictopia :( If I had like an hour to myself each day, it was a lot. I'd never forget you :-D
Aphrodite on November 19
Oh she remembered me..=) i missed you..=(
pow on November 19
i love your scarf omg give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BethanyD on November 19
Love your scarf, coat, and boots!
miss_jelly on November 19
I love the combination! Such a perfect rainy day outfit!
NinxVengco on November 19
Oh. My. Gawd. I die.... I'm wishing now for winter in Pinas!!! Lurve this soooo much! This deserves to be on a magazine cover, M!
Aphrodite on November 19
No..=( He didnt watch.(b*stard?) =) Lucky boy having a tita like you.=) Thank you N.And oh, i enjoyed your BB entry.=) You're MALUPET!!!! =)
NinxVengco on November 19
I'm not a mum yet but would you believe I got teary-eyed? I swear... I'd do anything for my nephew. I would've tried to stop the car with my bare hands. ( = Did your husband's perception of Cameron change? I remember she was on the not-so-good-actors list.
damarie on November 19
gorgeous jacket and scarf! you definately know how to pull it off =D
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