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Updated on Nov 19, 2009
Urban Outfitters blouse - Urban Outfitters skirt
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jazzyhwang 's Thoughts:

Hi there (:

So I’ve been inspired by recent posts here on Chictopia and in magazines to wear shirts over skirts instead of tucked in. I tried to get that flouncy effect, but this is a high-waisted skirt so I think I failed…

1. Plaid Blouse — Urban Outfitters
2. Blue Skirt — Urban Outfitters

I’ve been given the Beautiful Blogger Award by two lovely ladies: Whitney from whit078 and Mel from melongirl13. Whitney always seems to have perfect hair and easy, yet chic outfits, while Mel is always so adorably chic! I’m truly honored.

I love it here on Chictopia. Even on days when I feel extremely silly for posting pictures of myself in outfits that I don’t think are as chic as many of you lovely ladies, you all always make me feel confident and happy about what I wore/am wearing.

So here goes…Seven random facts about me, enjoy! I apologize if this ends up being really long…I get easily carried away…(hey, a freebie!)

1. When I get mad, I clean, furiously (no pun intended). I don’t really know what it is. Something just triggers in my mind like “OMG, what IS this mess?!” To me, cleaning is super relaxing and satisfying once it’s over. I don’t get mad easily though.

2. I’m generally a neat person. Of course there are times when I go days with clothes strewn on the floor and papers cluttered on my desk, but I can’t stand it for too long. I especially hate messy cars, and messy backpacks/binders/notebooks.

3. I love doing laundry. The hamper becomes a sort of time-capsule, and every weekend you open it up and memories with each outfit fill your mind. I am really particular with how I do my laundry though: only my clothes can be in the washer (something about other people’s dirty underwear washing with mine really irks me…), and anything that isn’t underwear or something I want to shrink is hung dry inside. I despise that dried-in-the-sun smell—what’s the point of buying fragrant detergent?! (I love All’s Fresh Rain detergent)

3.5. Once my clothes are dry, they are put in their designated space in my closet, which is too-small, and categorized by color and type. I think I organized my closet on one of those mad-cleaning-sprees…

4. I have many pet-peeves. Among them, girls who unnecessarily wear belts over shirts. Yesterday I saw a girl wearing this wide black elastic belt over one of those Gap (Inspi)RED shirts. Another would have to be sandwiches that are upside down in a sandwich bag. Of course this only only applies to sandwiches with a rounded top, which I consider to be the head so it should be on top, right?!

5. Music, photography, writing and reality TV shows are definitely my anti-drugs. I obsessively collect music. If I hear a song that is good and I’m outside, I will frantically write down the lyrics and look the song up immediately when I get home. I also collect quotes for those times when I can’t articulate myself. There will always be someone or some song that can. I have never missed an episode of ANTM or Project Runway!

6. I am currently a third year at University of California, Irvine. I am majoring in Psychology and Social Behavior, and minoring in Digital Arts. I have no idea what I want to do with my life sadly…I used to want to be a clinical psychologist, but recently, my passion for psychology has extinguished. But I am thinking of doubling in Literary Journalism, so we’ll see how that goes.

and 7. I am still with my high-school sweetheart, who is my first and only boyfriend and I am his first and only girlfriend. Funny thing is…I used to loathe his existence since he was a huge jerk and was infamous for cheating on exams. He stopped cheating for me though (awww!), and now we’re inseparable. Our third anniversary is quickly approaching (Jan. 26). Yay!

I am sure most of the people I want to tag have already been tag, so I tag everyone who hasn’t done this tag. But I do want to take the time to thank a few Chictopians who have shown constant support and encouragement. I honestly wish and hope that one day we can all meet in real life! These people are:


Jasmine (hey, look another freebie :P)

Comments (22)

lucitetokki on November 23
super nice look, blue looks great on you. (:
slanelle on November 21
your hairdo is so cute!
DannieDoll on November 20
loooving the blue top one of my faaave fall colors
petraS on November 20
cute blouse! love the color too! :)
Shanni on November 20
love your look! I also find cleaning relaxing. when im stressed- especially when its close to exams, i clean out my entire closet. My mom has actually band me from cleaning during exams. I just like to be organised. I hate having my stuff in a mess. and its hard when u have to share a room with a husband! but he tries! lol
melephant13 on November 19
Yay congratulations to winning the award TWICE! Haha you totally deserve it! I adore your style :) I like your shirt not tucked in! Either way looks cute on you! You seem like a generally clean and neat person and I'm so jealous of those qualities! Wish I were! Aww the thing about you and your sweetheart is so cute!
nikiadams on November 19
I love the top over the skirt and not tucked in. You have inspired me to try it!
districtofchic on November 19
The shorts and tights look great in this look!
KristaniA on November 19
wow, never knew that you're very neat and organized! my closet is such a mess yet i keep on buying more and more stuff. the closet has turned into a GIANT mess! haha.. And how sweet is #7 :D (awww...) of course, i do feel the same way about wanting to meet you in person someday!:) im glad we met (virtually) and i hope the friendship continues! :)
jazzyhwang on November 19
ahaha if we ever meet at your place, i'd be glad to organize your closet :D it's actually quite fun in my opinion hehe. <3
selectivepotential on November 19
I really love that skirt.. and how it has the buttons in the front! And I totally love every random fact about you! I clean when I'm really stressed (madly.. my husband gets scared!) and I'm such a neat freak, and you've been suuuch an amazing person on Chictopia for me. Definitely one of my favorite girls. I'd so love to meet in real life someday! :D
ThaoVy on November 19
I love the blue! Especially the skirt :) I was totally gonna tag you for the BBA too but I haven't had the chance to do an outfit post yet! Really enjoyed reading your 7 facts - I totally chuckled when you said that the rounded tops of sandwiches are considered the head! Lol I agree!
jazzyhwang on November 19
aww thank you for wanting to tag be for the BBA (: you're always so sweet and give such supporting comments! can't wait to see your next post dear!
fugee on November 19
this is so cute!!!
SarahJaneR on November 19
love the shirt and skirt, cute flats too, love it!
whydoumockme on November 19
i love it!!!
Aphrodite on November 19
Love the blouse and your number 1- cleaning when mad!!! hehehehe! i can imagine you saying the "OMG, what is this mess?!" =)
plastikneon on November 19
I love all the blue!
jennifhsieh on November 19
i'm loving the plaid top! you look great! :) and i love doing laundry too, especially folding.
benzerj on November 19
love that skirt! and the blouse! so pretty. how wonderful to hear about your boyfriend!
BethanyD on November 19
Love the flouncy look of the top and skirt! You're lucky you clean when you get mad, there's a lot worse things you could do I guess:)
Annebeth on November 19
very cute, love the blouse! it's not a fail at all
ange85 on November 19
no.... you didn't failed... you're so cute!!! love the blue blouse!
NinxVengco on November 19
Jasmine, you didn't fail on the shirt over skirt look! I love it! ( = I bet you'd be annoyed with me because I'm not as organized as you! You should see my closet! Hahahaha! ( = And yey for Psych majors! ; )
jazzyhwang on November 19
thank you dear for your never ending sweet comments <3
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