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Updated on Nov 18, 2009
Eddie Bauer sweater - Target dress - Target socks - BP Nordstrom boots
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melephant13 's Thoughts:

A kind of lazy outfit, but I like the contrast of the lacy ruffles of the dress versus the winter knit. I’ve been practically living in this sweater; it’s so cozy and warm (wool and cashmere).

mwa_mwa gave me this lovely Beautiful Blogger Award and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m super excited, and I just wanted to thank mwa_mwa and everyone out there on Chictopia for being wonderful people and bringing nothing but positivity to everyone else on this site and community. I know I’m going to regret writing such a corny sentence but it’s true that everyone here is really too lovely for words! So thank you everyone, and especially mwa_mwa :)

So I guess I’m supposed to post seven random things about me…I promise you, it’s going to be random AND dull. Yes I’m the type of person who tells people my speech is going to suck before reciting my speech :(

1. I’m one of the few Chinese people who can’t speak Chinese. I speak English and English only, but in my defense I write essays pretty darn well. Oh but I did learn German for two years in middle school (forgot most of it) and Japanese for four years of high school. I’m still not fluent.

2. I’m addicted to TV. No kidding, I watch several hours everyday. I usually watch DVDs of old movies and TV shows. Current favorites are The Love Boat, Mary Tyler Moore, and Hawaii Five-O.

3. The first movie I ever watched was Grease. I have very embarrassing baby videos of me jumping up and down on the couch singing to the Grease theme. VERY embarrassing. I don’t know why I’m even writing this…

4. I like to proofread. It’s like my pet peeve to see misspelled words on someone’s Facebook status. I literally comment just to correct their words. Or when people send me texts with misspelled words. Just send me your essays; I’ll proofread them :)

5. Karen Carpenter is my favorite singer and she’s such a big inspiration to me. Maybe it’s her voice, or maybe it’s the tragedy of her life that makes me sympathize with her. I wrote a darn good essay on her freshman year of college, and I never got that paper back or the grade so I’m really curious as to what I got that it’s been bugging me for the longest time but I’m pretty sure the professor dumped it already and I have no idea why I’m still mad about that.

6. Currently into Call of Duty. Yes I’ve become one of the boys…but I love that game. People say it’s not that great on the Wii but it is. Really. Maybe I like running around beautiful graphics and shooting bad guys.

7. I have over 100 pairs of tights. No kidding. It’s too crazy. I don’t even want to THINK or KNOW how much money I spend on tights alone…

And now to pass it on to seven lovely individuals whose style I totally admire and love:








Thanks again!

Curious Mel

Comments (19)

mell on November 20
love love your sweater!! pretty and looks very comfy!
BadTasteToast on November 20
ooh how cute is the sweater?? I love norwegian knit stuff!
ThaoVy on November 19
Ah thank you so much for giving me the award! :) You're so sweet! And this outfit is so cute! Love the dress, knee-highs, boots, sweater- all of it! :)
ThaoVy on November 19
Oh! Some interesting 7 facts you wrote. Now every time I give you a comment I have to be cautious of spelling mistakes! =X Lol. I love Call of Duty as well - beat it in 2 days on my DS but I guess that's a little different from playing on the Wii. Hmm and yes I noticed you owned so many pairs of tights from your previous outfit posts. :) Thank you again, Mel! <3
danemaria on November 19
super cute and comfy!
benzerj on November 19
i love your pretty dress! i also love the sweater. so cute!
patriss on November 19
i love the dress and boots and the sweater is awesome
JacquelineRose on November 19
great outfit! I love the sweater with the dress. I voted you chic =) xoxo
JacquelineRose on November 19
great outfit! I love the sweater with the dress. I voted you chic =) xoxo
lissakahayon on November 19
Super cool boots!!!
love_vintage on November 19
lovin' the sweater!
frouu on November 19
Awesome cardi, missy.
withteeth on November 19
LOVE the sweater!!
Shanni on November 18
love the sweater with that ruffled dress. Ive got a dress just like that- u gave me a new way to wear it! thanks!
jeroy on November 18
fugee on November 18
love the sweater!!! very cute look!!
Jasna on November 18
Aaah thanks so much hun!!! u look so divine here!! = my chic vote xxx
colormenana on November 18
Beautiful cardigan! Perfect for this season!
jazzyhwang on November 18
Wahhhhh! Thank you for your sweet message and for passing me the award! I'm so flattered since I admire YOUR style so much!! I'm with on #1...I can only understand Chinese but can't speak much. I learned Spanish for 4 years and still can't speak much aii. I agree with you on #4 too (:
jazzyhwang on November 18
Anyways, back to this lovely outfit of yours--I've been looking for a sweater like that for a while now! You look ADORABLE in it, and I LOVE how you paired it with a ruffle tiered dress underneath as a little surprise hehe. Cute and chic as always Mel <3 I'll do the tag in my next post which will be tomorrow!
margiemermaid on November 18
wow. cute winter outfit
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