Ugly Sweater Weather

Updated on Nov 12, 2009

Comments (19)

afaifer on May 03
perfect perfect perfect *-------------------------* pretty pretty
junkpaintfashion on January 16
poketherainbow on January 02
luv ur sweater :]
ZackKielich on November 23
I like the festive ones the best--ones with bells and so much crap that you weigh 10 pounds extra. You can find a ton of great ones at
annemarie on November 21
I love bill cosby sweaters, so comfy!
weeja on November 17
looking for the same sweater,,;D
maggiemay on November 15
I, too wear oversized sweaters all one colour. great post, great inspirational tips
negin on November 14
omg i love the sweater
CherriBomb on November 13
this is the hottest a bill cosby sweater has ever looked! :)
wynneprasetyo on November 13
aww cute!
playwithfire on November 13
oh my god, love it!!!!!
Juliet_Polilova on November 13
great sweater! voted*
sasahn on November 12
i've fallen victim to this too! and also to the hanes t-shirt/tights convo >.<
arttlovee on November 12
If by ugly sweater you mean an amazing sweater, then yes. I deinitely agree :)
libys11 on November 12
totally agree with this!!! it's so hard to dress nice during hell week and especially when the weather isn't cooperating (plus the fact that im bus-ing almost one hour to university everyday). but yey to your advice!! :D i like the 'compromise' thing (top or bottom). im slowly getting the hang of putting make-up but only mascara, blush and gloss. :D
thriftnstyle on November 12
I love this!!!
colormenana on November 12
Love your sweater!
aCullen on November 12
very cute, awesome boots
jazzyhwang on November 12
this is great advice (: it's not totally shallow to feel crappy when you look crappy; when you look good, it's one less thing to worry about among our piles of worries as a student. and anyway, i think sweater, tights and keds are so much more chic than what's going on in other places on campus. good luck with midterms and soon finals :D
nancywanted on November 12
aww thank you! And yeah, I'm gonna need all the luck I can get with finals :/

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