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Updated on Nov 12, 2009
aa scarf - Suzy Shier jacket - Bootlegger top - garage leggings - Sirens boots
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libys11 's Thoughts:


hello all!

so i missed a post yesterday because there were no classes and i was just stuck at home studying for today’s exam.

of course, with the weather so gloomy and today’s test, i needed to go for something really comfortable! so i just threw in a loose top (i got it on sale for 5 bucks!), jeggings, circle scarf and my boots. i decided to have the jacket on since there’s a forecast of some rain later this afternoon.

did you guys watch ANTM? yay for nicole and laura!!! :D

MAJOR NEWS!!!! about my title!!
well, if you guys haven’t see the new video of Lady Gaga for Bad Romance, you definitely should!!!!! OMFG! Fabulousity at its finest!!! She’s super freaky and creepy, I love it!!! And don’t even get me started with those Mccqueen SHOES!!!! I DIE! :D That’s my current LSS, guys! Listen to it now! Pronto! hahahaha!

baaaah!!! i don’t have anything to blog about more. i’m such a boring person! hahahaha!!!

anyway, gotta go have some lunch now..
hope you all have a great day!

Comments (29)

Narmontaite on November 23
wow. i love it :)
Leproust on November 14
I love your scarf and jacket!
JacquelineRose on November 14
I love your scarf and your smile. You have my chic vote! xoxo
MySaraHsb on November 14
love your scarf!!
Juliet_Polilova on November 14
wow love this outfit! it looks so good on you ;) voted*
libys11 on November 14
thank you!
KrolewnaJeczybula on November 13
lovely scarf ;-)
playwithfire on November 13
i like your scarf!!
Jasna on November 13
Wow, hun, U are looking soo chic, every day!!! : ) = my chic vote xxx
hypercoolmike on November 12
nung napanood ko ang bad romance namatay ako, nabuhay at naka alexander mcqueen! hahaha. grabe. and yeah, me likes ur jacket.
libys11 on November 12
i know right?!!!? so bongga!!!! i really love how orig she is. she has these dance moves that are so weird but you find yourself wanting to dance them haha! :D and don't even get me started with the shoes!
gwynethbg on November 12
i like ur scarf dear :)
mell on November 12
love your scarf! and boots!!!!! i dont know what it's called, but love love it! (folds maybe? ugh my poor english :( ) and all i can say about bad romance is, it's her sickest video!! love her with that giant eyes in the bathtub scene. freaky! haha. and mcqueens!!! fierce!!
libys11 on November 12
yes yes!!! i absolutely loved those freaky doll eyes she had too!! im glad im not the only one who actually loved that. (some of my friends were creeped out!). hahaha! anyway, thanks so much for always commenting on my outfits! i really appreciate that! :D
ThaoVy on November 12
Love the scarf with the maroon tee! :) And I totally looked up Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video immediately after reading your blog - she freakin' rocks my socks. She definitely gives originality a new meaning. :)
libys11 on November 12
yes!!! she is such an epitome of originality!! thanks for comment, dear! :D
jazzyhwang on November 12
new comment in response to your title: OMG I DIED WHEN I SAW HER VIDEO! i first saw it a couple of days ago, and i'm STILL obssessed and drooling over it! the mcqueen scene was just so breathtaking! love it!!
jazzyhwang on November 12
gah her crazy big eyes are gonna give me nightmares hahaha, but yes creepy yet amazing! the scene where her spinal cord was extra exaggerated was just haunting! and OMG i just watched ANTM, i'm so sad about jen :( but i'm rootin for nicole! woooo!
libys11 on November 12
all of the scenes were intense!!!! super dooper love how creepy she is and yet she doesn't care!! :D i especially love that look she had with super big bratz eyes.. hahaha!!! CREEPY!
nikiadams on November 12
your scarf is amazinnnng. I want a big comfy cozy scarf so bad! And yes Lady gaga and her shoes are the most fabulous things ever!
libys11 on November 12
thanks so much!!! and yes, lady gaga is love!!!!! :D the shoes are so ferocious!!!!! :D
candydoll on November 12
Can I have your jacket please? :)
libys11 on November 12
sure! :D hahaha!
iamdenie on November 12
that jacket is love :)
selectivepotential on November 12
love the jacket and scarf! :)
flattery on November 12
i love your circle scarf! i want one!
libys11 on November 12
thanks a lot!! go to AA in osboune! :D
jennifhsieh on November 12
you're definitely working that circle scarf. love the boots too :)
JeSuisRosa on November 12
love ur scarf :)
districtofchic on November 12
I'm in love with your big scarf! ! I need one of those!
libys11 on November 12
everyone needs one of these!!! it's so comfy and i find that i can use it for all seasons.. :D (cover up in the summer & scarf/cardigan in the winter)
Nannalr on November 12
love the scarf and bordeaux color!
libys11 on November 12
oh wow.. thanks a lot! :D
Style_Journey on November 12
cute and comfy! ~~~
CarmenTamayo on November 12
I love the scarf, I bought one last week
libys11 on November 12
yay for that!! i want to see what you did with it!! :D
Aphrodite on November 12
Loving your look today esp the scarf. (i cant find anything thing like that here! Uurrgghh! and yes, i will check out Gaga's new video.=)
libys11 on November 12
i know H&M carries their own knit version, as well.. :) im quite lucky we have AA here (being that we're such a small city). and go go, check the video!!! :D
BethanyD on November 12
Love your scarf, jacket, and boots!
libys11 on November 12
thanks so much bethany! :D
jazzyhwang on November 12
ahh i have yet to watch ANTM but i do love nicole and laura (: i'm also rooting for jen, so i hope she makes it. i really don't like erin...haha. so if any of those three make it to the final 2 i'll be happy! anyways, your outfit: love the color palette--it's so fall :D good luck on today's exam <3
libys11 on November 12
thank you so much, jazzy!! as for antm, i don't like erin too! hahaha!
charchelle27 on November 12
this is so cute! i love your scarf paired with the purple top
KristaniA on November 12
love the outfit! the color palette is so gloomy but chic! love the maroon with the gray <3 oh no, i havent seen antm and i just read your post! hahahha...but yay for them! i love nicole, and im torn between jenn and laura (maybe just because jenn is asian? hahaha..) but laura is so adorable thooo <3 i hope nicole wins! woohoo :D
libys11 on November 12
i thought the gloomy palette was perfect with the weather.. hehehe! and im so sorry for the spoilers! whoopsie! but yeah, im going for nicole too! she's fierce and more model-esque.. laura is really gorgeous too (commercial pretty). and yeah, i had some bias with jen too being asian (her skin is amazing!).
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