Soldier's Wine

Updated on Nov 12, 2009
Stella McCartney - Ralph Lauren - Mango - - Zara
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone! Yes, i think i have time today.=) I hope you had a good thursday.=)

Sorry for the long face, i had a long day. Which is good, im happy when im tired, it means i wasnt lazy.=)

In honor of the soldiers who fell lifeless in the poppy fields in the first wolrd war when they were told that they were fighting a war to end all wars, i wore my poppy with Ralph Lauren’s flowers on my shirt. My husband was an officer of the British army and he reads me one war poem every November.

I wanted to be a soldier. I was S2 (Security Officer) in our high school cadet. I was next to the Adjudant, highest cadette/female officer, i was Cadette Captain B_______! hehehe! I did go through some dirty training (i can do 2 weeks of push ups!!!) and the nastiest i think is jumping into a filthy pond with all your uniform and combat boots that you will have to wear again the next day. But I’m a tough girl.=) (My father treated me like a son!) I wanted the uniform, the right to boss around, the luxury of being able to do what you want, or simply wanted the “Ma’am, yes Ma’am!”. And when i got it, you bet, i exercised the little power. =) We get to skip a day of class once a week to secure the gates and walls (students like cutting classes and we liked punishing them!) and make sure that the ones who come late (too lazy to sing the national anthem!) get to do their job (clean the school toilet!) My boyfriend then was the XO (executive officer) and the S1 (adjudant) was my best friend and the Corps commander was my cousin, so i admit i was sort of spoilt a little bit and they just let me play around. And i personally asked them that i do the “SOLDIER’S WINE”. Yes, the “Soldier’s wine”.=) We do the drill every thursday afternoon (2 hours of torture on their part, and pleasure on ours.) We call it “Gods’ play time”. Anyway, yes, we do that every thursday but we train officer candidates once a month. And my, this is the day i always look forward to. Its the time when the commandant says “Ok, they’re yours.” and he leaves us alone. And we have this “soldier’s wine.” We had it when we were like them, every officer had it, every year somebody has to have it. And yes, i asked the staff that they give me the job (the torture job), the honor.=) So you’ve got this 10 kids in a suicide line, you give the first one a piece of candy, he/she keeps it in the mouth for 5 seconds and pass to others and back again till its finished. Oh yes, they cant swallow it, we know how long a candy lasts! =) (Dont think im cruel please, i’ve done the same thing!) =) Then after the candy, comes the wine. I mix the wine, i make the wine. I make sure it’s the worst drink they’d ever have. (again, i’ve drank it too, so please dont hate me!) =) So i get the jug (it was bright yellow!!!) and put everything in there. My mix was Royal (orange softdrinks), Coke, Sprite, Coffee, Soy sauce, Vinegar, 4 eggs, pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, and Milo (chocolate drink). Stir it good and serve it cold. I puked the first time i had it (yes, we had it every month when we were candidates!) though their mix, i have to say, was a little bit different. And again, please dont hate me, every candidate is aware of the list of horrible things they’ll go though in the school training before they go to the real military school for final training (where we did THE real training and the disgusting pond thing.) But of course, my mother didnt want me to join the army. Un-chic maybe? =) Yes, she sent me to a university to be a stewardess (which i gave up a year before graduation, for the love of Rock n Roll).

Anyway, enough of my soldier thing. The poppy is for the real ones.=)

So that’s it. (Making up for last night’s page.) =) Sorry it’s a long one.

Again, thank you for the comments and votes. Especially you guys who voted (you know who you are) and like i said, i owe you my chic points and you know i love you.=)

Goodnight everyone! =)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (42)

azelia on November 21
very chic!!!love the plaid shirt!!!!!
fugee on November 15
great outfit!!!! love the jacket so much!!
Bonbom on November 14
love this outfit!!! great blouse and great boots!! chic for you!!!
petraS on November 14
nice shirt!
lanton on November 13
great post :) absolutely love your look today, awesome plaid shirt !
Juliet_Polilova on November 13
great outfit! voted*
pwincessbebe on November 13
aww, i really missed your post ! glad to be back here in chictopia and see fabulously stylish lady like you :)
Annachiara on November 13
my're wonderfull :-) love your outfit always :-) love the skirt :-) my chicvote!!!
omgggwtflol on November 13
sasahn on November 13
love the blazer great outfit
Shanni on November 12
great outfit, as usual! Loving the blazer! You always have the most interesting stories!
hi_sue on November 12
love the shirt!!!!!
k8michele on November 12
Love this! that plaid is fierce with this blazer! you are beautiful my dear and tough!! Such a sexy combo!! XXXX
gwynethbg on November 12
chic outfit as usual.. those were nasty stuff... especially the drink.. thinkin bout it makes me wanna puke..... lol
stylefool on November 12
chic outfit!! i love. been missing in action for 3 days for a retreat. will read your story asap.!
theclassicsilhouette on November 12
you have so many great stories! love it!
mykye on November 12
amazing story. i like how your outfit has a story
ThaoVy on November 12
Love your shirt and story! :) I knew there was a tough woman under all those stylish outfits! I can't imagine having to share a piece of candy with 10 other people OR having to drink that nasty mixture! Lol I admire all of you :)
Aphrodite on November 12
Thank you.=) I have eaten snake adobo too.=) oops! My husband told me never to give that away!
rosalita_fashionista on November 12
great outfit cadet!
candydoll on November 12
Wow! The outfit is really great!!!
_LaU_ on November 12
i like your shirt!
bentrance on November 12
Beautiful outfit! The shirt is gorgeous!! xx
FashionXK8 on November 12
I love how you made the plaid shirt look pulled together and chic, you look fabulous :)
iamdenie on November 12
fierce! love it :)
DizzyDana88 on November 12
My bf is in the army so I'm getting used to the military life now too lol. Great outfit!!!!!!!!!!
nikiadams on November 12
you look great. I love your outfit and that you are honoring the soldiers.
jennifhsieh on November 12
love the plaid with the blazer :)
allaboutthestyle on November 12
Love this outfit !
ange85 on November 12
honey.... i've no more words... you're always so beautiful!!! kiss!!!
FairyColors on November 12
ohhh, l' totaly love to wear this too!!! you look great and l love that plaid shirt soooo much!! CHIC voted!~~
CarmenTamayo on November 12
I love your jacket and the shirt. Great combination
jazzyhwang on November 12
soo chic (: love that flanel top and your blazer!
tbouda on November 12
love your plaid shirt!!
daydreaming on November 12
i loveee the plaid! HOT!
BethanyD on November 12
Love your shirt, blazer, and boots!
playwithfire on November 12
omg! love this outfit! its gorgous
libys11 on November 12
poppy pins for the win! :D
charchelle27 on November 12
wow another cute outfit! :)
SarahJaneR on November 12
love the plaid shirt, great skinny jeans and boots, love the bag and blazer as well. what a great look! love it!
Annebeth on November 12
yes I love this!!! Everything about this is sooo cool!
trinnah on November 12
I love the plaid shirt. You always pull off effortless chic looks. :)
NinxVengco on November 12
I'm first, goddess!!! Wee!!! No write-up yet. Will just go back again later. But for the outfit, what else but FAB FAB FAB! I love how you make every casual top look the chicest with your Stella blazer! ; )
Aphrodite on November 12
=) Believe me, there are other things i wish i was. My husband asks for somebody who can cook! =)
NinxVengco on November 12
I told you I'll be back. A rocker, a soldier, and a fashionista all rolled into one. What more can your husband ask for?
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