Lucy in the sky with Diamonds

Updated on Nov 05, 2009
black diamante blazer Topshop - black shirt Mango - diy shorts
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hi! =)

I’ll try to be gentle. =)

Went to Fashion Cafe today to have some strawberry tea and creme brulee. So i was sitting there with some Turkish and Russian Magazines, then this woman arrived. She was so tall i wanted to cry and she had the longest legs ive ever seen! I decided i dont like her! =) I was jealous of her long legs, long natural eye-lashes, long tousled wavy sexy hair and that Lady Dior bag she threw on the empty chair. Jealousy is ugly. And its human nature to feel bad when somebody has something they wish they too have. And like i said, i am a fool, i dream too much. Dream that one day people are less jealous, less ugly. When i said i dont like her, it was a joke. It was a way of saying, bloody hell, she’s so stylish it hurts! The most beautiful women are the ones who are confident enough to compliment others. You know, not those who say “Yeah, she’s pretty, but she’s stupid.”/ “Mmm…sexy, but bad make-up.” I am saying this because again i am disappointed. My judgement about people has failed me once again. I lost a very good friend because of jealousy. dark, and ugly. She didnt like the fact that she has to call me everytimme she wants to go shopping because i need to be there with her in the fitting room to tell her which one to buy. Now i realized that the best bestfriend i can ever have is my husband. I have my Wang, he has his expresso-we’re both happy. If you’re jealous, you feel bad, you feel angry, you’re depressed, conscious, insecure, then you feel guilty for feeling jealous.ITS NOT HEALTHY. My husband always says, YOU CANT HAVE EVERYTHING…..
Being happy for someone who has that bloody Lady Dior hand bag doesnt put you in a lower place, it’s fine to be jealous, like i said, it’s human nature, but dont let it become dark and ugly. Dont be too proud, try to compliment someone and actually mean it, you’d feel good. Admit it, she looks perfect. (I did). And it did hurt believe me. But i did feel good because though i am capable of feeling jealous, i am also capable of handling it well.
Here in chictopia, i thought (and wrote) that fashion can actually make us less bitchy and more friendly to each other. There are people around (believe me im itching to name you guys, cuz you deserve it, but i know you’ll read this, and you’ll know its you.) =) But, (yes), but…there are still people who are somehow not getting the plot.=) But then, like the dreamer that i am, i still wish that one day, women can actually stop looking at the tall skinny bitch from head to toe with disgust just because she’s not fat, and learn how to do what guys do, say hello-ignore the nice tie-and talk like friends. I was wrong, Sienna Miller is right…


To you good people of Chictopia. You know who you are…(and you know i love you…)

PS. Dont be a good person just so you go to heaven, be one to make your existence worthwhile even if you werent the one who invented the plane…..

And oh, these are my kids. Jedi (left) and sqweezy (right) both 2 years old. They keep me sane whenever im an inch away from having bipolar disorder. (you know, worrying about death, or asteriod hitting earth or the sun dying or having birthdays which means im another year closer to my time limit on earth or man being extinct replaced by robots or the glaciers melting and stuff..) F***ed up i know.=)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (76)

kittybear on December 15
I love how your dogs just compliment the photo :)
celybaybee on October 07
sharp ! i love it <3 soo chic !
chaCHANGGGG on February 05
ConcepcionCarger on January 30
how amazing!!!!!
JalisaRiley on January 28
awww cute dogs
Juicy_daniY on January 27
very nice picture and great style! =)
Chyrrypie on January 16
This is lush and i love the bag!
lauracobb on November 29
so cute! and your dogs are adorable :D!!
itsyagirlg on November 28
your blazer is soo hott, love your look
Amidala on November 23
Second: I read your post (don't like reading long posts, but yours's catchy). Well let me tell you that the most important thing that can overcome the jelousy is not admiting that you feel it....but to KNOW that seeing this stylish lady you have an ability a talent to recognise that she is stylish, to appreciate it for for it is. That is your true power. so don't feel jelousy, your don't need it!
Amidala on November 23
First of all - LOVE your look!
mykye on November 11
oh my goodness i hate you for being so stylish. like the excerpt
kaielle on November 10
I love this look as much as i love your blog post ; ) So so true ; ) i love your blazer paired with that boots =)
TropicalTwist on November 10
incredible composition x
indielane on November 09
HOTT!! love your style miss
extchix on November 08
i love you're shoes
dmk on November 08
i love this blazer!!!and the rest of your outfit is great!!!
stylefool on November 08
can't help but commenting again about what u wrote. I've been thinking about it since. I posted a line on the side bar of my blog too. More like an inspirational quote. Thanks again. =
Donata on November 08
loving this alot!!! been wanting UK flag acessories!!!!
azelia on November 07
damn!!!you look hot!!!!your outfit is perfect!!!!!love every single piece!!!
k8michele on November 06
oh to be like men i adore fashion however despise cattiness. your shorts are FABULOUS i love them you did a great job on them girl!! xxx
damarie on November 06
i adore this bag! and everything else your wearing!
rosalita_fashionista on November 06
awww I have two furry kids too, yours are so adorable!!!! love your outfit as always :)
liviapangdoko on November 06
love your bag and shoes! :)
cuppateamachine on November 06
You look gorgey! I love your blazer and your hat, plus your legs look miles long in those shorts. I love your entry. confidence and the ability to be happy for others are awesome qualities :)
AjAj on November 06
that blazer is just amazin!!btw i lovee ur post :))
gwynethbg on November 06
u have the most entertaining posts. i agree with u! i guess we all get jealous of other people cos they have what we don't... but then we also proabbly have something that other people dont. so the world just goes around. but i agree with the chictopia thing making us nicer to fellow girls. nice hat and blazer!!! and are those ur babies??? :)
franloiacono on November 06
I'm gonna take my seat in the bar lol Very nice post, it shows the person you are! I think it's part of human nature having those kind of feelings, but everyone is special and unique in its own way :)
Annebeth on November 06
I love your posts :) I never understood jealousy either, I get a lot of crap (especially from girls) because I'm so confident and they think I come across as arrogant, while I'm just being carefree and happy. My best friend is my boyfriend who understands me completely. You look great as always, for all you know she was jealous of your stylishness!
Bonbom on November 06
you look so sexy!!! great outfit!!! and great dogs!!
mell on November 06
oh my, this is beyond amazing!! i love love love your blazer. and little ripped accent in tights (i dont know what it's called). and bag! i know this is silly, but are those dogs are real? because they're so cuteee!! i love your post. sometimes im just jealous to people, even my own friends. thanks :))
stylefool on November 06
i want that BLAZER!! i love anything sparkly. I'm a self proclaimed insecure and jealous person but then again, I do agree with you it makes you feel bad, I can't have everything, especially at my age, but I can make the best out of what i have, appreciate it and let people know I can rock them too. Another lesson learned=) Thanks!!
rockjazz on November 06
looove ur blazer & ur bag!!
Annachiara on November 06
wow darling!!! outfit :-) love,love it :-) and your dogs...are wonderfull...very sweet :-)
lightsilk on November 06
so pretty!!!!!
ange85 on November 06
i love as always your're so beautiful!!!! :))) ....i'm agree with you....jealousy it's a bad thing.... i lost some friend too for this reason... and i'm agree also with your husband.... i cant have everything...... kiss kiss..... :)))
garagegirl on November 05
I LOVE your blazer! and bag! and shoes! gosh, your whole outfit is perfect!!!lol
FairyColors on November 05
wow, this is one of my favourite outfits on chictopia!!! :X:X:X you look awesome and that bag is so amazing cuuuute!! my chic vote! :X
FairyColors on November 05
btw: "The most beautiful women are the ones who are confident enough to compliment others" is such a cuuuute thing l totaly love that you said! :X it's so true that it really hurts! ;)) kisses :* love u!
freelancer on November 05
Wow...the blazer is beyond gorgeous.
Shanni on November 05
love the blazer tooo much. And your cute little doggies!! Agree with the jealousy thing. Sometimes we do it without realizing. I hate when its done to me, sometimes u go to the mall and girls just give u bad looks. I always think mybe my makeup smudged or my hair is sticking up, or maybe my outfit is it makes people insecure for no reason. its not a good trait at all!
mypocketsunshine on November 05
viffy on November 05
looove <3
supervillain on November 05
OHMYGOSH YOUR DOGS!!!!!!!!!! Cutiepatootsie. 8D Anyway, that is one hell of a blazer!!!!
ummTaylor on November 05
that blazer im going to steal somehow because its awesome
colormenana on November 05
Your blazer is amazing! And your doggies are adorable. I love what you wrote about jealousy and totally agree with you. If I ever feel that pang of jealousy, I try to divert it and focus it on something good that maybe I have in common with the person. It's always more healthy to think positive and not compare yourself to someone else, or open yourself to your own scrutiny or the scrutiny of other
fugee on November 05
ohhh i love the blazer!!! great outfit!!
ilovemystyle on November 05
i really love your clothes!!! your blazer!!! i want!!!
maeleez on November 05
totally love this!!
theclassicsilhouette on November 05
you look fab! you're dogs are sooo cute! and jealousy. ahh yes. i have had one too many times wherein i judged someone wrongly because i was jealous. but we can't have everything and we should just try to keep our jealousy in check and strive to be a better person :)
sweetcandylove on November 05
omg! i totally in love with your blazer! and your dogs! they are the cutest ever!!! :) ah yes jealousy...this is something we face everyday. i totally agree that you can't have everything to be able to feel jealous is normal but what we need is a stronger self confidence that we also look as spectacular as the stylish lady beside you. :)
mitzicocoa on November 05
That jacket is amazing! Super chic outfit. Also, super cute doggies. I get jealous of super skinny/attractive woman, but I am also woman enough to tell them how beautiful they are.
deathbyplatforms on November 05
damn. you write so well. i completely understand where you're coming from. there are times too when i bitch about others...but i do know how to compliment other women, especially if they're really rockin' their outfits. here's to wishing for a new world with less jealousy (non-existent poverty, less corrupt individuals, and so on...) and more love! P.S. That blazer is amazing!!!
Aphrodite on November 05
Bitch i think is just the new term for a tough woman. Someone who can embarrass the guilty. But i believe you when you say you know how to compliment others. You look like you are confident and you dont need to put somebody down to lift urself up. Thank you for reading.=) xxx
KristaniA on November 05
great blog entry! this really addresses the issue that a lot of women are facing everyday (incl. me!haha..) definitely a good reality check ;) and i love the british street style look! i could see kate moss wearing this, but i'm glad to see you rocking this look as well as a supermodel! :)
Aphrodite on November 05
Wow..thank you. =) Thank you for reading. Sorry, was a bit carried away.=( But bigger THANK YOU for the kate moss thing! hehehehe! xxx
lissakahayon on November 05
Awesome blazer!!!
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you Lissa.=) xxx
zhcsyra_hp on November 05
amazing blazer <333
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you.=) xxx
cam005 on November 05
Love this post and this outfit...esp the blazer. =)
Aphrodite on November 05
ThaoVy on November 05
I always love reading your blogs. :) I definitely agree with everything you've said. I think people need to realize that NOBODY can ever have EVERYTHING they ever want. While you're envious of that woman's legs and bag, she was probably eying and envious of your amazing blazer! People should just learn to be content with what they have. :)
Aphrodite on November 05
Yeah, it's a bit sad. =( Thank you for reading (again) love and kiss!
nia on November 05
love ur blazer n shorts
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you.=) xxx
jazzyhwang on November 05
OMG, you have THE best rocker-chic looks ever!! i adore that studded blazer!! thank you for all the wonderful comments you always give <3
Aphrodite on November 05
No, thank you.=) xxx
paulinabelle on November 05
wow, what you wrote is so true, girl. i defiitely struggle with doing that sometimes. also, your blazer is amazing.
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you so much.=)
floralsandpeacocks on November 05
Great look! Love it.
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you.=) xxx
Ledon on November 05
fabulous blazer, and purse. chic !
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you.=)
suomenlinnadharling on November 05
1. Amazing outfit! 2. Adorable dogs! 3. Perfect background 4. So true blog entry 5...well I think you already know your pretty much amazing! :)
suomenlinnadharling on November 05
You are VERY welcome! :)
Aphrodite on November 05
I dont.=) I still ask my husband sometimes to tell me im nice.=) hehehe! Thank you. My kids said thanks too.=)
TheSkinny on November 05
Haute Approved
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you.=) xxx
Carolala on November 05
so strange you havent writen anything. defenitevely one of your best pics. love the whole outfit, really. amazing hat an blazer. cute dogs:)
Carolala on November 05
by the way im seriously thinking of stealing you that gorgeous bag, hahah. almost imposible, too far. haha
Carolala on November 05
only gg can be sure of that hahahah
Aphrodite on November 05
Hehehehe! Yes, i thought its a lot nicer to say "You know i love you" than "You know you love me" cuz im never sure of that! =) Love u back! =) kiss!
Carolala on November 05
woww, today comment was one of your most deepeer. love what you say and agre so much with you. "You know who you are…(and you know i love you…)" this sounded so GG. haha. love you girl
Aphrodite on November 05
Sorry, it was a bit late cuz i couldnt decide if i post it or not.=) That's why i dont lead you to my other blog because i do WRITE some stuff. It started when i say the movie "UNITED 93". Thank you, Carol..always.=) You know i love you.=) Love and Kiss!
libys11 on November 05
cute dogs!!!! i think they're posing with you too! :D that is some major blazer!!! :D
Aphrodite on November 05
Wow, major blazer, i like that.=) Thank you.=) Yes, i asked them to "Stay", nicely. =) (you know, the ur a dog im the master tone.) =) xxx
itbealex on November 05
Aphrodite on November 05
thanks.=) xxx
charchelle27 on November 05
this is really nice :) i love how you take your you use a professional camera?
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you.=) I use a Canon EOS 50D. That's why i have to take photos before leaving the house because it's a bit heavy.
SarahJaneR on November 05
i adore the blazer! the diy shorts are cute too, great bag and shoes, gosh, you just inspire me so much :)
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you Sarah.=) You know i love you! =)
Mrscarlasia on November 05
I love love the blazer. :)
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you beautiful Zigk.=) Love and Kiss! =)
leekpie on November 05
I really love that blazer!
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you so much.=)
JeSuisRosa on November 05
WOW!! loving this!!! specially ur blazer!! soooo nice :)
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you very much! =) xxx
Nika_Rose on November 05
GREAT ensemble!
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you Nika.=) xxx
BethanyD on November 05
Love the shorts and blazer!
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you Beth.=) xxx
lyndzie on November 05
lovinnnn that blazer !!
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you Lyndzie.=) xxx
lanton on November 05
you own the best blazers...i love the diamond studded blazer!!! you look amazing in these photos!!!
Aphrodite on November 05
Thank you beautiful Lena. I know you mean that.=) And you know i love you.=) Love and kiss!
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