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Updated on Oct 27, 2009

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pennyln898 on May 20
missphan on December 05
such a cute hat!!
Cowbelle on November 27
It's gross and extremely tacky. Isn't the point of wearing clothes to COVER nakedness?
joannaladrido on October 29
Abysmn on October 29
cute skirt.. I want it :(
Chantelle on October 28
I love everything about this outfit, particularly the hat - so chic x
coldlight on October 28
really love that skirt! i'm with thursdayschild, i don't mind the nudes but penises?? ugh i would never wear that cardigan though! can't imagine anyone actually buying it and wearing it :P
cam005 on October 27
The penis sweater is pretty crazy, but I'm all for the other pieces you featured in this post. I'm loving the look in the main pic...VERY ADORABLE!
ThursdaysChild on October 27
haha. I'm not bothered by the nude prints, but the penises are strange. although that's probably a reflection of my artistic inclinations. classical art makes the nude body beautiful and not pornographic, but I guess the disembodied penises are more a modern, provocative twist of the nude. I don't know what I'm talking about, just that I would never wear that sweater, but your skirt is rocking
augustaLOLITA on October 27
great outfit!!
jazzyhwang on October 27
while it may be obnoxious and somewhat rude, i too am amused by this little "trend" going on. though, i don't think it will get too big since i have yet to see any nudity-prints walking around campus. but i agree with you that some tongue-in-chic is definitely needed once in a while! great post!
benzerj on October 27
love the outfit! and that hat looks adorable on you!
city_n_country on October 27
lovelovelove this skirt!!!!
luvi on October 27
I agree with mell, couldn't have said it better myself :D
mell on October 27
love the skirt!!! cute cardigan but i dont think ill wear something full of penises. lol
patriss on October 27
i love the print of your skirt
modedamour on October 27
BlondeStarStyle on October 27
Killer pleating on that skirt
EverybodyIsUgly on October 27
Thanks! It's actually constructed in a really weird way, a bit like the Balenciaga skirts from f/w09, but more overlapped, so there isn't any gap in the middle, if that makes any sense. It always makes me smile.
libys11 on October 27
i dont know.. there is something weird with seeing penises in clothing.. that skirt you're wearing is very discreet so i'm fine with that.. i still want to see how this trend will go.. :)
FairyColors on October 27
omg, this is sooo romantic and retro!!! :X:X that hat reminds me about Angelina Jolie in "Changeling"... 8-> l absolutely love everything about this!! my chic vote!!
YekkY on October 27
I miss your post Wendy! As always, I heart! ;D

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