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Updated on Oct 14, 2009
Aeropostale shirt - Forever 21 belt - wal-mart jeans - Max Rave shoes - Fabuless
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SarahJaneR 's Thoughts:

My child’s father is pissed because I finally did what i needed to do: Put him on child support. He wants to go to court, I’m like ok. Of course, he decides to cuss me out, call me things I never thought he’d say to the mother of his child, and to top it all off, he had the nerve to try to intimidate me. Well, all I can think about is, I have a midterm tomorrow that I need an A or B on. That much I know for sure.

My jeans were $7 from, you guessed it, Wal-Mart :) The bangles and earrings are from I just love finding a good deal :)

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Comments (10)

nequa_couture on November 09
hey i have dat same top from aero cute outfit
SarahJaneR on November 09
thanks nequa, yes I love this tunic, I'll probably be wearing it again soon lol
FairyColors on October 21
such a cute plaid shirt!! :X it looks really cute with the belt and grey jeans!
SarahJaneR on October 21
thanks s3r3nity so much :)
hisprincess on October 16
im surprised, you're a mom, you don't look like one, more of single and fab. anyways, there are just few pieces of plaid shirts i can don on and pull it off, but you, you pull off almost anything. i think you did the right thing. =)
SarahJaneR on October 16
thanks so much, that made my stylish heart smile :)
SpammishRice on October 15
I've always been wary of plaid prints on my busty frame -- I think I may try it based on how good it looks on you! Baby daddies can be the worst -- like they did us a huge favor by donating half the kid's DNA, and now they're free to go. I know from personal experience AND I work in a family law office. You'll get your day in court! (Quite literally!)
SarahJaneR on October 15
thanks for the comment, I didn't want it to be all hostility, but I have to do what I need to do. And girl, I pretty much try anythign they say I shouldn't wear. Sometimes it's good, sometimes i go, hmm... lol
vestedbee on October 15
It takes two, he help fathering this child, responsibility is a must! you look great! you'll definitely get an A! :)
SarahJaneR on October 15
thanks vestedbee for your words and the compliemnt :)
azelia on October 15
really sorry about what's happening to you.hope you can resolve it without going to the court and if not i know that you have the strenght and power to handle all of this!!!keep smiling!!! loved your plaid shirt!! good luck with the midterms!!!
SarahJaneR on October 15
thanks for the advise, I really to appreciate it :)
Aphrodite on October 15
Oh...=( Sorry about that. (i hope you guys can settle it the easy way and that you can remaind friends for the sake of the kid.) =) Having his/her parents apart is already a hard thing for him/her, them in war will be like, i dont know...just painful...=( Love ur plaid though and goodluck with the midterms.=) kiss!
SarahJaneR on October 15
thank you for the encouraging words, it's very helpful at this time.
bnikaido on October 14
cute look! Sorry to hear you had a stressful day. Good luck with your midterm and I hope everything works out for the best. xox
SarahJaneR on October 14
thanks bnikaido, for the compliment and the support :)
tashan1 on October 14
First, let me say what I need to say about you post. Gurl, you need not take what that little boy says to heart. That fact that he said what ever he said show just how little he thinks of you, which is something no one needs in theirs lives. And Gurl you betta get that MONEY!!!!! Cause that means less financial stress and more shopping and goodies lol. And my love, you look simply divine!!!!!!
SarahJaneR on October 14
tashan, thanks for the support, that's exactly what I needed to hear :)
sarah_monet on October 14
aww u look cute
SarahJaneR on October 14
thanks sarah :)
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