Dressing for Fall, Feeling like Summer

Updated on Oct 13, 2009

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jJae on October 18
Cute style, being from Georgia, it does get a little chilly here at night sometimes. Cardigans leggings and tights are a girls best friend. Cardigans go over a tank tops, and light jackets over them are perfect for colder nights. Leggings and tights go under dresses and shorts. Fall/winter clothes aren't usually smart buys for the climate here.
benzerj on October 13
i love the looks here. i wish i could comment on warm winters, but alas it gets very very cold in MI, even below zero at least a handful of days. so, i have to layer with some heavy duty pieces to avoid frostbite!
colormenana on October 13
Beautiful scarf. You just gave me an idea to wear mine!
KristinVanHouten on October 13
i love these outfits.
ChloroformPerfume on October 13
oh I adore the outfit on picture no. 2!!
Mechiii on October 13
great outfit !!!!!! :)
ZuzanaCmielova on October 13
Love this look!
cherella on October 13
NinxVengco on October 13
Love the skirt!
annabel_lee on October 13
that looks so incredible delicious!! those pretty colors and especially the dress and the purse....just great:)
_SERENITY_ on October 13
so cute and vintaje like! love the scarf and shoes!!
mell on October 13
pretty! i love how you wear vest over the dress :)
lissakahayon on October 13
Love the scarf dear!!!!
wenny3kiwi on October 13
FabFatale on October 13
the scarf is amazing!!! you rock the look!!!
janyeo on October 13
great touch of a scarf :)
mandark on October 13
i love this article! here in the philippines it's so humid and warm most of the year so short sleeved jackets, vests, and cardigans in lightweight materials are essential for fall looks! right now, i love the socks and sandals look, but i've yet to find socks that are thin enough for the warmer weather in manila.
beckyxoxo on October 13
aww too bad we don't have fall here . i can't wear any coat or fur vest .

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