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Updated on Sep 20, 2009
brown unknown jacket - brown Dolce Vita shoes - beige Forever 21 purse
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elizabethmd 's Thoughts:

I cut my fingers on the way
The way I’m slippin away
I turn my feelings off
Y’made me untouchable for life
And you wasn’t polite

Oh, Spoon. It’s as if this song always comes on when I take photos for here.

I wanted to show you several of my favorite possesions, before I tell you about my outfit. My car, oh my baby. It’s a Sebring, I got her in May for my birthday from my mother (my birthday is at the end of April). This camera. I have a ever growing collection of cameras and this one I got fairly recently, so I have yet to name it. I name all my camera’s, all starting with a D. Partially because my first vintage one was a Diana and partially because I think the D in my Nikon D-90 needs to stand for something. But you’ve got to “get to know” a camera first. Anyway, the third thing is this leather bomber style jacket. I got it in San Antonio two years ago when I visited my sister in Lackland for her basic training (my family is a little over board on the Air Force). It was usually over 100 degrees but I still had to buy this jacket. And I’m so glad I did, it’s a staple in my closet! I think I was well prepared for this leather trend coming back “in”.

Anyway, I went to my father’s house today. I had a hell of a time figuring out what to wear because my house was freeeezing, but aparently the weather was nice. I didn’t know this until after putting on sweaters. I wish I would have brought one with me, because my daddy’s house is a little on the cold side.

I feel like everything I own has a story behind it. Does anyone else feel like this? I mean, more than normal? I feel like I should tell you my stories. :) So the shorts, blah blah, got them a few years ago, never wore them much until last summer. Shoes, got them at Lord and Taylor in NYC. I left one of them in a friends car after Warped Tour, and I just now got it back. :):) The Tank is thrifted Old Navy. I’m not much of a fan of their clothing but this is nice. The clock necklace that you can’t see very well is from the same friend that gave me that wonderful phone. She never thought of putting it as a necklace until I wore it a few days after she gave it to me. I’ll post a picture of it soon, if not on this post, another.

I guess that’s about it. I mean, excusing my massive purse. I am one of those girls that NEED a big purse. I literally hoard everything in it. Just to be prepared. Or maybe I’m like Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club? (It would be an honor!) :D

By the way, this is my first out door shoot. I guess I was finally home alone and I figured I might as well. So this is where my mother lives. She likes the country, I hate it. A lot.. And, I decided to get a little more creative and edit these all a little differently. I’ve always wanted to use the cinemascope and I finally found a perfect chance! :D

There was a lot to say in this post. Excuse the rambling. I like reading long posts from Chictopians, so I like to supply them. I mean, I guess you don’t HAVE to read it all, so I guess it’s no big deal. But after all, I still get the love from you guys, and that’s what matters most. :) So thank you, again!

Avoir, mes copains. :)

Comments (18)

FatenOthman on December 18
cute look! <3
citysleek on December 15
Very casual and chic.
AustralFeels on March 06
i love the shorts
lexiee3 on February 04
I love your legs :D they're like mine! my mom says that they are beautiful because they don't look like sticks XD
Arielgayle on October 15
Nice push up bra!
elizabethmd on October 15
Hahaaaha I actually wore a sports bra that day because I wanted to be comfortable. I don't really own any push up bras, because well, my boobs are big enough on their own. :/ hahaha
alvaro_sot0 on October 12
love it!
Blondiestyle on September 30
nice! love this jacket and the cool necklace (:
Cariissa on September 24
I love your shorts!
l0vefool on September 24
love these photos! and im totally diggin' that rocker jacket!
miss_melanie on September 22
love these photos! && ur ourfit
LyannePeri on September 22
i super love the look and the car....
wrinkledrose on September 22
you have a madhotcar! and love the jacket!
melissaR on September 21
i like your shorts :)
Ninahhh on September 21
i have that polaroid :) buuuuut your gooorgeouss.
fernandaP on September 21
the shortd are cuuute!
lyndzie on September 21
cute sandals && i like your camera collection :)
alguem on September 21
love this jacket!
beckyxoxo on September 21
cool jacket and necklace ! :D
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