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Updated on Sep 13, 2009
pink dress - black shoes
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verucasalt22 's Thoughts:

Vintage was a foreign subject to be 6 months ago. I knew what i was, but i didn’t know at the same time. A little shopping through my auntie’s closet really got me going with the past though. This dress is what I’m gonna wear to this year’s junior prom. I might not be a junior yet, but I’m so in. It really fits in with their vintage theme too. I just wanna spice up the dance floor with something original.

Chictopia 10 :)

The internet works in mysterious ways and I’m glad that it brought me to this website. The Chictopia community is someplace where I feel like I belong. Living on an island in the middle of the Pacific, although considered paradise, can be a pain when trying to access the latest trends. I love that I have the freedom to really express myself through the outfits I wear, even if they are not as high fashion as I would like them to be. Maui is a hard place to establish a style. The most common style around the island is usually a camisole or a t-shirt, short denim shorts with a belt, && a flannel. I can’t wear outfits like that. It’s just not my place. That is why I’m so happy that Chictopia can be my outlet to the rest of the fashion world. I love being able to showcase what I can do even though I’m isolated from the rest of the world. I’m also very happy with the support everyone gives each other. I may not receive many comments on my pictures, but the ones I do get make me smile every time. Everyone always has something positive to say and positive criticism to give to each other. I have never seen a single hateful comment at all. This is the kind of positive environment fashonistas, like me, should be able to access whenever they need to. Basically what I’m saying is I’m incredibly grateful for Chictopia. You guys drive me to keep my fashion going and to remain true to who I am in the world of conformists. You allow me to be who I am without being judged and I thank you so much for that. :)

Comments (8)

cutiepie on November 04
that is a lovely dress
ChinkyMeL on September 23
oh i love that color! what a pretty dress!
britm on September 15
very cool,i really like this ;)
WickedPlumVintage on September 15
oooh love this dress!!!! great print!
enes on September 15
adorable !! =)
Cariissa on September 14
wow!! i love how colorful this dress is!!
SmileitszSAM on September 14
pretty dress, it looks great on you!
nadiakamballa on September 14
great dress!!
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