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Updated on Sep 13, 2009
t-shirt - TJ Maxx jeans - thrifted boots
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

I’ve realized that the way I dress on the weekend is pretty different from the way I dress for school. If I’m actually doing something, I’ll put in a decent amount of effort and/or creativity (photos 2 and 3) – but if I’m just being lazy and doing work (or if it’s pouring rain outside, like it was yesterday), I’ll just throw something on (1 and 4).

1. Boring day – did some driving practice in a creepy suburban housing development, you know, the ones where the roads are really wide and everyone has a huge lawn and all the houses are brand new? They freak me out. But it turns out they’re pretty good for practicing 3-point turns and the like.

2. Going shopping when it was actually warm out. I got a pair of beat-up denim shorts for $1, the kind they sell at UO for around $50. Yeah, that’s right.

3. Shopping again. My awesome friend Vanessa featured me (in this outfit) in this article, so yeah, you should go check it out.

4. Yesterday = had a few friends over and made sushi, summer rolls, and other good stuff. Made this caramel ice cream for dessert. SO GOOD. This is an example of dressing for the occasion because epic food day = stretchy skirt to allow for stomach expansion.

Comments (6)

alwaysinvogue7 on September 15
darn beautiful!
phosphenefashion on September 14
exactly the same way. dressing for classes just dictates something completely different, while weekends and after classes allow for experimentation and really letting yourself show. i love all these looks. all slightly different in style and practicality, but all lovely :o)
queenelizabeth on September 14
thanks! i'm glad you get what I meant - it seems like a lot of people have a similar weekend routine, which is pretty cool.
ThursdaysChild on September 13
kudos to your friend for a great article-- you and your awesome shopping/styling skills are a perfect compliment to it! I think I recognize your shiny wet seal dress in pic #4 turned into a skirt? I always wonder what to do with the top part of the dress in those instances. anyway it's a great transformation! and all your outfit are super cute :)
queenelizabeth on September 14
yup, good eye, that's the wet seal dress! i just sort of tucked the top part under the skirt and tied the halter ties around my waist. thank you! :D
francesblogs on September 13
that's pretty much exactly the same for me - weekends serve as a resting period. and i also love all of these outfits, especially the third one down.
queenelizabeth on September 14
thanks - and it's kind of cool to know that other people have a similar routine and I'm not the only one that gets a little lazy on the weekend :)
ellabella on September 13
haha it's the same with me. except sometimes the opposite... anyway all these outfits are really cute! i love the way you put things together.
queenelizabeth on September 14
yeah, now that you mention it, doing the opposite makes a lot of sense too...especially with all the extra time on weekends. well anyways, thank you!
mila on September 13
love the first combination!!!!!!
queenelizabeth on September 14
thanks! :)
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