Back-to-School: (Back)Pack it up

Updated on Sep 04, 2009

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bkgurl33 on December 13
love the bag
deefined on September 27
this bag is it.
chocofusion on September 26
everyone..please get backpacks not messengar bags.. cuz they will corrupt your shoulders before u are old and u'll get back artheritis on ur should later on.
_SERENITY_ on September 23
I LOVE LOVE your bag!!! awesome!! :x:X
TheSkinny on September 15
The Bag Is Too Much I Live For It LoL....I'm Looking For One Like It Now At All The Thrifts I Go To
janareye on September 06
very cute
olune on September 06
like the bag
sherriehang on September 06
great bag!
muhshellgo on September 05
i love that bag!
Bennie52491 on September 05
love ur bag
saywhat on September 05
(as unfashionable as it may have been :) )
saywhat on September 05
love the bags, but the thing is, after a while, maybe 2 weeks or so, my shoulder starts to hurt a lot, & switching shoulders can only do so much. do you ever find yourself having this problem, esp with a laptop? i walked the berk campus hills each day for the past 4 yrs (whoo graduated!) and found it easiest to lug around my laptop & notebooks in a backpack, and probably a textbook in my hand.
CoedUgly on September 05
I only really run into problems when I try to carry laptop + notebook(s) + book. Usually, I just grin and bear it. And given the right backpacks (see above) you can look pretty spiffy, imo.
CoedUgly on September 05
Yeah, I know what you mean. I always keep my bag on my left shoulder (for some reason, I can't but bags on my right... weird balancing problem or something) and it definitely hurts a bit after a while. Bags with thicker straps help, though. and the messenger strap lets me switch shoulders decently. A lot of people I know only carry around notebooks or just a laptop, which are relatively light.
vro on September 05
Awwww I love love love your schoolbag so much! May I steal it? I also think leather bags are the best, you buy them once and have them forever because they are very hard to break. The only sad thing is that they are so expensive. I'm also used to have big bags for school/university as I have to carry around a lot of stuff like my sketch book, laptop, pencil case, etc.
CoedUgly on September 05
You could stalk ebay! I got my bag for $250! Still pricey, but way cheaper than usual.
lissakahayon on September 05
Love the bags esp the red satchel!!!
orsola on September 05
very nice bag! though, it would have been too small for me (i use the past because i've finished school since long hehe)
CoedUgly on September 05
Yeah, it's definitely still too small for me sometimes, but I try to limit myself. If I try carrying any more, my shoulder will definitely hurt!
preppymeister on September 05
Love the baaaaag :D
ZivUsha5449 on September 04
beautiful bag!
candied_apple on September 04
i love that bag!
piggy on September 04
oh thanks for the recommendation =D i completely forget about school but i'm going vintage shoppiiiin tues =D anyways great articleeee. never knew about the high lvl of lead maybe i could find a used real one x_x
CoedUgly on September 05
Yeah! Thrift stores and vintage shops are great places to find used leather bags at good prices! That's where I get most of my bags, though I'll have the occasional splurge.
jazzyhwang on September 04
your bag is amazing! definitely chic (: love your choices too, especially the red satchel!
lindseyxoxo on September 04
i'm like drooling over your bag, it's quite amazing ^_^
CoedUgly on September 04
Thanks! I did the same for like a year before I finally found it at a price that wouldn't force me to starve for a month (or 2), haha.
Pissenlit on September 04
Amazing bag!:)
Vampira on September 04
Eve_n on September 04
what a stylish bag! i like the colour a lot
piggy on September 04
ive always wanted a leather backpack ! but i can't seem to find the right one. i can't afford real leather atm =(
CoedUgly on September 04
Have you tried vintage/thrift stores? You can usually find some great bags for low prices!
annajyu on September 04
I've been saving up for a bag from the cambridge satchel co! Great minds think alike... =)
CoedUgly on September 04
Totally! I've wanted one forever! And one of those backpacks is looking mighty appealing too.
floralsandpeacocks on September 04
I love your bag! And I want that red satchel.
Emiline on September 04
xovicks on September 04
Cute bag!
ChloroformPerfume on September 04
ooooh the bag is gorgeous!!!
juniax on September 04
wow love the bag
fashionablyOBSESSED on September 04
solstrom on September 04
_holic on September 04
lovely purse!!!

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