Ditsy Flower Here I Come ...

Updated on Aug 26, 2009
Clu - Diane Von Furstenberg - foley & corinna - Dr scholls
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UnoCosa 's Thoughts:

Come and Visit UnoCosa’s Scrapbook

My dear chictopians :-) … I miss you all very much!! In my limited spare time, I’ve been busy trying to figuring out the structure of my blog and all those tediously little details … I think i’ve been complaining about not having enough time before – well, allow me to do so once more: THERE ARE not enough time!!! … Therefore, the time management comes as first priority!!! So, rather than being able to come to Chictopian everyday and indulge myself w/ all your beautiful pictures, now, i am following a schedule that allow me two nights per week to catch up with your posts … So, don’t think i am going anywhere … And be prepared to be bombarded by my comments/votes twice a week, haha!!! ..

That be said, couple of things:
First, if you have not checked out the latest post from THE SARTORIALIST Do so now!!! I’ve been talking extensively about the bike ride in New York – and guess what??? Yes, he posted some fabulous New York girls in their bikes :-))) and you can even compare them with Garance’s AMSTERDAM BIKE POST Seemingly, the world is crazy about bike riding and i am glad to find myself is not the only one who chose style over helmet :D!!!

Secondly, UnoCosa’s Scrapbook has been officially existed in the cyberspace for one week now. I just want to make a special shut-out to all of you who visited my site and left those lovely personal comments … as you can image, this little blog is like my little baby and it is very very personal for me!!! So, please keep your visit coming – i’ve planned out some great posts to share with you and it will be a nice ride, i promise!

Finally, awhile back some of you asked me about what i do for living … so i touched that topic a little bit (hehe … a tease, indeed …) in my latest post, so give a read :-) …

Oh! About the title: i have no idea if there is a term called “Ditsy flower” – but i just like the sound of it and somehow it projected the image of this tiny-floral printed skirt – yes, it is another example of my skirt-turned-dress look, LOL!!!

Sending you all my love!


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Comments (23)

MissMoneypenny on February 17
lovin the Scholl clogs! must dig mine out for the summer again!
hopelesslydevoted on November 30
LOVE THIS very unique
lissakahayon on August 28
You look so laid back and sophisticated dear!!!!
Sissy on August 28
Love it, I told u You remind me here A.Hepburn : D Love also your toes nail colour. And also reading your blog!!!!! kissssss
Lexa on August 28
i love ur dress and shades..effortless beauty..
Georgina4 on August 28
Love the skirt :-)
floralsandpeacocks on August 27
So pretty!
xrosaaaaaaa on August 27
preeeettttty dresss girl !
BadTasteToast on August 27
you look sooo summery and cute! and one striking thing of all your posts is that you are always looking so natural and as if chic outfits wouldn't need much effort. oh btw I'm trying to read your blog since you first mentioned it here, but I can never open the page via your link.
UnoCosa on August 28
Yeah!!! I am so happy to hear ... i hope you like it!!! love, xoxo
BadTasteToast on August 28
Thanks for your answer dear! The link still doesn't work (I think my browser is a bit stupid...). Smart as I am, I tried to enter your blog via Google and voila - it works ;D
UnoCosa on August 27
dear .... thanks for such a lovely comment :-))) yes, effortless is a key as i "dress to live" not "live to dress" ... besides, most of time, i simply just don't have time to think about what i wear so i had to put on whatever i feel at moment .. btw: link to blog: http://scrapbook.unocosa.com/ drop me a line so i know you got it, xoxo
IslandChic77 on August 27
luv this lady
Rica on August 27
so beautiful!
Jasna on August 27
Wow, u have such an amazing tan!! Looking stunning here!! = my chic vote and I know what you are saying aout time. I look at ur blog, but my google account at work is blocked, so I can only comment after hours and with my colum and everything else it does take time : ) But know that I fully support u xxx
UnoCosa on August 27
oh!!! thanks my dear ... i know how it is ... so many times, i was like "oh~! time to check out blogs ... then i got carried away by other things .." anyway, the thought counts - and i appreciate your effort to let me know --- i got your back as well, xoxo
libys11 on August 27
your tan is so awesome against that white cardigan and blue dress!! :D exquisite! :D
jeroy on August 26
ow my unocosa! really comfy ei.? love the cardiagan.. Imma fan on yer fanpage in facebook :)
UnoCosa on August 27
thanks darling - there will be content really soon ... muaw!!! xoxo
inbugsdrawers on August 26
Pretty dress!
pemora on August 26
i really love the flow of this look....as always, beautiful
joannaladrido on August 26
cute dress!
YekkY on August 26
This is So Light and Breezy... More from you honey...You inspired me! ;-)
franloiacono on August 26
I'm afraid i won't have the time to come to Chictopia so often too, because of my moving and work... :( Pretty sad!! I always enjoy your posts, what you write and your amazing pictures and outfits :D
Caaatherine on August 26
the second picture is stunning! it captures the mood of the dress so well! i really need to time manage myself more like you--there's just never enough time! especially for all the chictopia pictures. but anyways, very chic as always!
WickedPlumVintage on August 26
i know i am so happy you started your own little blog! hee heee..... and you girl teasing us...bad girl...lol... squee
Naso on August 26
love this outfit !!! sooo pretty and i love the laying of it !! you look soo fresh !!! love the light colors they work super !!! ^^ xxxxxx
CEES_ on August 26
LOL i noticed the post on sartorialist and immediately thought of your posts lol weird loving the flowy summerry outfit
UnoCosa on August 26
haha ... i know - quite funny!! thanks, doll, xoxo
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