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Updated on Aug 26, 2009
black Topshop shoes - black Glitterati dress - black Louis Vuitton purse
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

As a kid, my diet basically consisted of three things- cookies, chocolates and candies. Basically, like any sugar rush fanatic little girl, I thought dessert was the whole point of any meal. Candy shops for me then was HEAVEN. But then I got older and allergic to all those things that was my daily fix of food. It’s hard to not be able to eat all those sweet treats and it took me a lot of crying sprees, allergy tests and pounds off to get over my obsession with sweets. So far, after 5 years of not eating candies and chocolates… I’m still not over it. And what I can’t eat, I can wear. Right?

The main inspiration for the dress was one of my favorite candies of all time- NERDS. The print is very much alive and happening…it reminds me of fireworks and of course my favorite gummy treats from the Candy store. I found several rainbow prints like this which is what Nina and I played with in our Good Girls Go Bad line for GLITTERATI… Kiddie and playful prints with a heavy metal bad ass edge. For this dress, the metallic zipper hardware provides that edge. Totally took out that sweetness for an overall sugar and spice piece. I LOVE IT and one of the people who modeled the same dress in a fashion show sponsored by Glitterati loved it so much…she texted me to tell me she’s getting it on the spot. I totally love that she did.

This is still unreleased but we will be displaying a select few pieces (and we mean it when we say FEW) that are new and fresh out of the lineup. Also, we’ll be showing hardcore studded grommeted belts which will give biker chicks a run for their money! Good girls go BAD indeed!

To get this dress and other hot off the press pieces before everyone else does, I have three words- ROCKWELL URBAN BAZAAR! See you guys at the bazaar which runs on August 28-30,2009/ Friday until Sunday. We’ll be having our own booth so visit us there and we’ll make sure not to disappoint. Nina and I will be manning the booth and we are dying to meet our beloved clients and supporters!!! I’m so psyched for it! I swear!

Here’s to the sweet life! Cotton candy dreams, Chictopians! xx

PS: Life with plastic is fantastic. We accept credit cards which is every shopaholic’s dream come true! Haha xx

Comments (25)

KillerQueeen on December 12
cute dress
bjkdAnc3r on March 17
i love the hint of color in the dress. and your LEGS are really gorgeous. i hope that didn't sound creepy.. hahaa.
enes on September 10
stunning!!! love ur dress!! and killer shoes dear!! *envy* hahaa ;D
luxuryredsole on September 07
candied_apple on September 04
love the shoes!
kellynsung on August 31
u're alwyas gorgeous dear!! loveee itttt
HoneyBunny on August 28
Great look! Love the bag and the shoes<3
chuchieness on August 28
One of the reason's why I am so in love with Glitterati :)
phosphenefashion on August 27
ah, i love nerds!! craving some twizzlers and gummy worms too. all this talk about candy is distracting me from actually saying: love the dress, love this look x.
artgirl on August 27
You always always always impress me! Hot dress+killer heels= soooo good! xxx
elizabacud on August 27
love the shoes jl!!:)
Smut_Kills on August 27
So cool
Sheiqs on August 27
Love the inspiration ;) You look as stunning as always miss JL
preppymeister on August 27
Can't wait to meet you deaaar "D
coliessoule on August 27
the dress is love jl! i am eyeing on your belt collection which i will be buying on the bazaar.. see you pretty babe!
alyssagabrielle on August 26
I'm in love with your dress - fun! :) Plus, that belt's fab! You guys are amazing, and Glitterati is absolutely love! <3
jeroy on August 26 always!!! love the dress!!!!
lifestyle on August 26
Wow! Gliteratti! I hope i can join your fashion shows :) heard some before..Love the designs!
slumberdoll on August 26
See you at the bazaar. (:
mj_san on August 26
i wanna go to your bazaar so badly, but i wont be visiting the phils till novemeber.. )=
lissakahayon on August 26
See you at the bazaar JL!!! Love that dress!!!
daydreaming on August 26
omg again, i'm jealous of your purseee! : )
xrosaaaaaaa on August 26
awesome dressssss!
MichelleElainePC on August 26
i think gummy worms or the candy paint strips. delicious girl!
modedamour on August 26
nice shoes!
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